Ousted Disney CEO Bob Chapek shares insights on recent developments at the company

31 days ago in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Thursday March 21, 2024 10:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Former Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Chapek has taken part in a new CNBC documentary, "ESPN's Fight for Dominance."

In the 20-minute interview, Chapek discusses ESPN's digital strategy and gives his opinions on Iger's suggestion that he may consider selling a minority stake in ESPN to strengthen the sports network's content.

In this first major interview since leaving Disney in 2022, Chapek was keen to discuss ESPN but declined to comment on anything other than ESPN's future for the CNBC documentary.

You can watch a portion of the interview below.

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Sirwalterraleigh3 days ago

I’ve got a boot ready for the kick

JoeCamel3 days ago

They wanted to throw Bob out the window? ;) :cool::hilarious:

Sirwalterraleigh3 days ago

What are you two enlightened Renaissance men carrying on about?

Casper Gutman3 days ago

Turns out the anti-Peltz crowd did exactly what they said they would - they went back to criticizing Iger and skeptically discussing potential expansion plans.

James Alucobond3 days ago

I was promised gloating from the anti-Peltz faction but found only endless self-indulgent wallowing from those who wanted to defenestrate Iger at any cost. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Casper Gutman3 days ago

Come on, Penguin, let them have their fun while everyone else moves on.

MisterPenguin3 days ago

Thank you for letting us know how wrong a Hollywood trade magazine is!!

Sirwalterraleigh3 days ago

I’m having DoorDash delivery a really spensive espresso that morning to listen to it bright and early ☕️

monothingie3 days ago

But D+ will be declared "profitable" at the next Q's earnings report!

Sirwalterraleigh3 days ago

…anyone surprised by this haven’t been watching closely enough

HauntedPirate3 days ago

Bob: "I know what will fix everything - Move the next shareholder meeting time to first thing in the morning. And make sure I get to emphasize how well DTC is doing. Because I'm a creative and visionary genius! Now, when am I going to get that lifetime contract?"

monothingie3 days ago

Down about 9% from its pre-annual shareholder meeting.

monothingie3 days ago

Grab a $5.50 Bottle of filtered tap water to cool off.

Sirwalterraleigh3 days ago

…gonna be a sweaty one out there in the empty parks today