Walt Disney World files notice for more layoffs effective March 20 2021

Jan 21, 2021 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Walt Disney World has filed a notice with the state to indicate that 19 Cast Members will be laid off on March 20 2021.

Three of the Cast Members are located at the Celebration offices, one at Maingate, and fifteen elsewhere at Walt Disney World.

It isn't clear if this recent filing is part of the previously announced layoffs, or are in addition.

Since COVID-19, The Walt Disney Company had announced that it would layoff a total of 32000 employees, which includes at least 28000 at the parks.

Prior to the September layoffs, Walt Disney World employed approximately 70,000.

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Article Posted: Jan 21, 2021 / 3:02pm ET
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LilofanJan 24, 2021

Obviously with cruise lines now dark, she is not spending $164K annually. Kudos to Mrs Lee for living her dream!

drizgirlJan 24, 2021

Well, maybe not.....

LilofanJan 24, 2021

I'm sure she has found somewhere to live. When her husband died she sold her Ft Lauderdale home on 10 acres and has been spending her money living the cruise line lifestyle ever since.

PolkadotdressJan 24, 2021

Wonder where she's living now, since the ships are currently not sailing...?

LilofanJan 24, 2021

Florida resident and widow, Lee Wachtstetter 90 years old as of 2019 has lived on a cruise ship ( Crystal Serenity ) for a decade paying $164K per year.

SirwalterraleighJan 24, 2021

Funny thing about the first world...all employment is protected. Not too hard to figure out why either.

SirwalterraleighJan 24, 2021

You must be fun at parties... Is death inevitable? It is. It’s also subjective to those with close contacts in THAT phase of their life. I assume based on your name and comments you were born in 2000?? As far as that poor Lower manager...that sucks too. But you might want to look at the “funnel up” economic system - often lauded as if it’s some type of fantasy - that views that person as very minor data number on a market analysis...not even worthy of human chattel status? I tend to look behind the curtain...that’s just my quirk.

LUVMCOJan 24, 2021

I'm hoping for a cruise ship. That is a thing you know. How to Retire on a Cruise Ship (thebalance.com)

larryzJan 23, 2021

And in some cases, they have to provide stats to show the state that they aren't discriminating against any one of the hundreds, if not thousands, of protected employment classes.

tallicaJan 23, 2021

government regulations

_calebJan 23, 2021

Guys, this is why I keep telling you not to engage with the day-shift @TP2000! He’s all talking points and arguments. The guy who takes over the account after 11PM is much more thoughtful and kind—he tells stories and encourages dialog and seems to really know what he’s talking about.

TrainChasersJan 23, 2021

This isn’t turn over. They are eliminating the positions.

JoeCamelJan 23, 2021

What my parents did, great decision for everyone and they were very happy.

eliza61nycJan 23, 2021

Now they are combining senior living communities, you move into one for a couple of hundred grand but you're care can increase as you age. Some have everything from golf courses to dementia care all in one complex. I believe the allure is you can move in while you're healthy and active and then you're care is there as you need it