Walt Disney World will soon reopen to UK and EU travelers as travel bans into the U.S.A. end

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Posted: Monday September 20, 2021 2:20pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

In a surprise announcement today, the United States of America has announced that it will end the 18-month long ban on travelers from the United Kingdom and Europe.

The White House says the travel ban will end in "early November," and the country will allow fully vaccinated travelers to enter the country for leisure reasons. In addition to proof of vaccination, a negative COVID-19 test will also be required.

Fully vaccinated foreign nationals and American citizens returning to the United States from abroad will be required to take a pre-departure Covid-19 test within three days of their flight and show proof of a negative result before boarding. There will be no quarantine mandate once in the U.S.A.

More details are expected to be announced soon, including the definition of "fully vaccinated." Europe and the U.K. have widely used the AstraZeneca vaccine, which the U.S.A. has not approved for use within the states. It isn't clear if those who have that vaccine will be classified as "fully vaccinated."

The news is a significant development for Walt Disney World, with the U.K representing a substantial market for the Orlando theme parks. The reopening comes just a month into the 18 month long "World's Most Magical Celebration" beginning October 1.

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mkt1 day ago

No. Both adults, both jabbed with Pfizer. We were supposed to fly out to Copenhagen tomorrow to meet up with them for the week, before driving to Gothenburg with them, and finally a plane to London after for a weekend before the return home. But we got pregnant, and my wife is justifiably not comfortable doing so much travel while expecting. Plus, we did our Covid boosters Saturday (Pfizer as well) and both feel like absolute crap.

nickys1 day ago

Fingers crossed. 🤞🤞 Do they have kids?

mkt1 day ago

My relatives in Sweden just booked for February (via London). Let's see what happens.

buzz_leedsyear2 days ago

We’ve booked for August 22, hopefully we can get back to the magic. I wonder what the case will be with under 18s? Our 15 year old will have had the recommended one dose (uk) and our son will turn 12 a week before we go, so he won’t be jabbed. I’m not sure we’ll meet the criteria.

skipperdan2 days ago

I agree, going to wait until the end of 2023/ start of 2024. The flight prices at the moment are crazy and the discounts are poor. I’m also hoping that we get Genie+ as part of the UK ticket.

dc43 days ago

I'm putting off a trip to WDW till Summer 2023. Hoping prices might have become more reasonable by then and perhaps the return of free dining, or at least a more generous deal than they're offering for summer 2022. Also don't really want to go back until Fantasmic! has returned, it's my all-time favourite show. Flight prices have also massively increased since the demise of Norwegian on international routes- they really helped to push down BA/Virgin prices.

mkt4 days ago

It was just announced. Fully vaccinated visitors can enter the US for non-essential reasons starting on Nov 8

Wendy Pleakley11 days ago

There's no such thing as a "certain date" when it comes to COVID. Plans and policies can change quickly as the situation changes. Just look at how the Delta variant impacted things.

Q_Division11 days ago

Thankfully, I'm towards the end of November so I'm less concerned. Yes HM Gov. are just as bad as the US with dates wrt. the move from PCR to Lateral Flow for return, that said it should still be before thew US date (as is stands).

nickys11 days ago

Well unless you’re planning a visit in the next 6 weeks you’ll be fine. The US said “early November”. Unless things get pushed back, of course. But then that’s no more uncertain than whether you’d pass a Covid test etc. The big issue right now is that in order to get back in to the U.K. you need a negative PCR test. Which is fine, but if you’ve had a positive test you cannot get another PCR test for 90 days.

Q_Division11 days ago

We really need an actual date from the US at this point. It's very difficult to work out what will fly when at this point.

mkt12 days ago

BA announced that they're coming back to Orlando by December.

moles.family.disney27 days ago

I do find that Disneyland Paris does have something special that makes us go back time and time again but It is tiny compared to WDW plus us brits are desperate for the better weather

SamandplanningUK27 days ago

Disneyland Paris is not a scratch on WDW, everything is in French, the magic isn't there and we miss the amazing hospitality and friendliness of the American staff, they really make our trips special.