Veteran Imagineer and Global Imagineering Ambassador Bob Weis to leave the Walt Disney Company in early 2023

Oct 20, 2022 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Thursday October 20, 2022 3:12pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Veteran Walt Disney Imagineer Bob Weis has announced he will be leaving the company in early January 2023, forty-two years after joining WDI.

"I am proud to have been an Imagineer, a collaborator, and someone who loves to do impossible things with impossibly talented people." – Bob Weis

Bob served most recently as Global Imagineering Ambassador and before that as president of Walt Disney Imagineering. As both a leader and creative, Bob saw countless attractions, lands, resort hotels, cruise ships, and theme parks come to fruition around the world. Bob will officially depart the company on Jan. 2, 2023.

In a statement on Instagram, the Walt Disney Imagineering said, "Bob, thanks for your many years of leadership and especially for mentoring and influencing Imagineers from around the world. You inspire us today and your legacy will continue to inspire generations to come."

Disney newcomer Barbara Bouza took over the role of head of WDI in late 2021, with Bob Weis then moving to a role of Global Imagineering Ambassador.

You can read more about Bob Weis in a new D23 article.

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DCBakerDec 19, 2022

Bob Weis did an interview with the Park Blog to discuss highlights of his career with Disney -

_calebOct 23, 2022

I don’t think they need an experienced Imagineer to run WDI. But I do think they need someone who understands the parks and immersive storytelling. It seems the more artistic and creative folks are increasingly being pushed out while uncreative executives continue to make all the decisions.

mitchkOct 23, 2022

How did I not know about this… I guess I haven’t been around the site for a while… I think it’s a horrible decision and move putting someone who has no previous experience in charge of the entire creative department for the entire company… it’s insane to me… But I guess they need someone to blame for their screw ups… Looks like they found one

Cmdr_CrimsonOct 22, 2022

Huh....I thought they were called...

Magicart87Oct 22, 2022

In name only.

Captain NeoOct 22, 2022

Does WDI even exist anymore?

celluloidOct 21, 2022

Even better is the recent shift of the guy that is CEO of the theme parks is the guy who was the head of Universal Creative. Good things in the future for sure.

SirwalterraleighOct 20, 2022

…all hail the queens of the minute clinics!

RteetzOct 20, 2022

Its for Walt Disney Studios so I would assume for a movie/series for theatrical or Disney+. Could even be something like Figment which is getting a movie.

doctornickOct 20, 2022

Is the screenplay for a movie or show that is related to the parks?

RteetzOct 20, 2022

He's writing a screenplay for the studios.

DCBakerOct 20, 2022

D23 has posted an interview with Bob -

DCBakerOct 20, 2022

Bob Weis has announced his retirement and officially departs Disney on January 2, 2023.

ImperfectPixieJan 24, 2022

The sign shop I worked for was originally owned by a non-creative tight-wad a la Chapek. It was bought by a guy who "liked the idea of owning a graphics shop", and who was relatively business savvy, but had no clue of the day-to-day functions involved in a creative business. His ability to acknowledge his weaknesses and listen to the higher-level employees in each department who were directly involved in the processes of production allowed him to get rid of the employees that were leeching a paycheck and increase production in a huge way throughout each department, which resulted in raises for virtually everyone and dramatically increased morale. I left when he and his wife were forced to sell the company to yet another Chapek-minded POS because he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was really heartbreaking...his enthusiasm and excitement about where he wanted the business to go were contagious, and he genuinely cared about his employees.