Park hopping returns to Walt Disney World with modifications

3 days ago in "The Walt Disney Company"

Starting Jan. 1, 2021, guests who purchased a ticket or annual pass with Park Hopper benefits will be able to visit more than one park per day, with some new modifications as part of ongoing focus on health and safety.

With the updated Park Hopper experience, guests must make a Disney Park Pass reservation for the first park they plan to visit AND enter that first park prior to visiting another. At this time, a park reservation is not required after the first park, however, reservation requirements are subject to change.

Additionally, Disney will set specific Park Hopper hours during which this option will be available. Park Hopper hours will start at 2 p.m. each day and end at the park’s scheduled close time. Guests will soon be able to check and the My Disney Experience app for the most up-to-date Park Hopper hours, as they could start earlier at a later date, depending on the day and park.

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Article Posted: Nov 20, 2020 / 8:13am ET
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UlsterToon23 hours ago

Litreally hanging on Disney's eveyword as we plan from UK in Aug. Well if that's even possible! So this has be seen as a positive.

Jrb19791 day ago

Yes they lost a lot of money and its understandable for Disney to cut things to save money right now. I disagree we shouldn't complain about entertainment being cut. Look at the other parks across the country that have no problem offering entertainment still. I will even go as far as saying Dollywood's Christmas offering is much better then what Disney is offering this year.

Dutch Inn '761 day ago

None of what they're doing now is "appealing." I don't want them to slash live entertainment, or close restaurants. No one wants them to cut fireworks - I'll bet that THEY don't want to do these things either. ALL of these "changes" are being done because of Covid, and the response to it. Again, The Mouse lost $5 billion last quarter alone. They can't just act like that didn't happen. In several years when everything is back up and running and the Parks are full again, if some of these missing items are still gone, then we'll have something to complain about. But, while WDW is operating at 35%(?) capacity and Disneyland is shuttered, we should be pleased with what we get. In the mean time, we should encourage our government at every level to open everything. Certainly we shouldn't be re-closing anything. Encourage everyone you know to get the vaccine! Let's get the economy rolling again! Then, once WDW is full, we can demand the little things that set Disney apart from the competition.

JIMINYCR1 day ago

Having cancelled our previous trip when we were at around 30 days to go and then rescheduling for the next May, that would be a nice recompense. Our last several trips were met with the heavier than ever crowds. Be nice to have light crowds and small lines.

dreday31 day ago

We are going early May too! Here's hoping crowds aren't bad and hours are longer!

JIMINYCR1 day ago

Going in May... F&G time, which can have possible higher crowd numbers.

dreday31 day ago

Obviously thats your choice and a perfectly fine one. Outside of DHS though, I just don't see many of the parks being closed to capacity for hoppers. Especially in traditionally non-busy times of the year. At very least, Epcot will almost certainly have availability. And as for hopping with early park closings, I think hopping can be worth it to parks that close as early as 7pm. Just a few hrs can be fun, especially for those of us who take longer trips.

JIMINYCR1 day ago

Yeah, didnt see that in the original statement of it being contingent on capacity. Thats why I was confused. Guess unless that changes I wont waste my money on PH if theres no guarantee that I can hop. Selling something as an option and then Disney saying you cant use it is foolish. I'll just make do in my one park and schedule dining there so I wont have to deal with a possibility of missing out on dining where I want. Disney again loses out on my money.

Sirwalterraleigh1 day ago

That’s not gonna change because there’s very little travel due to THE THING walling it off...and Florida residents just ain’t cutting it.

Sirwalterraleigh1 day ago

It’s probably both.

PostScott2 days ago

I just gotta say that I love your attitude. Idk why they're talking down on you, but you have a great attitude that'll take you far in life👍 They must've skipped their morning coffee...

DisneyCane2 days ago

With the current hours good luck being able to do anything at park #2 starting at 2pm and getting to another park before closing.

NelleBelle2 days ago

My travel agent emailed me yesterday about the change and I upgraded my tickets then and I am all set for our trip in April. She said I could do it anytime before my trip but that Disney tends to jack up, er "change" their pricing--she suggested if I want to upgrade, to do it fairly soon. I had originally debated about the PH option (and usually get the H2O option as well) but decided against it as I didn't want the hassle of trying to get a refund if the PH hadn't returned. Will probably not do the H2O option this trip as I'm not dragging along my teen boys.

raymusiccity2 days ago

I'm with you all the way. I also hate any version of saying "these troubling times' ! 🙄