Walt Disney World's dynamic digital art display and retail store to open May 31 on International Drive in Orlando

May 20, 2022 in "The Walt Disney Company"

International Drive Art Display and Store marketing art
Posted: Friday May 20, 2022 11:10am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney will open its new dynamic art display and retail store on International Drive later this month.

The new art display will let you experience Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and other Fab 50 golden sculpts as they come to life on a ribbon-like Disney art display that enwraps the outside of the Hollywood Plaza garage. The dynamic art display will feature additional Disney characters, celebrations and more over time.

“We took a lot of knowledge from setting up the 50th art installations in our parks and the Orlando International Airport and wanted to spread a little of that magic out into the world,” Will Gay, design director with Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group, said. “It all started with a little idea and a question – could we do this? Could we turn this into a dynamic art display bigger than anything we’ve ever done before?”

Opening its doors on May 31 2022, the Walt Disney World store will offer theme park tickets, merchandise, and he first-ever interactive Disney Vacation Club Virtual Discovery Station.

With floor-to-ceiling screens, The Disney Vacation Club Virtual Discovery Station can transport guests to the theme parks, resorts and cruise destinations around the world via first-person virtual tours, photo galleries and videos. 

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TransportationGuy14 days ago

The entire parking garage is now covered in spaceship earth lights that glow blue nightly. It certainly stands out

Epcot82Guy20 days ago

I got to see it in person yesterday (driving by it on I4 during the day then again at night coming across Sand Lake). It is surprisingly underwhelming in person. Thinking of some of the signage in Vegas and the like, I'm surprised they didn't find a better location that would have allowed for more movement (noting driver safety is indeed important). It does feel more like a kind of unique/weird billboard in person vs. something more.

celluloid21 days ago

That checkers is a lot slower than the service speed typical in the other locations but it was my closest one for a long time. Pro tip, get the app for the free Big Bufford or large Fry for signing up. Also, I always loved the world's.largets.checkers joke since it was across the street from the world's largest macdonald's. You can go inside for some seating room and a crappy set of arcade games was the selling point. It is a "rough" area to brand some Disney with a store in.

brb100621 days ago

mightynine21 days ago

I’d be more interested in that Checkers - gimme a large fry!

WondersOfLife22 days ago

I’m here.... I see it... ...it’s a billboard. 🤷🏻‍♂️ It wouldn’t piss me off so much if they didn’t hype it up with the whole “It all started with an idea!” speech. 😑 It’s not even interesting or cool. They could have at least made it like those awesome corner billboards you see in big cities where it looks 3D.

techgeek23 days ago

Knowing Disney, I'm sure there was countless creative meetings and every pixel of content was carefully considered at considerable time and expense... which doesn't change the fact that it looks like someone simply opened up the "50th anniversary creative assets clipart" folder and threw this together in After Effects one afternoon. It will be interesting to see how frequently this is updated, and if it remains a rework of whatever advertising creative is currently being pushed or if it has some actual original content. My bet is not a thing changes until after the 50th, and then it just continues to parrot whatever the 'celebration of the year' is in the same style with minimal updates.

celluloid23 days ago

Most of the parks are. And, yeah, it is quite a forgotful corner of what was meant to be very classy. it feels so odd waiting there now compared to what it was with GMR.

Beacon Joe23 days ago

That reminds me. Is the Chinese theatre queue area for Mickey and Minnie's still in disgraceful shape?

MrPromey23 days ago

Drove by it last night on I-4 and two things struck me. The first is, I almost missed it completely (lit up at night and semi-anticipating it - though not directly looking for it) and the second was, how much further down I-4 it appears from the Universal area and seems to mostly only be visible for people heading west on I-4. The people most likely to see it are already headed in the direction of Disney from where their strongest compeptition is and people coming the other way (like from the airport to the convention center, Universal and other spots like that) are more likely to miss it. ... So who is this even really for?

Disstevefan123 days ago

This along with the unwatchable movie remakes they are making and of course Genie +; these moves confirm the company does not have the slightest clue what they hell they are doing in general.. That said, folks will still watch the movies and mob the parks - Disney always wins...

HauntedPirate23 days ago

Apparently this is a marketing scheme designed to remind locals that there is a 50th "celebration" happening at WDW. There was more thought put into this than most of what was approved for the parks themselves. But neither suggests the company has the slightest clue what they hell they are doing with the 50th. The disconnect between what was and what is with this company right now could be seen as an almost-insurmountable chasm. And the name "BOB" is etched in the middle.

Disstevefan123 days ago

Who knows how this came to be. Are there insiders granting construction jobs to their family members? Has the Disney bean counters (who actually run the company) has calculated that this glorified billboard/gift shop is good use of money? Is it a write off disguised as a glorified billboard/gift shop?

Anteater23 days ago

I dunno. People are still coming in droves. I almost they they'd pack the parks if they turned everything off and let people experience it that way. Waht can they do to make the average guest say, "Enough is Enough"? They've been pushing that tipping point for more than 5 years now. Crowds have just gotten bigger.