Home design concepts revealed for Cotino a Storyliving by Disney Community

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Cotino, a Storyliving by Disney Community home design concepts
Posted: Monday June 20, 2022 7:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has unveiled a first look at the design concepts that will inspire the homes in Cotino, a Storyliving by Disney Community.

With creative insight from Walt Disney Imagineering, DMB Development worked alongside the architectural design firm, WHA, to develop several inspirational home concepts that builders -can use to craft the homes in the new Disney residential community.

Cotino, a Storyliving by Disney community is planned to open by 2024 and will welcome homeowners of all ages. At least one section will be for residents 55+. Sales are scheduled to begin in early 2023.

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JoeCamel3 days ago

Not just this area, california and the entire west were built on a wetter climate model but they are using the water faster than it is replenished with global warming making it drier by the year. Millions will pay much more for basic water service if they can get it. I don't understand getting cheap land out in the desert then wonder how you will bathe for less than a Jackson. It will lead to another great migration.

Anteater3 days ago

Seems naive to think these homes don't impact water usage in the area. Not just the houses but the supporting infrastructure, stores and etc. Maybe some of the small farmers in the area could help us with their perspective. Maybe I'm wrong; but, the water rights fights are ongoing in this area from what I read in the news.

FAIRIEDUST783 days ago

Palm Springs residents here. These houses look like all the other million dollar homes in the canyons. Seeing how this community is being built in Rancho Mirage, it fits in perfectly. I drive past their site every time I go grocery shopping. My husband’s work is kitty corner from the site. As for the comment about it being close to the Salton Sea, they are an hours worth of drive time apart. Please stop lumping the entire Coachella Valley into one city. This is major for Rancho Mirage. A side note:I’ve seen Walt’s original home in Smoke Tree which is in Palm Springs, these house’s don’t look anything like his house.

Sans Souci4 days ago

The lower, left hand house looks *very* similar to an Eichler home.

ppete19754 days ago

Communicora4 days ago

Yes. I love the breeze block!

ppete19754 days ago

I totally agree with you. Looks like palm springs mid century.

Walt d4 days ago

I like the first one and the third one that’s white very clean fluid design I love contemporary!

Ayla5 days ago

Construction-quality was abysmal. Google it to read about the horror stories.

flyerjab5 days ago

I know about Celebration but not enough to understand your comment. Is Celebration a bad or weird place to live?

Thelazer5 days ago

If it's "like celebration" then... god help anyone who buys there.

Ayla5 days ago

Well, those are hideous. 😂

castlecake2.05 days ago

I think, like Celebration, this is more meant to be a nicely appointed and designed town more than a “Disney town”. Their press releases have said their focus is to base the designs on their locations.

JoeCamel5 days ago

Just in time for the real estate slowdown....