Disney boss Bob Chapek sees his pay package double for 2021 to $32.5 million

Jan 20, 2022 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Thursday January 20, 2022 4:42pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Walt Disney Company has released details of the financial compensation awarded to its executives during 2021, showing a significant increase across the board for its executives.

CEO Bob Chapek saw his total compensation soar to $32.5 million for 2021, more than double his $14.1 million earned during 2020.

Chief Financial Officer Christine McCarthy earned $21.7 million during 2021, double her 2020 earnings of $11 million.

Outgoing Chief Communications Officer Zeni Mucha earned $7.5 million in 2021.

Former CEO Bob Iger topped the compensation chart for 2021, receiving $45.9 million, despite him handing over the reins to Bob Chapek in February 2020.

The total compensation reported includes salary, stock awards, options, and non-equity incentive plan compensation.

You can see the full filing with the SEC here.

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DCBaker47 minutes ago

"Disney CEO Bob Chapek opened Disney’s upfront in New York by telling the crowd of advertisers in attendance that the company “the most powerful force in the industry” and “the most enduring and beloved name in entertainment.” After a bumpy start to 2022, at least in terms of public perception, the company has delivered some positive results recently, reporting streaming gains in the most recent fiscal quarter. The upfronts crowd has been anticipating the Disney presentation with particular relish since the news earlier this year that Disney+ is poised to add a cheaper, ad-supported tier." “Today is a little bit like a homecoming because I started my career in advertising,” Chapek said. “Disney will be celebrating our 100th anniversary later this year and that is an incredible milestone. I can’t help but think about this moment in the context of what this company has always been, what it is today, and what it will be.” "Chapek was the first top-level CEO of a participating company. (NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell spoke on Monday, but the structure is different at Comcast/NBCU.) Traditionally, ad sales and production execs dominate the stages during upfronts week. The last time the upfronts were held in person, in 2019, Disney had consolidated previously separate presentations for ESPN and Hulu into the main event, alongside ABC and its cable networks. That streamlining will add a Disney+ element this time around, given that ad buyers will be able to get in on the company’s flagship service." "Along with the entertainment portfolio, across linear and streaming, production and distribution, Chapek added a reference to live events in news and sports as well as the company’s theme parks." “You can access” that ecosystem, he told ad buyers, “by partnering with us.” https://deadline.com/2022/05/disney-ceo-bob-chapek-upfronts-powerful-force-industry-1235026334/

pdude811 day ago

People will stop coming when they start worrying about money again. It's been a while for the target demo.

Smiley/OCD1 day ago

Yes, but like it’s said repeatedly here, guests don’t seem to have a breaking point…maybe the events of the last 90 days is that straw (to some people)?

kalel81451 day ago

That's how we do Netflix. Pay for a month and power watch.

MisterPenguin1 day ago

Imma gonna unsub for 3 years, and then buy-in for one month and binge 300 hours of Marvel and Star Wars for just that one month!!

HauntedPirate1 day ago

When Mando season 3 will debut! What are the odds of such a coincidence???

Lilofan1 day ago

The average attention span of humans is 8 minutes. Goldfish have a better attention span.

MisterPenguin1 day ago

Disney's subs increased through the last fee hike. And it's gone up every quarter. The initial 3-year people aren't getting a bill until November.

JoeCamel1 day ago

The drop in brand value comes from all those D+ suscribers that just found out Disney expected them to pay for it going forward..... Like yanking the food away from the lion after she has had a taste

mikejs781 day ago

Like most things, it will die down. I don't expect this negative perception to last.

el_super1 day ago

Absolutely not. How many people do you think took the poll, versus how many have actually been to a park in the last 2 years?

EPCOT-O.G.1 day ago

Disney was consistently one of the most admired companies / brands out there. Let’s see where they come at in the next survey of such things: https://fortune.com/worlds-most-admired-companies/

Touchdown2 days ago

Polls lag, and I don’t know if you noticed bu consumer sentiment is currently at an all time low.

Brian2 days ago

But again: +56 favorable in 2021, +3 favorable in 2022. If your position is that things started taking a turn for the worse in 2019, and that was the cause, or at least a major factor in their favorability ratings, wouldn't the 2021 polling be similar to the 2022 polling?