Disney offering its Walt Disney World Cast Members a complimentary one-night resort stay ahead of the 50th celebrations

Apr 20, 2021 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Tuesday April 20, 2021 7:21am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World Cast Members will be able to enjoy a complimentary one-night resort stay as Walt Disney World prepares for its 50th anniversary.

Resort stays begin April 28 through to September 25 2021, on select dates over that period, and includes all Florida cast, both active and furloughed. Cast Members can sign up through the employee website April 26 through June 1.

The offer is available to Florida-based or Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort full time, part time or seasonal Cast Members, Imagineers or Employees. Each Cast Member can bring along the number of people on their Main Entrance Pass.

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castlecake2.0Apr 29, 2021

there seems to be a lot of outrage on here from people that are not cast members and don’t really have any reason to be upset about a perk that has nothing to do with them. Let me enjoy my free night and instead of dumping all over it. It really isn’t the public’s business.

peter11435Apr 29, 2021

Cast members were not given an option to request their resort.

UNCgolfApr 29, 2021

It's a nice gesture. Obviously making the offer is better than doing nothing. But considering all Disney CMs already live there, and none of the Disney hotels are a luxury experience... I could see wanting to just sleep in your own bed, especially if you end up getting a free night somewhere like Art of Animation or Caribbean Beach.

CeciliaKyApr 29, 2021

It’s my understanding that they got to request resorts, but didn’t necessarily get what they requested. I know someone who got GF but it wasn’t one that was requested.

Disney AnalystApr 28, 2021

Should add, it seems it was random. Some CMs got Art of Animation or Caribbean Beach.

mergatroidApr 28, 2021

That's great news. Most jobs don't offer perks like Disney does, especially lower paid jobs. For those who took the job solely for the perks, I suppose I can see them being a bit miffed it the rules to using those perks are changed somehow. For those who take the job to live, like your friend they probably look at this 'freebie' as something positive. I can sort of see both sides.

Basil of Baker StreetApr 28, 2021

It's comical the amount of people who bemoan Disney for anything they do.

ZipadeeladyApr 28, 2021

Thank you for letting us know. I know a lot of people think it's not much but a night a Grand Floridian would be a dream.

Disney AnalystApr 27, 2021

I know everyone’s angry over this or something, but my friend who is a CM was able to get their free night at the Grand Floridian, and they are beyond excited.

DisorbustApr 23, 2021

They are both salaried entry level, not leaders. Their silver passes started on day one BECAUSE WE UISED THEM WHEN I MOVED HER IN! Before this became an argument my point was in her offer letter these are the benefits as part of the offer . If you can’t use the benefits For an extended timeyou may go elsewhere.

TrojanUSCApr 23, 2021

I believe it's all statused salaried positions get silver passes, so this includes "leaders," in addition to tons of administrative roles (marketing, PR, etc). It may have changed but for many years hourly cast members who received a Main Entrance Pass got it after 90 days. Salaried employees who got a Silver Pass got it a short time after starting.

PolkadotdressApr 22, 2021

Just a small detail, but those receiving the silver pass are only able to do so after their first 90 days is complete.

castlecake2.0Apr 22, 2021

correct, and silver pass allows unlimited days of guest admissions for the number listed on the card

peter11435Apr 22, 2021

No, Entry level positions get the Main Entrance Blue pass which allows self admission and up to 16 days of guest entry... The silver pass is only for cast with 15+ years and some salaried leaders. Unless your daughters started as salaried leaders they did not receive a silver pass on day one, they received the blue pass.