Orange County Mayor appeals to businesses to require masks to be worn when indoors and in crowded spaces regardless of vaccination status

9 days ago in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday July 19, 2021 11:26am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings has this morning appealed to businesses to require masks to be worn when indoors or in crowded spaces, regardless of vaccination status.


Orange County is now seeing a double-digit 14 day rolling positivity rate of 11.2%, nearly triple the rate from three weeks ago. Positivity rate yesterday was above 16%.

Vaccination rates have significantly slowed and stands at 61.2% for ages 12 and above for Orange County residents.

Due to legislation brought into effect by the Florida Governor, Orange County can no longer mandate any new restrictions to counter the surging cases of COVID-19 cases as it did in 2020. It will have to rely on appeals to businesses and residents to take the necessary precautions to curb the rising number of cases.

Disney relaxed all mask and social distancing requirements as of June 15 when Orange County and the CDC dropped their recommendation for masks and distancing for those who are fully vaccinated.

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Lilofan4 minutes ago

It's because their dentures fell out.

Baloo6220 minutes ago

I swear, some of you people on BOTH sides are like two toothless women fighting over a broken end table at a trailer park garage sale. The Jerry Springer Show had more civility.

Lilofan29 minutes ago

In accordance to the mask mandate at WDW indoors, all POTUS should be masked up at Hall of Presidents by the order of Mickey until further notice when the attraction opens in August.

trojanjustin31 minutes ago

I can not, for the life of me, imagine thinking it’s okay to sentence anyone, regardless of age, to death just so your local Applebees could remain open.

Hawg G1 hour ago

Mumps and polio were attacking children. Back then , folks realized destroying the economy because old people might live a little less was probably stupid However, kids dying, and you know, disfigured for life, was a big deal. This was before abortion on demand had cheapened the value of the lives of babies. Now go get your answer from Google, and paste it below.

Gringrinngghost1 hour ago

In the Covid-19 vaccine, two are classic and two are new technology that has been being researched for decades and is quite frankly the way of the future. Pfizer and Moderna are technically a new technology that if you paid attention to biology in school you would know that Messenger RNA doesn’t cause DNA Mutations. Secondly, the AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson (Janssen) vaccines are the classic type of vaccines. They are in their heart viral vector vaccine based on adenoviruses that are modified to make the spike protein.

Angel Ariel1 hour ago

If new, you mean it’s existed for over a decade…and has been used to develop vaccines for hiv, Ebola, and the tech has also been used to develop cancer drugs..

Casper Gutman1 hour ago

Sometimes you just need to scream into the void.

Casper Gutman1 hour ago

In the 1910s, measles killed an average of 5300 Americans a year. In what was by far its worst year in the 20th century, 1916, polio killed 7,130 Americans. In a year, covid killed over 300,000 Americans. You are scared, and you are minimizing that fear by attempting to pretend the situation isn't as bad as it is. It is always easier to assume you are living in "normal" times, that the world is orderly, that things don't change, that the stuff we read about in history books won't happen to us. But Covid is real. It is horrible on a shocking scale. This period will be written about for decades. THIS is history. And it won't go away because people pretend it isn't real. The patience of the responsible, vaccinated population is simply remarkable.

draybook1 hour ago

I'm just here to count the number of people whose minds have been changed by arguing here...

Hawg G1 hour ago

These are new vaccine technology. You realize that, right?

disneygeek901 hour ago

…how many pages into the google archive did you have to dig to find a 20 year old article remotely relevant? Was that published via dial up?

Hawg G1 hour ago

So you got nothing better than the Mumps? You think Covid is as harmful to kids as the mumps? You think Covid is as deadly as Mumps? I mean even within 2 or 3 orders of magnitude?

Polkadotdress1 hour ago

First of all, who even needs to get an anthrax vaccine? And secondly, your point is a false analogy. Any adverse effect from that vaccine occurs within a short time frame. But because the effect is in a developing embryo, it’s not seen for many months later.