Bob Iger makes his first visit to Walt Disney World since returning as Disney CEO

Jan 19, 2023 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Thursday January 19, 2023 10:06am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney CEO Bob Iger has made his first visit to Walt Disney World following his shock return after the firing of Bob Chapek.

Iger has been touring Walt Disney World, accompanied by Disney Parks boss Josh D'Amaro, and Walt Disney World President Jeff Vahle.

The group visited all the parks, including TRON Lightcycle Run at Magic Kingdom, Pandora The World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom and dinner at Space 220 in EPCOT.

Posting on Twitter, Bob said, "Had a great visit to @WaltDisneyWorld this week and I'm always so inspired by our spectacular cast members, who bring such talent and dedication to everything they do. Thank you!"

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Nubs70Jan 25, 2023

I'm involved in a $1B factory project that broke ground just before pandemic. Construction timeline only inflated by 6 months including a 5 week complete site shutdown. Tron construction is taking 2x as long as is standard

SirwalterraleighJan 24, 2023

You just went there It’s a product…a collection of products actually. It’s not an “experience” because Disney told you to call it that specifically to detach the value from it. It’s by design…don’t follow the flute Man into the forest. The boss is an experience…but the price went to high so I passed on the 2023 tour. That’s how it’s supposed to go

LilofanJan 24, 2023

Value at the parks not so much , but value of the experience the emotions of a 3 hour concert seeing the Boss is second to none.

seabreezept813Jan 24, 2023

I don't disagree with this--but to visit the parks, there obviously are costs involved. I have a family of 5, so those costs are high at Disney, as well as every other family-friendly vacation destination/possibility. And I doubt anyone celebrates spending anything extra. The extra expenses are the reason we won't visit more often.

SirwalterraleighJan 24, 2023

The goal of the parks forum is to talk about and celebrate what we like about parks. Of course there’s a lot of opinion and we don’t - nor have to - agree. That’s good. But I don’t think we are here to celebrate spending money in parks. That may be semantics…but it also is alot of what’s wrong. People celebrating spending without evaluating what it’s on. It’s been rampant in the Iger era and needs to snap back a little. Value leads to better parks…and customers expecting it leads to them having to give it/build it. Sorry for the diatribe

seabreezept813Jan 24, 2023

The rude condescencion seems unnecessary... you are on a Disney parks forum. To criticize people for spending money at the Disney parks seems to bit a bit antithetical of the purpose of this community. Genie sucks because it costs money, not because it doesn't do what it advertises. It worked when we visited and we didn't want to spend our vacation time in long lines. The Magicbands don't work forever, you eventauly have to replace them. We've also added to our family.

SirwalterraleighJan 24, 2023

Still…he had a good response

SirwalterraleighJan 24, 2023

The pandemic excuse doesn’t hold. Sorry…that was a blip but - ahem - other people got things done or caught up/back on track. Moving the birm/train/groundwork does take time…but we’re talking 5 years here. we all seen the slow roll approach while in parks…5 guys here…2 over there… There’s little indication timelines aren’t deliberate.

Coaster LoverJan 24, 2023

Captain NeoJan 24, 2023

inflation has nothing to do with Tron being built in five years. Disney as a company is also worth many billions of dollars more since Epcot was built. I]the current inflation is peanuts to them.

Coaster LoverJan 24, 2023

And it only took 1 year to build Disneyland... that's inflation for you, I guess... I sure hope they never decide to build a 5th gate, at this rate of inflation, timeline to build a 5th gate would be >10 yrs! 😉

JoeCamelJan 24, 2023

Bob sez thanks for the money Have you never visited since MBs became a thing? You had to buy new?

seabreezept813Jan 24, 2023

I felt that way. My fam knows I love Splash and they thought I’d be more emotional. But the Splash we rode in August was dark and at times creepy with everything that wasn’t working. I wouldn’t want to ride it in that iteration again, too depressing. But we had a great trip. Used Genie for HS and MK and ILL for Rise and Guardians and felt swindled, simply because we had to cough up the extra money. It worked, but felt like a rip off—that and paying for magic bands. Not cool. In the future we’ll keep it in our budget but cut in other areas.. maybe drop park hopping and I’d never pay for Rise again. If it weren’t for all the extras and crappy overall discounts we’d go yearly but realistically we’ll probably go every other. Not because we can’t afford it, we are capable of swinging it, but because we like to be responsible with money. A 4K trip a year feels so much less irresponsible than an 8k one.

GhostHost1000Jan 24, 2023

Wdw was only closed for 116 days. It’s taken 5 years to build Tron, a ride they’ve build before elsewhere. It only took 3 years to build Epcot to put it in perspective