Walt Disney World expands its Affordable and Attainable Housing project and announces planned completion date

Apr 19, 2023 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Wednesday April 19, 2023 6:25pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has this evening shared that groundbreaking on its Affordable and Attainable Housing development is targeted for next year, with the first units anticipated to be completed in 2026.


Disney has also said that is expanding the project to now include approximately 1,400 total units – over 100 higher than initially announced.

The news comes at a critical time for Disney, as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis repeatedly claims that affordable housing is a priority of his new Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, seemingly ignoring the fact that Disney is already heavily committed to such a project.

As previously announced, The Michaels Organization, a nationally recognized developer, will build and operate the property, which would be just a few miles away from the Magic Kingdom, near schools and shopping, including Flamingo Crossings Town Center, which continues to open more great retail and dining spots. The development, which is planned to be privately financed, will be limited to applicants within a certain income range.

Walt Disney World President Jeff Vahle and his team met earlier this week with leaders from The Michaels Organization in Florida, and discussed how Disney hopes this development inspires others in the community and across the country to support this important issue in innovative ways.

Disney also points out that it recently joined Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida, an organization that cast members support year-round through our Disney VoluntEARS program, for the grand opening of its newly renovated youth center, which was built with the help of a $100,000 Disney grant. And late last year, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort announced significant donations to local community food banks to support families in need, totaling more than $300,000.

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Lilofan14 days ago

That's Orlando in a nutshell. A number of apt complexes and a really poor bus transportation for residents that need it. Nothing new here.

flynnibus14 days ago

No - it wasn’t park of the master plan because it was in the district before. Which is ehy i said it was part of the staff report… yet you were going back and forth on what the road can support. The county transportation plan for the roads are outlined.

Disney Analyst15 days ago

The NIMBY’s always have so much time on their hands to attend meetings in droves and be loud grumps.

lazyboy97o15 days ago

You say this isn’t NIMBYism but this is like the most classic example of NIMBYism. A master plan isn’t supposed to be an absolute edict. They’re a big picture, something that should be flexible to accommodate changes in development patterns. Unless of course it is a NIMBY tool intended to only allow certain types of development and provide an excuse to disallow others.

maxairmike15 days ago

I was there, a group of about 3 to my back and a little further forward in the middle section with one being noticeably louder than the others kept constantly interrupting whoever was speaking. They managed to get them to answer if there was a plan for buses, and they said no. Those people and several others had the “good, we don’t want them” response with plenty of others voicing their agreement. I heard literally no one at the 18th meeting actually suggesting that buses for this development would be a good thing. This is where I will also slam the developers, as I couldn’t believe the flippant and disinterested response I got from the guy at the transportation table when I asked if they had planned for and considered bus transit for the residents. Both parties (the opposed residents and the developers) provided 180 changes at the BCC meeting from what I witnessed and experienced on the 18th. ETA: In fact, I had the pleasure of speaking with I believe the head of county transportation planning at the 18th meeting after Commissioner Wilson directed a question/discussion along those lines to him as he had just walked towards the group around her. I was glad to let him know there was at least one person there who understood that “just one more lane” will never be the real solution, and enjoyed the quick conversation I had.

LAKid5315 days ago

According to the notes I read from the meeting on the 18th, it was clear there were no plans for any type of bus system. And that lack of buses was in the package presented to the Mayor and commissioners that I read. Not in the "we don't want buses because buses = poor, but that "you've got no mass transit plan for residents of this development? You're asking residents in affordable housing without vehicles to depend on ride sharing, taxis and Lynx?" And it been that in every letter and package to Demings and others that I've read.

maxairmike15 days ago

Which the residents at the community meeting said they don’t want in their area (because mass transit = poors and crime, that’s always the reason), and then turned around at the BCC meeting chiming in like that was something the developers should be considering to get their approval.

LAKid5315 days ago

None of the occupied or under construction apartment complexes have 1400 units. Waterleigh is 1400 acres, with plenty of green space, conservation areas, parks and playgrounds for the planned 3600 homes, townhouses and condos. Plus an elementary school is currently under construction in the development. This project is 1400 apartment units on 80 acres.

LAKid5315 days ago

A mass transit bus system that's not Lynx will be essential for those living in the proposed development. Otherwise, those without a car will be using ride sharing services or taxis.

LAKid5315 days ago

Horizons West has a master plan. That acreage in the plan was always marked as to be undeveloped. There's already a light at Avalon and Hartzog/Waterway Passage...with turn signals and turn lanes. Same at Seidel, YMCA and Porter. The only improvement that would be beneficial is a light at Schofield. All this was presented to Mayor Demings and commissioners PRIOR to the meeting last Monday. I reviewed the materials.

trainplane315 days ago

One thing I've learned about regularly visiting Florida is if housing or shopping can fit in a spot, they're going to stick it there. Traffic concerns have yet to stop anything major from happening.

maxairmike15 days ago

It’s literally already 4 lanes under the first 429 overpass heading north and they’re currently widening it to 4 lanes at the 2nd overpass… If you mean the Turnpike, that has a published plan already as well on the county website (I’ll maybe find it later when I actually post this after work). The space is there for narrow or divided 4 lanes all the way up to Colonial, with the possible exception of the area around Stoney Brook West Country Club and that big landscaping business. It’s so easy to see the space for widening on Google Maps for most major roads if you actually want to see it, and it’s even more obvious (IMO) when driving to notice the space. It is a case of NIMBYism because I can guarantee you that if the road and other infrastructure concerns were fixed and running at an A LOS 24/7 with school capacity to spare, a lot would find yet more issues with the project. At the community meeting someone asked if there would be buses and when they answered no I heard several people around me say “good, we don’t want those either.” They might get backed into the corner of “home values” and “those people” as the only remaining options, but there’s a not insignificant amount of them. I was both surprised and unsurprised at the 180 in tone between the community meeting and the BCC meeting from those opposing it. Yes, some would say “okay, my concerns are taken care of, make it happen,” but I would put money on it not being a majority.

flynnibus15 days ago

From afar... you have a huge high density, planned community, planned for this area. So, to be against new development because the area is already too crowded and shouldn't have more development seems completely abnormal and detached. The area was planned for over 40 THOUSAND homes. The area isn't even developed yet to a fraction of it's intended design. I get 'you live there' - but the place isn't done building out... so new development is always coming. Buckle up. DCBaker linked it before https://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/disney-world-earmarks-80-acres-for-affordable-housing.977045/post-10875346 PDF - https://www.ocfl.net/Portals/0/Resource%20Library/planning%20-%20development/2023-3-A-1-1%20BCC%20Transmittal.pdf "Planned and Programmed Roadway Improvements: The Work Program and Long Range Transportation Plan includes the planned widening of Avalon Road from two (2) to four (4) lanes, from US 192 to New Independence Parkway. Portions of the road have been improved and the remaining segments are planned partnership projects. Additionally, Hartzog Road has been realigned and is planned to be improved to 4-lanes as a partnership project. Finally, there are intersection improvements including a new signal at Avalon Road and Waterway Passage Drive/Hartzog Road, and an intersection control evaluation at Avalon Road and new Hartzog Road, which is also being signalized in the interim. Since these improvements are planned partnership with no committed construction date, they are reflected in the 2040 horizon year analysis." The long range transportation plan for the area is summarized in the PDF starting at page 103. The traffic study basically says three road segments are projected to exceed their load design just due to normal growth in the coming years, and this change would add one more segment to that.

LAKid5316 days ago

You have a link to said report? Because as a resident of Waterleigh, I will disagree about the expansion of both Avalon and Hartzog. I've driven Avalon (535) all the way to Colonial and there's no room to expand the road. ESPECIALLY as it passes under 429. I've also read the reports submitted to the Commission which includes traffic studies, environmental impact, etc. To say this is merely a case of NIMBY is frankly insulting to those of us who live there.