Disney recruits the Muppets to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations in new 'Give it a Shot' campaign

May 18, 2021 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Tuesday May 18, 2021 3:03pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Parks Chief Medical Office Dr. Pam Hymel has taken to the official Disney Parks Blog today to share an update on COVID-19 and to unveil a new ad campaign featuring the Muppets.

Created in collaboration with the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative, the 'Give it a Shot' ad campaign will be airing on ABC, ABC affiliates and social channels to encourage others to, as Pepe says, β€œgive it a shot.” It’s part of a broader effort to spread the word to guests, cast members and the public about getting vaccinated.

You can read more at the official Disney Parks Blog.

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Kevin_W1 hour ago

Our church choir is masked... but takes them off to sing the anthem. :banghead: That is part of why my family is still doing Youtube Live services instead of going back in person. Otherwise, churches vary - ours is heavily vaccinated and congregants wear masks. My sister's has not changed one bit in the past 19 months.

helenabear1 hour ago

Ah gotcha In the summer I saw more unmasked. Lately it's really just been the college kids as a whole who fortunately are not near us. As a choir person we are required to be vaccinated and masked per our director. We have some city mandates for Columbus. Not for my city but my school district mandates for all people in the building vaccinated or not

MisterPenguin1 hour ago

In "it's just like the flu news".... https://www.poynter.org/reporting-editing/2021/covid-19s-death-toll-in-america-has-topped-the-1918-pandemic/

JoeCamel1 hour ago

Some places don't mask their children, much to their detriment. Amazing the number of people around here with coughs and unmasked, even if it's not covid please keep your slime to your self.

helenabear1 hour ago

I haven't seen an unmasked kid at church in a long time. Including my own. Who is fully vaccinated. I'm honestly not sure what your implication with this post is...

BrianLo1 hour ago

When even our Politicians say sorry... πŸ˜‚ In unrelated news, the Health Minister was fired today.

Heppenheimer2 hours ago

We could use a little bit of that humility and honesty on this side of the border.

BrianLo2 hours ago

I actually appreciate where you are coming from. It all seems hopeless because there was a period of way too much optimism. I'll just say we aren't there yet. Alberta guinea pigged the "60% of the total population fully vaccinated must be good enough?" strategy. Especially since the high risk population was quite well vaccinated. They declared the Pandemic moving towards endemic in August, trying to cancel testing and "live with it". I don't think this was well discussed here, but it was really a no more mitigations movement some people have long advocated for. Fast Forward a month and the hospitals broke. They apologized and admitted they were wrong. We don't know what's high enough, but we now know what isn't. 60% still isn't it. Since the US average 55% currently, the US most definitely is not ready. Trust us up here, we ran the trial.

JoeCamel2 hours ago

That and parents taking their young children hoping to lead them down their path. I hope the kids have masks at least

helenabear2 hours ago

An interesting bit I learned about my church today (do tons of work and volunteer stuff there for the music ministry). Our church has been getting calls for religious exemptions partially because students at Ohio State (right by where I go to church) are being required to vaccinate by October 15 for first dose and November 15 for the 2nd (if applicable). Our church is flat out denying to anyone who calls - and our bishop backs it up. Getting harder to get real things around here it seems. I will be very happy when November hits as some students at our church really do use the loophole for mask mandates in our city for religious services. I tend to worry for the elderly who feel they *have* to go to church.

Heppenheimer3 hours ago

Someone a few weeks ago asked if doctor's can be disciplined for questionable approaches to COVID-19. Apparently, the answer is, yes. At least in Oregon: https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/959173?uac=263100MZ&faf=1&sso=true&impID=3655821&src=mkm_covid_update_210921_MSCPEDIT

BrianLo3 hours ago

I know we’re not supposed to talk politics, but probably no one is up in arms about Canada I imagine. Important to note that the party that actually was upfront anti-vaccine is purple and did not win any seats. Theoretically blue would hold that subset of people in normal times, but the party did not try to make that their election issue and sort of gave away that base. Blue had about double the anti vaccine sentiment of the other parties, but it will still quite low (only 7% I think of our total population). Common thought was most of them defected to purple (Peoples Party if Canada).

helenabear4 hours ago

It came out in 1995. A good year for me and I remember it LOL But it took me a few more years to get the vaccine since doctors wouldn't vaccinate an adult at first. My child has never had chicken pox nor have I. I have been exposed goodness knows how many times a kid though. Just never developed it. So far it's done us both well. I do know some who had chicken pox twice IRL too. Second case was always mild much like what vaccinated kids have seen with chicken pox. I am just hoping the vaccine holds me through from getting shingles too. For now I am told not to vaccinate for it, but we'll see. Wow, I am so sorry. My MIL just had them not long ago. One on her eye and was miserable. Hope you can get vaccinated soon! A bit jealous. We had to cancel our day at Epcot for Remy. I had it all booked out and ready to go, then my brother came and visited. Dang it! I haven't had issues with smells and masks at Disney but my nose is quite over powered for scents. I'll have to ask the family if they noticed lower smells while on rides from June - if they remember.

drizgirl4 hours ago

I recall that the Chickenpox vaccine was pretty new when our 28 year old got it around age 2. He might have been in the first wave of kids being vaccinated. We had another baby by then I remember my husband saying "They don't need that. It's a rite of passage for kids to get chicken pox." We were both working full time and I just looked at him like he was nuts, wondering how awful it would be for one to get it, then the other. I asked the pediatrician if she was vaccinating her kids and when she (mother of 4) said she was, I said let's do it. By middle school there were enough kids caught up in an outbreak for 1/3 of the school to be out at once. The now 28 year old did catch it, but got a few small spots on his face with no severe itching, no fever, no discomfort. They just wouldn't let him in with any pox. Just a couple days out of school in complete comfort kicking back with mom. :) Our second never caught it at all.