VISIT FLORIDA Research report highlights dramatic reduction in visitors to Florida

Aug 17, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday August 17, 2020 2:22pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A recent report from VISIT FLORIDA Research illustrates the broad impact of COVID-19 for visitors to Florida during Q2 of 2020.

Preliminary estimates suggest that 12.8 million total visitors traveled to Florida during the second quarter of 2020. This represents a decrease of -60.5% compared to the second quarter of 2019.

With International travel coming to a near standstill, domestic visitors accounted for 98.1% of total visitors. Of the 12.6 million domestic visitors, only 8.7% travelled by air, which represents a drop of -85.2% on the year before.

At Florida's hotels, occupancy fell -55.% from the same quarter 2019, and the average daily rate fell -29.1%.

VISIT FLORIDA notes that the numbers are preliminary and will very likely be updated as more data becomes available from a variety of sources.

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kinglsyyySep 07, 2020

I was under the impression NY's did seed most of the East Coats for covid. I am also under the impression FL outperformed all other states in travel so far post shutdown. Not disagreeing with you on a political basis, I try to stay apolitical as much as possible both in real life and on the internet. I just know from having not much else to do for the last few months, that NY did seed Florida with Covid, and tourism wise, Florida is doing very well comparatively to the rest of the US.

JoeCamelSep 07, 2020

He don't care bout locals, he is looking at Washington

spock8113Sep 07, 2020

FLORIDA Research report highlights dramatic reduction in visitors to Florida First Gov. DeSantis said this about New York: Then when the visiting slowed to a trickle, he says this: Couple this with losing the Republican National Convention..................................... New Yorkers are vast majority of Florida visitors and snowbird retirees, so Governor DeSantis was disingenuous about New Yorkers and the virus. Now Floridians are paying his price.

matt9112Aug 23, 2020

Ny company (here in central florida) has just begun to scale back. The first downsizing in the company's history. To be fair currently it is trimming the fat (complacent technicians and weaker ones) but its true buisness is rough.

matt9112Aug 23, 2020

So post zero facts to support your claims.

CalmdownnowAug 21, 2020

Nope. your economic engines are not "far more flexible". Our contracts are not "cumbersome and stagnant". You are not more efficient. These are the myths that have been fed to the U.S. workforce in order to encourage them to go along with the sort of exploitative practices left behind by other developed economies.

Jrb1979Aug 21, 2020

Layoffs have already started in many places. Its just the beginning. The fact many here believe Disney will be back to normal soon says a lot on out of touch many are.

LilofanAug 21, 2020

With record job losses, businesses closed, some may never reopen, eventually foreclosures,people aren't paying rent, residents moving away can snowball into worse things. Property taxes aren't being collected and eventually county social services will be streamlined or eliminated. However none of this will really sink in until it affects our daily lives.

CastmbrAug 21, 2020

----Present day trajectory --------- Orange county - "Hey, y'all need to accept these draconian restrictions to do's the new normal" Disney, Sea World, Uni - "OK, thanks for letting us open daddy" ---- 1 year in the future ----- after arrivals are still 70% below normal levels Orange county - "OMG! tax revenue has fallen off a cliff!! We need to raise sales taxes on people that still come and property taxes for people that live here to fill the hole. We will not cut pay or employees that work for the county so it will be OK. " Disney, Sea World, Uni - "thanks again for letting us open daddy. We are going to cut park staff and hours, might close a park or 2 but it'll be fine. Our executives are taken care of....." ----2 years into the future ------ people have moved on to other spots since Orlando is no fun anymore Orange county - "Beatings will continue until tax revenue rises. Have a nice day" Disney, Sea World, Uni - "It'll be fine , we love that you are telling us what to do so we can blame someone else for our revenue problems"

DisneyDebRobAug 21, 2020

lived through it for 50+ years here. We don’t getnearly as much as we did 30-40 years ago but still love it.

LilofanAug 21, 2020

I'll pass. Lived through it when I was younger. Enjoy.

DisneyDebRobAug 21, 2020

What I wouldn’t do for a cold blast right now.. maybe 6-8 inches of snow. Some hot cocoa and a good book, or thread to read. Thanks a lot for making me go down that road in this heat up here.

NickMaioAug 20, 2020

Hmmmmm. Gee I wonder why?

JoeCamelAug 20, 2020