New commercial released for Storyliving by Disney

Aug 16, 2022 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Tuesday August 16, 2022 9:21am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has released its latest marketing for StoryLiving by Disney - a new YouTube video titled "Write The Next Chapter Of Your Life With Disney."

Disney broke ground in April 2022 on Cotino, the first Storyliving by Disney community being developed in Rancho Mirage, California.

Accompanying the new commercial, Disney says, "These communities are built to inspire you to live life to its fullest — so you can take pride in every new chapter to come. Disney service is at the heart of it all in places envisioned as enriching enclaves conceived with the simple notion of bringing people together."

Watch the new commercial below

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Communicora14 days ago

Now I want to go home and play The Sims!

AJFireman14 days ago

New Video From Disney Parks Blog on Home Concepts for Cotino

PolkadotdressAug 19, 2022

This is not true as stated. The management company actually has a communication problem, and the homeowners were being sent multiple copies of the same letter for a single issue. And by multiple, I mean 12-12 letters. The management company cites some sort of problem with their software, but we beg to differ. There are also quite a few outstanding covenant issues that are backlogged, due to the break in inspections that occurred when the new company didn't immediately (or seamlessly) transition in. No one is "going wild" sending out covenant violations, because our houses are subject to the same design rules that have always existed. It's merely a management and system issue.

ThelazerAug 18, 2022

See Celebration... (who just had to "pause" enforcement of the convents because they went buck wild and sent letters to a ton of homeowners, since the new HOA management company took over.)

UNCgolfAug 18, 2022

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about as a problem. But there are scenarios where having an HOA is useful, especially now with Airbnb. Having a covenant that doesn't allow short-term rentals can be really important (for condos especially, although you can't really have condos without some sort of association anyways). Some banks won't even sign off on a mortgage if short-term rentals are allowed because it can tank the property values and thus cause risk for them. Plus, even if it doesn't affect property values, it can be a serious quality of living problem for the neighbors.

JoeCamelAug 18, 2022

Bah, I spent 20 years in one and served as the architectural committee for 6 of them. Our guiding principal while I was there was to keep fees low ($100yr). The people that bulled in wanted all sorts of improvements and fees went to $250 in three years. Sent them packing after five years en masse to be replaced by 30 year residents as a block. Too much drama affecting my property and home so glad I moved out, never again with the HOA

Beacon JoeAug 17, 2022

You know, if Disney customer service was what it used to be, that really would be a brilliant idea on paper. And one I'd consider - again, if their customer service was what it used to be. I know people who moved into an all-inclusive retirement community and visiting them is like staying at a high end resort. Albeit, a very, very pricey resort that also happens to have everything ranging from single family homes to hospice beds and every type of lodging in between.

UNCgolfAug 17, 2022

HOAs aren't all bad and can serve a useful purpose (especially with the huge rise in Airbnb etc.) -- it's just that far too many of them get bogged down with silly rules and/or tyrannical behavior.

Sir_CliffAug 17, 2022

Sure, you don't want a society where no-one is ever born and there are no families with children. I was just querying the proposition that perpetual population growth is better than the global population stabilising at some point. Personally, I think this obsession with endless growth will more generally be the end of us and is why WDW risks being nickel and dimed to death, but that's another issue! I think it is exactly an upscale masterplanned community that is Disney branded. I assume the whole business case for Disney is that their brand is associated with the kinds of things they mention in the video such as service and attention to detail which allows them to charge a premium. It makes some sense to me pitching it as a retirement community with a resort lifestyle rather than trying to attract young families more worried about work, school, etc. and who might be put off by the idea of telling friends and family they had moved into a planned community run by Disney.

mightynineAug 17, 2022

"Excuse me? You have four Disney yard art pieces in your front lawn, when the HOA agreement clearly states no more than three. The only exceptions are Huey, Dewey and Louie and the Seven Dwarves, which each count as one. Your life-size Zootopia characters - especially the disturbingly detailed Gazelle - are NOT listed!"

bhg469Aug 17, 2022

Yeah sounds like the one our Tavern exists in hunters creek. I laugh at he stories that the GM would tell us about the president of the HOA thinking it was some parody. Ours has been good, but that could go badly the other direction.

Beacon JoeAug 17, 2022

Yeah, when my family moved to the mainland the very idea was totally foreign to us. I just always thought it was some weird east coast thing, but it was also pretty foreign to my wife who grew up in the (rural) northeast. I still remember when we moved here and got a nasty letter complaining about our "themed garden" (literally a couple of small Japanese lanterns and some semi-tropicals) and we were like "no, buzz off, you people have no taste." And then our dock tag was 1.5 inches from the corner and not the 1.0 inch they wanted or some crazy stuff like that. And then that we rolled out trash cans out a half hour too early in the evening. I swore I'd never, ever live in an HOA when I grew up. Which is something that may really hurt my retirement location plans.

LilofanAug 17, 2022

Some neighbors also report on other neighbors regarding HOA violations .

bhg469Aug 17, 2022

We are from NY originally and the idea of an HOA was completely foreign to us. It seems down here they are either breathing down your neck (our favorite tavern gets complaints about tree trimming) or in our case, they just seem to collect paychecks while our front gate has been stuck open for 2 weeks.