UK and EU citizens can return to Walt Disney World from November 8 as USA lifts travel ban

Oct 15, 2021 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Friday October 15, 2021 9:50am ERT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The United States of America has announced that it will end the 18-month long ban on travelers from the United Kingdom and Europe beginning November 8 2021.

Clarifying the start date today, the US will allow fully vaccinated travelers to enter the country for leisure reasons. In addition to proof of vaccination, a negative COVID-19 test will also be required.

Fully vaccinated foreign nationals and American citizens returning to the United States from abroad will be required to take a pre-departure Covid-19 test within three days of their flight and show proof of a negative result before boarding. There will be no quarantine mandate once in the U.S.A.

The news is a significant development for Walt Disney World, with the U.K representing a substantial market for the Orlando theme parks. The reopening comes just a month into the 18 month long "World's Most Magical Celebration" beginning October 1.

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Wendy PleakleyJan 05, 2022

Canadian rules allow someone to get tested, travel elsewhere within a 72-hour period, and return home with the same negative test taken before they left the country. It's meant to discourage travel far more than actually promote public safety. I don't necessarily disagree that the approach shouldn't be changed but it's important to note the true purpose of the testing requirement.

SirwalterraleighJan 05, 2022

Just sit back and watch Los Estados Unidos struggle with the latest variant “big kahuna” wave…it should be amusing as always… then we can debate policy…again…

dreamscometrueJan 05, 2022

Wonderful. Now, we just have to get Canada to do that too. I've seen several doctors on the news lately discuss how this is no longer necessary for fully vaccinated people. Especially since it has been shown to do almost nothing.

mktDec 01, 2021

mktNov 15, 2021

An update. This weekend I noticed a handful of British and European families in the parks, and even an odd German-plated RV parked at Epcot.

mktNov 12, 2021

While out and about in Miami today, I started seeing European tourists. Saw families from Spain and Italy, and a group of Swedish beer geeks at a local brewery.

mktNov 08, 2021

Here's a link to the pre-arrival attestation travelers will be expected to complete:

Disstevefan1Nov 08, 2021

For the folks from the UK going to WDW, please post with a photo when you get here! Try to be the first!

mktNov 08, 2021

Bring me some Cantillon

ZeromancerNov 08, 2021

Leaving in 2weeks from Belgium. Let’s hope this will go smoothly

mktNov 08, 2021

I assume that the very first UK and European travelers have just begun arriving. Enjoy your vacations.

nickysNov 01, 2021

So an update for those travelling TO the US with unvaccinated children (including those who have had a single jab). The CDC have confirmed that under 18s will not have to quarantine but will need to take a Covid test 2-3 days after arrival.

Den CarterOct 27, 2021

No. The US don't require it. The destination country might, though.