Bob Iger on Disney's Next Big Moves: Parks Expansion and Competition From Universal Epic Universe

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Posted: Wednesday May 15, 2024 11:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

In this morning's MoffettNathanson Media and Communications Summit, Disney CEO Bob Iger provided detailed insights into the company's strategic approach to its parks and resorts while highlighting significant upcoming projects and investments.

Iger emphasized the return on invested capital in Disney's parks and resorts, describing it as one of the company's highest-yielding segments. "I looked at the return on invested capital in our parks and resorts unit over my tenure, and it was extraordinary," he said.

During the interview, Bob Iger highlighted the performance of Disney's parks in the last quarter, noting that all parks achieved record revenue, per capita spending, and attendance, with the sole exception of Disney World. "We had record revenue in all of our parks, record per capita spending, and record attendance in every one of our parks except Disney World, which was still strong," Iger stated. 

International Growth and Development

Iger provided updates on Disney's international parks, emphasizing their growth and potential.

Opened in 2016, Shanghai Disneyland has become the top tourist destination in Shanghai and significantly boosted Disney's brand affinity in China. "Shanghai Disneyland has had a huge impact on brand affinity in China. It's the number one tourist destination in Shanghai," Iger said.

Hong Kong Disneyland has seen steady growth, with recent expansions and continued development. At Disneyland Paris, the second park, previously known as Walt Disney Studios, has undergone significant investment and expansion. Iger noted, "We've been investing nicely in the second park in Paris, which will ultimately be renamed, and there are a lot more attractions being built that will open in the next two to three years."

Competition and Future Growth

Iger addressed the competition from Universal's new Epic Universe park in Orlando, expressing confidence in Disney's IP and the strategic investments made over recent years. "We've had competition for a long time. I'm mindful of what they're doing, but I'm confident in what we've built and will continue to grow," he stated. He continued that Galaxy's Edge, the expansive Star Wars-themed land, has been a significant draw, featuring two e-ticket attractions that have wowed guests since its opening. Similarly, Tron Lightcycle Run, a coaster inspired by the Tron franchise, has become a popular addition, first debuting in Shanghai and later in Disney World. 

Finally, Iger touched on the continued popularity and multi-generational appeal of Disney's parks and cruises, highlighting their resilience and the lasting value they provide. "The experience that we deliver, whether it's at a park or on a cruise ship, is an extraordinary experience that I think where the value is not going away. It's showing no signs of ebbing at all," he said.

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flynnibus7 days ago

Non-sense... if you think employees are just things that just show up regardless of the value of the shift and such patterns have no impact.. you deserve the crappy turnover you will have. Employees have a ROI for a job too... if you ignore that fact, you won't retain employees.

Communicora7 days ago

It's more fun than Smugglers' Run, so they'd better keep it!

JD807 days ago

Put it this way, I have a family of 5 and my WDW trips are massively expensive. I don't know your personal story, but if you're there solo or with a smaller amount of people, then your trips are much cheaper than mine. So you can take that as a trade off! :D

Magenta Panther7 days ago

If they can bring in the Mandalorian, then they can bring in Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia as well.

Magenta Panther7 days ago

What really burns me is that Shanghai gets a new Peter Pan ride, and Tokyo gets a new Peter Pan ride, but we Yanks here in the States are stuck with an old, creaky Peter Pan ride that was built in 1955. Again, it is to weep.

Vegas Disney Fan8 days ago

It’s a shame they don’t add more missions to Falcon, our last trip we did Star Tours and our entire vehicle cheered when the Mandalorian scene started, everyone was so excited, the primary benefit of a screen ride is the same ride can feel totally new.

BrianLo8 days ago

I on the other hand have been an Engineer 80% of the time for strangers and a gunner 15% of the time. I have just once driven, it's getting tiresome.

JD808 days ago

Falcon is one of my favorite rides because being able to sit in the cockpit and pull that lever that gets you into hyperspace is just a :chefkiss: moment for me and my kids that it's almost worth the price of admission in to the park. My family has done Falcon over and over because of that.

BrianLo8 days ago

It just doesn't hold up to re-rides as well as a result. But I agree that my most memorable rides are always with first timers who suck. I think it just needs more missions as its chosen one isn't the greatest profile. One of the other ways to fix it would have them go off script for 20-25% of the run time or so and transfer the flight controls to the other positions briefly. It just really is a dichotomous experience with the positions, unless you are laughing at a loved one drive for the first time. Transferring the flight controls briefly would also lead to even more hilarity.

Nubs708 days ago

For arguments sake, I could get a job that is 9 hours away from home. I could only get an hour from the office. I could get a full time wage and never show up.

JMcMahonEsq8 days ago

No one cares where you decide to live or how long it takes you to drive to work. You get paid for the hours your working

Captain Barbossa8 days ago

The Springs Amazon drone show and the Dora the Explorer Live on…..….I mean Encanto Sing-A-Long coming to Epcot are going to knock your socks off!

yensid678 days ago

4 hour shifts? That would not be worth driving thru Orlando traffic, just to work 4 hours! (I am a former Cast Member also) ALL businesses should start your daily hours when you leave your house to get to work! I am almost ashamed to say I am a former Cast Member with everything that Disney is doing. Thanks to Chapek for throwing Disney down the Rabbit Hole and to DeSantis for trying to be a Authoritarian leader! (that's all I'm saying, Mom)

JMcMahonEsq8 days ago

The absolute insanity of trying to compare construction in the 1930's to now just defies logic. That's setting aside the number of dead and injured during construction