Disney to develop a brand-new regional campus in Central Florida for Disney Parks, Experiences and Products segment including Walt Disney Imagineering

Jul 15, 2021 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Thursday July 15, 2021 5:16pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Parks Chairman Josh D'Amaro has today announced that The Walt Disney Company is developing a new regional campus in Orlando that will serve as a Central Florida regional hub for the Disney Parks, Experiences and Products segment.

Located in Lake Nona, the new campus will complement Disney's operations in Southern California and its regional hub in the New York City area. Initially, the new campus will be home to more than 2000 Cast, Imagineers and employees. The relocation to Florida will take place over the next 18 months, and has been in the planning stages since 2019.

In a memo to staff, D'Amaro said, "While we are still determining exactly which of our team members will be based there, we expect that most Southern California-based DPEP professional roles that are not fully dedicated to the Disneyland Resort or, in some cases, the international parks business, will be asked to relocate to this new Florida campus."

He continued, "Expanding our already significant DPEP footprint in Florida makes sense. In addition to Florida's business-friendly climate, this new regional campus gives us the opportunity to consolidate our teams and be more collaborative and impactful both from a creative and operational standpoint."

This announcement is a hugely significant development for Disney World, which will undoubtedly benefit from having Walt Disney Imagineering and others from the DPEP segment based in Central Florida. It is also a massive boost to the Central Florida economy with Disney strengthening its already heavy presence in the state.

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CaptainAmerica16 days ago

And that'll happen. But I feel VERY strongly that collaboration suffers on remote teams, especially in creative functions.

Brian16 days ago

From what I've heard, DPEP is losing a small but noticeable amount of good talent as a result during the so called "great resignation." Many had gotten a taste of the work-life balance that WFH affords, and have been willing to take their talents elsewhere to be able to regain it.

CaptainAmerica16 days ago

Parks is very anti-WFH. I expect that much of DMED will be WFH or Hybrid long term, but not DPEP.

hopemax16 days ago

Maybe they expect that WFH will be a legitimate option, with only having to commute to Lake Nona infrequently. But anything that raises property values in WG is hopefully a plus for my Dad ;).

Lilofan16 days ago

The area is Winter Garden not Winter Park but WP is also one of the better areas to live in ( except East WP and nearby Eatonville are a little dicey ) minus the craziness and construction of I-4 nearby.

lazyboy97o16 days ago

It’d likely be worse than 30 minutes just because of the time it would actually take in rush hour traffic to get from Winter Park over to FL-417. I guess people could schlep down Semoran through the airport. It’d be like people flocking to Alpharetta for their new job in Marietta.

Lilofan16 days ago

Unfortunately when you research the info at hand , Clermont and Winter Garden come up as favorites to some minus the long commute.

CaptainAmerica16 days ago

Right but those are people who commute to a major metropolitan area and have no choice because the only decent schools are 45 minutes outside the city, or people who took their current job when they already had a home. When you KNOW where work is and you have the opportunity to pick a house with that information in-hand, I can't imagine not wanting to live closer.

UNCgolf16 days ago

Yeah, that's likely a nothing commute to most people in LA. It doesn't even seem like a major commute to me living in Atlanta. There are tons of people here with a longer daily commute than that.

Lilofan16 days ago

Yes, about 30 miles each way, but if one wants to live in the up and coming Lake Nona area, who wants to be in the approaching flight path of the planes take off / landing at MCO runways a few miles away? And the international flights are not even in full swing yet.

CaptainAmerica16 days ago

Jeeze, Winter Garden to Lake Nona is a friggin hike of a commute. Nothing like a California commute but still.

Lilofan16 days ago

Deanna Armel of Armel Realty is advising that some cast relocating from CA to FL are paying all cash to buy homes in Winter Garden, FL. The median price in the area is $318K compared to similar housing in CA that exceeds $900K. Fyi - Most of Winter Garden is a nice place to live.

djsamuel20 days ago

There should be plenty of side opportunities for you in the Orlando area. I work in the simulation industry in Orlando. Just about 30 minutes north of Lake Nona is Research Park, which houses both military simulation activities (where I work until I retire in December) as well as many private companies developing both actual simulators and/or desktop based simulations. In any case, the skill sets are very applicable.

mkt27 days ago

There are some, but not generally in neighborhoods where you can buy for $250k.