Disney's reaction to the tragic events in Orlando

Jun 13, 2016 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday June 13, 2016 8:19am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

In honor of the victims of the June 12 attack in Orlando, all U.S. flags on Disney property will be flown at half-staff until sunset, June 16 2016.

Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger said, "We are all heartbroken by the tragic and horrific events in Orlando, and offer our thoughts, prayers and support to everyone in our community affected by this senseless act."

At Walt Disney World, the company is providing counseling support for any Cast Members that need it, along with blood drives to assist the hospitals treating the victims.

Lines at security checkpoints heading into the parks have been longer than usual, with more thorough security screening taking place.

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Cesar R MJun 22, 2016

Whats weird is the new report about a guy claiming to be the "gay partner" of the shooter and having relationships the years before. But he got "angry" for being infected with HIV from one of them. (I dont think its true anyway, the report was in a tabloid online)

SirenJun 14, 2016

@The Mom -- I sincerely apologize for misconstruing his comment(s).

The MomJun 14, 2016

He was responding to a poster's remark. Just as he was earlier.

bsiev1977Jun 14, 2016

I was just looking at wait times on the MDE app, and it seems like it's business as usual there. In addition, Disney stock is actually a tiny bit up today so far

SirenJun 14, 2016

Great. Now you are discussing something else entirely random, like tubes in women's bodies and magazine publications or something. Like, I totally give up. I'm done. Anyway, Disney has just donated $1 Million Dollars to the One Orlando fund. Yay!!! 2:40 p.m. Walt Disney Company is donating $1 million to a fund established by Orlando officials to help people affected by the nightclub shooting. Disney officials also said they would match dollar-for-dollar individual contributions by the company's employees to the OneOrlando fund, established by Mayor Buddy Dyer following Sunday's shooting that killed 49 people and wounded 53 others. Disney has about 74,000 employees in the Orlando area, which is home to its Walt Disney World resort. Disney employees also have been encouraged to donate blood at five locations on the resort property. The company also is providing complimentary hotel accommodations to family and friends of victims. The FBI's director has said the agency is trying to determine whether the Orlando nightclub shooter had recently scouted Walt Disney World and other locations as potential targets. I am *totally* speechless and blown away by this. I was not expecting Disney to respond in this way. This is why Disney is number 1 and the best theme park resort in the world. Kudos, Disney.

bsiev1977Jun 14, 2016

Fox News is reporting confirmation through law enforcement sources that the killer's wife definitely knew about his specific plans to carry out an attack.

The MomJun 14, 2016

Once again, a reminder to please keep things civil. Thank you.

Dead2009Jun 14, 2016

I figured it was due to all those kids at Crystal Lake you took out over the years. Banks are known to shame hockey mask wearing psychopaths.

Pumbas NakasakJun 14, 2016

several esteemed publications would disagree with you. But they're probably biased.

WDWLover#1Jun 14, 2016

No, it's because a couple of months ago there was adverts on the tube putting woman's bodies in a discimatory light - needless to say Internet was in uproar. So this is a plus.

Pumbas NakasakJun 14, 2016

Id thought even you can understand the concept of quotes and reply s.

Matt_BlackJun 14, 2016

What you went through is inconvenience. What blacks, Latinos, LGBT, and other marginalized groups have gone through is oppression. Never in this country's history has there been an organized, systemic persecution of large white guys.

Disney.MikeJun 14, 2016

Ah the old microaggreasion... something so small and insignificant that it can't be disproven

disney4life2008Jun 14, 2016

I am speaking of real world racial microagressions. Unless you are black male and experience these every day, then your point is null.