Ken Facey and Brandon Peters named new Walt Disney World Ambassadors 2017 - 2018

Sep 12, 2016 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday September 12, 2016 1:49pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Ken Facey and Brandon Peters have been named as the next Walt Disney World Ambassadors.

The pair will take over from current ambassadors Nathaniel and Caitlin in December, beginning their new roles from January 1 2017 to December 31 2018.

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Ken was most recently a leader at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort in Housekeeping and Custodial, while Brandon, from South Florida, was a performer in entertainment.

The Disney Ambassador program began in Disneyland 1964, when Walt Disney needed additional help to deal with media interviews and appearances. Since then it has become one of the most sought after roles, representing the more than 70,000 cast members at Walt Disney World at events, openings and media appearances.

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PhotoDave219Sep 13, 2016

Sounds like youre both right.

ford91exploderSep 13, 2016

They already have one it's called 'The Corporate Checkbook'.

BoltSep 13, 2016

Or how people get jobs.

Cmdr_CrimsonSep 13, 2016

From the way it sounds it's like it's trying to be a reality show..

Next Big ThingSep 13, 2016

Happy for Ken! He was one of my coordinators when I worked at MK. Great guy.

emcclaySep 13, 2016

What's wrong with Nathaniel and Caitlin?

PhotoDave219Sep 13, 2016

So...... Does this mean they're opening an embassy in DC?

GhostHost1000Sep 13, 2016


BoltSep 12, 2016

It's a very lengthy interview process. Starts with a lot and each round it goes to small rounds. Five rounds I believe.

flynnibusSep 12, 2016

To be touted around by the company and represent the business at events, etc. Token CMs.

DisneyRoySep 12, 2016

I'd be interested to hear how they go about choosing these. Peer nominated? High performers? Interviews? Something else?

brb1006Sep 12, 2016

What role does an ambassador have?

BoltSep 12, 2016

No - actually the set before last were both males. 2013-2014 - Tye and Rich

Rob562Sep 12, 2016

Is this the first time they've had two male ambassadors? -Rob