State of Florida will begin providing COVID-19 testing at Disney's Maingate office complex near to Disney's Animal Kingdom

Aug 12, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Wednesday August 12, 2020 4:41pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The State of Florida will open a new testing site in Osceola County at Disney's Maingate office complex near to Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Testing will begin on August 14 from 7am to 4pm, serving Disney Cast Members and their families, along with members of the public. Cast Members can register for a test at, and the public can register at

The test for those with or without symptoms, is self-administered with a nasal swab from inside your car, and results are delivered in 3-5 business days.

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cadaleFeb 02, 2021

Thank you! Forgot about that idea.

cadaleFeb 02, 2021

Thank you! We are not going for a couple months, just trying to get the details in order.

TrojanUSCFeb 02, 2021

Just Uber.

PolkadotdressFeb 02, 2021

Depending on the demand of when you're there, the taxi might be able to wait. Testing has been way down lately, and recently that site has been a walk-up.

cadaleFeb 01, 2021

If you use the maingate testing site, is there somewhere to pick up a taxi afterwards? I won't have a car. Thank you.

tcool123Jan 30, 2021

I have twice now. Show up early, and you wait in line outside of your car. No eating or drinking cause ya know covid testing site, people most definitely have covid. No covid distancing markers but the cones that make up the line are six feet apart. Last time I went they had two separate lines one for group teating and another for single testing. Single testing line went a lot faster. You need to make an account to get tested and get your results but testing is free. Results within 30 to 45 minutes Lovely view of the backside of Everest

AROJan 30, 2021

Has anyone used this?

PolkadotdressAug 15, 2020

Central Floridian here! When you donate via One Blood, the antibody test results are sent to you in 48 hours. And yes, mine was negative!

Archie123Aug 15, 2020

I‘ll just assume this was a joke post or written after consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

LilofanAug 14, 2020

I can't agree with your fantasy world reality.

MisterPenguinAug 14, 2020

Make sure you bring your towel.

lazyboy97oAug 14, 2020

You can. We need to focus on real issues like teenagers being asked to step a few feet away from their parents at Walt Disney World.

ThatMouseAug 14, 2020

I'm still scratching my head. Do performers get the test and then wait a week before going on stage?

wm49rsAug 14, 2020

Those who are actually sick must really burn you up then....