Disney domestic theme park attendance now at 2019 levels with per capita spending up 40 percent

Aug 10, 2022 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Wednesday August 10, 2022 4:50pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Speaking at the Walt Disney Company's Third Quarter 2022 Financial Results Conference Call, CFO Christine McCarthy commented on attendance and revenues at Disney's domestic theme parks.


Specifically of note is that attendance at the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort is now very close to 2019 levels, but spending per capita is up 40%. Occupancy at the domestic hotels in the third quarter was 90%, and future bookings are in line with pre-pandemic levels.

Christine said, "Demand at our domestic parks continues to exceed expectations with attendance on many days tracking ahead of 2019 levels. Our continued focus on improving the guest experience through the use of our reservation systems to purposefully manage capacity versus simply increasing volume has the added benefit of improving yield and optimizing overall economics. So, even while the average daily attendance at our domestic parks across the first recordings of this fiscal year was slightly below 2019, we have delivered significantly higher revenue and operating income over that same time period. This approach also provides flexibility. With levels we can adjust if demand were to shift. Per capita spending at our domestic parks also remains strong. Increasing 10% versus Q3 of fiscal 2021 and over 40% versus fiscal 2019."

Commenting on future attendance, McCarthy said, "Looking ahead, domestic demand at our theme parks continues to look robust with current forward-looking hotel bookings and intent to visit, roughly in line with pre-pandemic trends."

She went on to talk about international visitors, "One of the things that we've seen is during the pandemic, international visitation to our domestic parks, primarily Walt Disney World was non-existent. It has proceeded to come back, very nicely, but still below the traditional range that we've given you, which is around 17, 18% up to the low 20s. But it's made significant progress and we expect the international visitation, when it is fully back, to actually be additive to margins because those guests tend to stay longer at the parks, and they spend more money when they're there as well."

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JoeCamelAug 14, 2022

Thats what set Disney apart for so long, when you got home you didn't need a screwdriver to remove the hardware. Now you better have an electric one to pull out all the screws they put in you.

SirwalterraleighAug 14, 2022

And it’s working too… Bob stands to get “fired” with hundreds of millions of dollars if he can just stick out the 3 years they just gave him. I think Disney fans are overlooking/overthinking the end game here. They’ve been spoiled by every other guy (even that weasel Iger ) that came before him. Just consider the possibility he has no long game. Warning.

JoeCamelAug 14, 2022

It's just Chappie getting back at Bob for the comments by showing how much money Bob left on the table for all those years.... Revenge is sweet said the bald guy

SirwalterraleighAug 14, 2022

I’m incredibly impressed they can sell it… …but it’s not on them. People don’t need to go far to find “the causes” of the entire Iger/Slaperian tale

SirwalterraleighAug 14, 2022

And I bet it goes up a lot very soon. Bet me

Kirby86Aug 14, 2022

I mean of course spending will be up if you raise the prices of stuff and charge for genie plus.

Javier Antonio Nisa AvilaAug 14, 2022

Taking into account Bob Chapek, I could imagine. However, I've never thought it could be true. I hope people realize that this is not real Disney.

DobergeAug 11, 2022

I'm not happy about it but it is impressive how they have squeezed so much out of people. Compare pre-pandemic WDW to now. At resorts prices are up and discounts are very limited. I believe the most available discount requires being a Disney+ subscriber and is no longer a general public offer, and the limited discounts that do exist are less than pre-pandemic. At restaurants prices are up, portions are down, and Tables in Wonderland is gone. In parks prices are up and we pay for what used to be included in tickets. Within DVC the "active resorts" are up about 11% in cost and the cheapest resorts are up 30%. All this without new AP sales "hurting the mix" by driving down per guest spend. Onward the machine goes.

Javier Antonio Nisa AvilaAug 11, 2022

You are absolutely right. A vacation in Europe is much cheaper than Disney and there are wonderful things to discover.

Dan DeesneeAug 11, 2022

I agree with much of what you say. I meant more never like this as in, we've never been more globally connected, those connections are very stained and in some cases broken, and the world has never been collectively in more debt with no chance of ever paying it back. Something will crack, like it always does, but instead of Rome falling, it may be the entire world. Now granted things always seem worse than they actually are. You're probably right and that within a year or two things will be mostly back to normal, I hope at least! But the easy money and low rates were never sustainable. I hope they can figure this out.

disneyfiremanAug 11, 2022

I would say there is examples of many.. many of times historically where times were 100% worse...Great Depression...which no global economy will ever see again..not in the free world anyways..or the free East..Japan and South Korea. You can go back to the early 1600's and there was world economic collapse...so to say "never like this". Is a massive stretch.. Then throw in the debacle of the mid to late 70s...as recent...we had a misery factor lol. So, even though times aren't perfect...It will all get back to good times soon. Things economically always has a way of working out in the free markets. As for supply chains...thats also getting better. There are more and more new cars on lots...just goto lowes for example...pretty much all is back..to being supplied.. sadly, this was all avoidable...covid and the whole debacle of that....didnt need to happen...the shut downs. etc. We now know...it didnt work and caused MORE harm...hope its a lesson.

Poly1974Aug 11, 2022

Yeah, I sold my DVC in 2016 because I could see where things were headed. Constantly paying more for less. I never could have imagined that it would get to the current state.

HauntedPirateAug 11, 2022

I'm out of guesses, then. I thought Bob 1.0 was still loafing around ABC back then.

lazyboy97oAug 11, 2022

No, not him.