Universal Orlando announces an extension to its coronavirus closures

Apr 09, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Universal Orlando has this afternoon announced that it will remain closed at least through May 31 2020 - an extension to its previously announced April 19 closure.

The Universal closure includes its theme parks, Citywalk, and the Universal Orlando Resort hotels.

Disney current position remains as closed until further notice.

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Article Posted: Apr 09, 2020 / 4:#3pm ET
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DisneyDebRob18 minutes ago

I have to admit that over the last 8-9 months I have been enjoying my space. When someone is within 10 feet I’m giving them the eye. 🙂 Little exaggeration there but you know what I mean I would not mind that at all. Just me and the shrubbery folks(Monty Python) floating around the place.

Sirwalterraleigh22 minutes ago

You mean if they both looked like that when only custodial/horticulture is trolling around in the middle of the night??

DisneyDebRob23 minutes ago

Ok, now I would go.

Sirwalterraleigh23 minutes ago

I don’t think it’s a forgone conclusion that people HAVE to disagree In my years swimming the “ocean” of internet disfandom...I’ve often noticed common ground and changes to people and their takes over the years. It’s a sign of maturity/wisdom...more ears and less vocal cords often works.

Sirwalterraleigh25 minutes ago

I assume it means: 1. Don’t go into spaces in crowds unprotected. 2. Avoid places with crowds that aren’t necessary to be in.

DisneyCane27 minutes ago

You're welcome! Maybe things are going to get better in the world. First, I had several agreements with @GoofGoof yesterday and now today we've had a cordial exchange! :) Anybody that has read a lot of my posts would certainly conclude that on their own. I wanted to be up front and clear for anybody who hasn't since I was commenting that not very many Trump supporters would actually refuse a vaccine out of spite over an election result.

DisneyDebRob30 minutes ago

It’s coming.. just wait a few seconds.

DisneyDebRob34 minutes ago

No need to tell us to buckle up. I’ve been in restraints the last 4 years that puts RoR restraints to shame.

Sirwalterraleigh36 minutes ago

Every thing is tedious/tired at this point. Every person...every opinion...the facts...the complete crap. It’s all tired. We all are in the line and the line forms right behind me. However...the actual numbers are what are really tired today when talking about travel and amusement parks...really tired.

wdwmagic37 minutes ago

As a reminder again, this is not a general political thread - there is an entire section for that. Please try to remain on topic. Thanks

SamusAranX39 minutes ago

yes, because for the most part, people in this thread have been cordial and respectful in discussing COVID, strategies, and so on. throwing the stupid politics in it is like a molotov cocktail

Sirwalterraleigh39 minutes ago

Thanks for the honesty (sincerely)...but did you honestly think anyone didn’t know that? (Sincerely)

ParkerLoLs40 minutes ago


Chi8444 minutes ago

You come here to get away from cynical, bitter infighting? ;)