Virgin Atlantic to resume flights to Orlando from July 20

Jun 08, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday June 8, 2020 10:27am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Virgin Atlantic has announced that it will resume flights to Orlando International Airport from July 20 2020.

The UK-based airline is the main carrier from the UK to Orlando, which prior to COVID-19 operated multiple direct flights per day from both London and Manchester.

Due to the fall in air travel demand during COVID-19, the airline has permanently discontinued its London Gatwick operations, and will fly its London routes from Heathrow. The newly released timetable shows VS135 departing Heathrow at 1pm and arriving into Orlando at 5:15pm local time, flying a Boeing 787-9. In the same week, the airline will also resume flights to Honk Kong, Shanghai, New York JFK and Los Angeles.

Juha Jarvinen, Chief Commercial Officer, Virgin Atlantic commented: “As the Covid-19 crisis stabilises and demand slowly returns, we are looking forward to welcoming our customers back onboard and flying them safely to their favourite destinations. To ensure the health and safety of our customers and our people, we’re introducing new measures at every point in the journey to offer peace of mind when taking to the skies with us.”

The airline's new health and safety measures include:

  • health questionnaires before check in
  • electrostatic spraying of high-grade disinfectant onboard in all our cabins and lavatories
  • supply of a personal Health Pack which will contain medical grade face masks as a requirement to be worn onboard, surface wipes and hand gel
  • a simplified hot food service onboard to minimize contact

Despite the airline resuming flights, what remains unknown is when non-US citizens will be allowed to enter the United States. Travel restrictions remain in place, preventing non-US citizens from entering the country. Both the UK and US state departs also advise against any non-essential international travel.

US President Donald Trump commented in late May that the travel ban may be lifted for European countries that are "making progress."

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jpinkc1 hour ago

Ok so why did Eisner build EuroDisney??? Sorry No Offense as I have friends in the UK who are delighted they can come and are wanting to plan a late winter early spring trip 22. I asked him the question and I cant repeat his thought of Disneyland Paris.....

Sirwalterraleigh5 hours ago

Yeah…we’ve been raging for bout the last 3 months…and the first 3 months of the year…just for context

Robbiem5 hours ago

This summaries the current situation. Most brits / Europeans would need to quarantine outside europe for 14 days before entering the US. Trump was going to end this but biden prolonged the ban until now

Wendy Pleakley6 hours ago

Will this have much of an impact on WDW? I'm in the same boat. I could fly to Orlando tomorrow, but I'd need a COVID test both coming and going. It's an added expense. Hundreds of dollars per person. It's a hassle, having to schedule and get to a testing location. There's risk. Even if I get a mild case of COVID I'm suddenly faced with changing flights, needing a hotel for longer, etc. I feel relatively comfortable doing most things, as a fully vaccinated individual. However, spending time in theme parks in Florida just isn't the greatest idea right now.

nickys6 hours ago

Part of me is impressed they actually updated the U.K. site.

Sirwalterraleigh6 hours ago

There is an easy solution to this move

rmwebs6 hours ago

About bloody time is all I can say. There's been no excuse for it taking this long when the UK especilly is way ahead of the US on double vaccinations. Of course the downsize is Disney immediately tripped the prices on the UK site. Apparently a family of 4 going in december can now look forward to paying close to £10k for the cheapest accommodation, vs < £1k for a decent villa. Yet another thing thats killed the perk of staying on site.

Sirwalterraleigh8 hours ago

…but you wouldn’t have wanted to be is my point. Remember what state we’re talking about? Europe and the Kingdom have eclipsed us in the responses…so has Canada…typical Thank you for the clarification…also see above 👍🏻

nickys8 hours ago

The U.K. has a complicated “traffic light” system, which is being simplified a little. Other European countries have different rules, I think France has just closed its borders to anyone from the US again. Returning to the U.K. from a red list country means compulsory quarantine in a specific hotel. Everywhere else involves a mixture of PCR tests and / or quarantining at home. The US is currently an Amber list country. But the US has refused to allow anyone except US citizens in if they have been in the U.K., Europe or various other places in the previous 14 days.

Angry Warlock8 hours ago

I have flights booked from London to MCO on 8th nov. Fingers tightly crossed.....😬

King Raccoon 778 hours ago

We haven't been allowed into your country since 2020.

Sirwalterraleigh8 hours ago

I haven’t paid too close attention to this.. But isn’t the problem quarantine rules when getting back home to Europe?…not “getting into the US”?

RobbiemMar 02, 2021

I agree. I really want to travel again but I want to do it safely and freely. Traveling this year with masks, testing and potentially quarantine on return to the UK isn’t something want to risk. I’d rather wait it out another year and have a better experience hopefully in 2022 02, 2021

Think it's down to individual families too. Disney seem to think Masks and distancing will be in place at least until 2022 which is not an experience I want to have, so I'll just wait