Miami Dolphins cleared to go to full capacity at their 65000 capacity stadium - theme parks to follow?

Oct 07, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has given all Florida stadiums the right to operate at 100% capacity following his lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in the state.

Despite DeSantis lifting restrictions in late September, it wasn't clear how mass gatherings at stadiums and other large venues would be handled. In a tweet by FoxSports640 host Andy Slater, he was told by a state spokesman that the Miami Dolphins were clear to host 65,000 fans at their Hard Rock Stadiums and other stadiums can do the same. The Dophins have said they will continue with their reduced capacity of 13,000 for their next game however.

This would appear to also clear the way for Central Florida's theme parks to increase their capacity without any limitations imposed by the state. Disney will of course continue a cautious phased reopening, but has already increased numbers at Walt Disney World since the reopening in mid-July.

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Article Posted: Oct 07, 2020 / 1:00pm ET
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DisneyCaneLess than a minute ago

Honestly, it depends a lot on the age of the affected. If 0.1% of children were to potentially be killed by COVID I'd be willing to sacrifice a lot more than I am if 5% of the elderly population is potentially killed by it. To me, it isn't just the total number, it is who it effects and also that a large percentage of the elderly (who are the ones most affected by COVID) can have their risk of infection lowered dramatically without the forced sacrifice of the younger population.

lazyboy97o7 minutes ago

100 deaths per day < 1,000="" deaths="" per="" day="">

techgeek14 minutes ago

Where would you like to draw the line? At what point does it finally become a sacrifice of all to protect the many, instead of just the few? Or should there be no line at all, no matter what the cost?

techgeek17 minutes ago

It’s November the 25th, we’ve been over and around and through all of this over the span of countless threads for 8 months now, and you still want to play a strawman false equivalency?

DisneyCane24 minutes ago

There's no reason to copy any country since no country that isn't an island or a has a small population has been able to maintain control of the virus after reopening (and don't say China because there is nobody who believes their data). What I want us to do is not severely restrict the freedom of all to protect the few. As large as the "numbers" are, they still represent a very small percentage of the population.

Disstevefan139 minutes ago

Folks traveling on the road for thanksgiving will die in car crashes. Not all who drive over the thanksgiving holiday will die but some will..

Dutch Inn '7659 minutes ago

OK, fine. My parents have said over and over that if contracting Covid is the price they have to pay for hugging their Grandchildren, they'll gladly pay.

JoeCamel3 hours ago

You give them your money and they let you in. Extras?? Ha Ha Ha

Giss Neric4 hours ago

So what are their plans for Christmas and New Year's Eve even with no shows or fireworks?

ParkerLoLs8 hours ago

I remember back in February when the majority of the people in this thread told me there was nothing to worry about and continued to give excuse after excuse for the next what, nine months that all we needed to do was wash our hands. Don’t you dare start saying you knew what was up in July. You continue to be tone deaf, as many have pointed out in a kinder fashion than myself, and it isn’t a recent development.

giantgolfer10 hours ago

Obviously you are not capable of any humility. It’s impossible to reason with people like you.

LUVMCO10 hours ago

It's fine to disagree with people, but no need to refer to them as ignorant, selfish or any other negative names. Obviously you are not capable of having a civil discussion.

GoofGoof10 hours ago

Sorry for my part in that...back to talk about increased park capacity, long lines and lack of distancing.

giantgolfer10 hours ago

Yes. It’s funny that I’m disagreeing with people who only care about themselves in a worldwide pandemic. You want to take that as an insult? Fine. That’s on you if you want to take it that way. People disagree on forums all the time. But most don’t flaunt their disregard for human decency doing it like you and a few others do. You want to travel and risk contributing to others getting sick? Fine. But dont expect people to act like it’s no big deal. We’re talking about gambling with the health of everyone around you. Show some respect for the people who have been affected by this. Clearly you have not. Consider yourself lucky.