Miami Dolphins cleared to go to full capacity at their 65000 capacity stadium - theme parks to follow?

Oct 07, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Wednesday October 7, 2020 1:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has given all Florida stadiums the right to operate at 100% capacity following his lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in the state.

Despite DeSantis lifting restrictions in late September, it wasn't clear how mass gatherings at stadiums and other large venues would be handled. In a tweet by FoxSports640 host Andy Slater, he was told by a state spokesman that the Miami Dolphins were clear to host 65,000 fans at their Hard Rock Stadiums and other stadiums can do the same. The Dophins have said they will continue with their reduced capacity of 13,000 for their next game however.

This would appear to also clear the way for Central Florida's theme parks to increase their capacity without any limitations imposed by the state. Disney will of course continue a cautious phased reopening, but has already increased numbers at Walt Disney World since the reopening in mid-July.

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TinkwingsJan 28, 2021

Probably a good idea to take a picture of it on your phone to keep copy in case you misplace it.....and make a photocopy to store too?

Da Bird is Da WordJan 26, 2021

At the end of the day, if you're really that terrified of the virus, then you shouldn't be going to WDW. I hope things return to normal soon. I'm hoping to go to Disney at the end of the year, but am not sure because of the cancelled fireworks, character meet & greets, mask requirements and whatnot.

cgersicJan 26, 2021

My Dad was given his card when he got his first dose at the VA on Saturday. They told him he would continue to carry that card as long as needed as proof of vaccination.

GoofGoofJan 26, 2021

So it looks like masks will be required at the water parks: When Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park reopens, it will operate in alignment with the health and safety protocols implemented throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, including reduced capacity, temperature screenings, physical distancing markings and face coverings. Face coverings will be required in designated areas for each Guest age 2 and up, including but not limited to the park entrance and exit, retail areas, and food and beverage ordering areas. Face coverings will not be permitted while experiencing water slides or in the water. You may also remove your face covering while actively eating or drinking, but you should be stationary and maintain appropriate physical distancing. They are not using the park reservation system so not sure if they just don’t see an issue with capacity or if they will just close the gates once they reach their target. Interesting development. Maybe a sign that the reservation system will be phased out sooner than later. No point in setting it up only to have it phased out shortly after.

Chi84Jan 14, 2021 A few big names working on this.

TrojanUSCJan 11, 2021

The people who did my vaccination were careful to tell me those CDC cards are an official record of the vaccination and not to lose it, as it may be needed one day as the serial numbers for which doses you got and will verify your status, should there be a problem with their records, etc.

Chi84Jan 10, 2021

I'm afraid of the virus and have been for the better part of a year; I couldn't care less what people make of that fact. I believe Disney will be at the forefront of vaccination requirements. Disney needs (or wants, take your pick) capacity crowds watching fireworks and parades shoulder to shoulder without wearing visual reminders of a contagious disease. Letting in only people who are protected against being infected is the best way to achieve that and to keep its guests safe and healthy.

_calebJan 10, 2021

I’m still not sure where I stand on vaccination registries and certifications, but I just wanted to thank you for posting “afraid of spreading the virus” rather than something like “afraid of the virus.” That little nuance is important to me. EDIT: Wanted to add that it’s other posters, not you, who often try to uncharitably summarize this position.

Chi84Jan 10, 2021

We'll figure it out. I laughed out loud when I got to the concerns about social control. In the past year, I've been ordered not to leave my house unless it was absolutely necessary and to wear a mask in public - even outside - if I came within 6 feet of another person. Church services were suspended or severely limited even if you had no access to online services. Restaurants were (and some still are) closed to indoor dining, and I had my temperature taken to get into a furniture store. Businesses in my area have been ordered to implement mask mandates and social distancing. There are lines on the floor telling people which way to walk and where to stand. Gatherings of people from different households were banned or limited. People are not traveling because they are afraid of spreading the virus. The app doesn't hold a candle to the virus when it comes to social control. People can get lazy or make excuses for not doing things they don't like, even if there is no good reason. Requiring proof of vaccination so we can live freely again will give them some incentive.

DisneyDebRobJan 10, 2021

The limited access to the vaccine will solve itself but will take time. The verification will be the biggest problem I think.

Chi84Jan 10, 2021

The problems they note are limited access to the vaccine and to online verification tools, which are certainly problems that need to be solved. I'm less concerned about people who fear social control; I'm much more worried about controlling the virus and restarting the economy. Others will have different opinions, and governments will just have to work it out.

DisneyDebRobJan 10, 2021

It’s already out there and being used. I know some NY businesses are trying it out. The problem, as the article states is creating a world with the haves and have nots with the pass. Somehow, hopefully they can work it all out.

Chi84Jan 09, 2021

The one my son in law received was not a reminder; it certified completion of the vaccination. But yes, we will definitely have to develop a health pass or immunity passport that certifies people are immune for purposes of travel or going to theme parks, sports events, etc. From what I've read, several companies are working on that technology.

_calebJan 09, 2021

The “vaccination cards” being given to vaccine recipients are really just handwritten reminders of which vaccine they received and when to come back for the second dose. It is not a certificate, verification, or passport. “A COVID-19 vaccination card won't be the same as an immunity passport. Instead, it'll serve as a reminder to get your second shot of the vaccine. It also details which vaccine you received -- but that's all. It can't be used for any other purpose. Immunity passports have been used in other countries for different diseases, like polio, to give international travelers the OK to travel. The immunity passports would certify that an individual is immune to the coronavirus and can then give people more freedom to travel and socialize in public.” Source