Baggage Airline Guest Services laying off employees at Walt Disney World resort hotels

Oct 07, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Baggage Airline Guest Services, which provides remote airline check-in, luggage and valet services for Walt Disney World resort hotels is laying off 560 employees.

In a filing with the state, the company says that its temporary layoffs that began at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak have now been transferred to permanent layoffs.

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Article Posted: Oct 07, 2020 / 10:14am ET
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Jrb197948 minutes ago

Its already been said a lot of the job cuts were coming Covid or not. Maybe not 28,000 but many were coming.

seascape2 hours ago

No, only 36 jobs. There are more job losses at ABC News. but all ABC News is doing is catching up to NBC News and the others. Face it. every large corporation is cutting jobs because technology is allowing for much greater productivity. This happens after every economic downturn. On the otherhand, everyone can be assured that by 2023, when Disney celebrates it's 100 anniversary, WDW will have more cast members than they did at the end of 2019.

JoeCamel3 hours ago

Universal had a storefront radio setup on Hollywood blvd in the studios as well. Chicken or egg? mmmmm

Lilofan4 hours ago

That's sad. There used to be a Radio Disney location near Backlot Express/Star Tours at DHS where we could see the disc jockey work behind the windows in the recording studio.

TrainChasers7 hours ago

Radio Disney is shutting down. Not sure how many people listened to it these days, but that’s quite a few jobs lost I’m sure.

LUVMCO9 hours ago

I eat out quite often and I haven't seen any restaurants modify their menus. As far as Florida goes I only saw this at WDW, not at City Walk or Disney Springs.

TrainChasers14 hours ago

This. Also, I think several chefs have been laid off or “retired” so I’m sure some of the more complex dishes are first to go off the menu.

legwand7714 hours ago

Agree, menu's are primarily streamlined due to cost reduction/food inventory logistics management. It is not a safety move.

LUVMCO15 hours ago

I haven’t seen restaurants anywhere else do this. Also why would you need to get within 2 feet of a person for one item and not another.

FigmentFan821 day ago

A DVD and streaming release is different and they are not one to one. That is not my opinion, it's just a fact. one of my sisters is a professional actress and has been a part of negotatiating new media (streaming) royalty issues. There are TV shows that have been released on DVD and not come to streaming due to music rights issues. Most of the time a piece of content is not wholly owned in the way that the perceived owner can simply due whatever they want with it and not compensate those involved with the production. I'm not giving any benefit of the doubt because I know that these things can be way more complicated than we think. To the content you're referring to, maybe they can put it up on D+ Canada and have simply chosen not to. I know that on the Disney+ subbreddit there are constant updates about certain pieces of content becoming available in different countries. I don't know how/when/why they choose to roll out the content the way they do, I just know there's usually a few more hoops than "upload to Canada"

Brer Oswald1 day ago

These are cartoons and shows that have had official releases in Canada through DVD and VHS. The “parties” that own these are Disney and only Disney. You’re giving them way too much benefit of the doubt on this.

FigmentFan821 day ago

It's not streaming rights as in who get's to stream it, rather if certain parties need to be appropriately compensated via royalties. If the original content was never intended for an international release then they would need to possibly negotiate new agreements for the new territories. I wish it were as simple as someone clicking a box on a computer at Disney+ HQ that says "give Canada access" but it's really not as easy as that.

Brer Oswald1 day ago

It doesn’t seem to be rights issues. There are no alternative streaming rights for these individual cartoons in the country, unlike some movies. What happened seems to be that, when the service first launched, content they consider less of a priority was just left off. But it was never added over time. Every cartoon or Disneyland episode added to the US after launch also came to Canada. There’s no reasonable explanation for it.

FigmentFan821 day ago

That you have to chalk up to simply different regional/country rights issues that I'm not very familiar with any particulars or specifics, but know that, especially with streaming which I still don't think has it's own hard and fast set of rules. My best guess is that initial deals are put in place for distribution within certain regions and that not every piece of content has an international deal in place. I feel ya though, must be frustrating.