Disney's operations update page adds details about Walt Disney World reopening restrictions and adjustments

May 07, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Thursday May 7, 2020 5:46pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World's operational update page for the COVID-19 closure has been updated with information about reopening modifications to theme parks and resort hotels.

The new details added today:

Upon reopening, theme parks, Disney Resort hotels, restaurants, attractions, experiences and other offerings may be modified and will be limited in capacity and subject to limited availability or closure, based on direction from health experts and government officials to promote physical distancing.

Additionally, attractions, experiences, services and amenities may have limited availability or may remain closed. We will provide more information as it becomes available. We reserve the right to cancel any reservations, admission media or purchases and provide applicable refunds. Please also see our policiy s regarding cancellations by Guests.

Our focus remains on the health and safety of the entire Disney community—including the well-being of the Cast Members who are caring for and securing our parks and Resorts during the closure. We’re currently evaluating new and enhanced safety measures to help us all stay well.

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GoofyernmostMay 10, 2020

Agreed, but that doesn't have anything to do with avoiding Covid 19.

nickysMay 10, 2020

Fair enough. But I can’t agree with this: “Just one day at MK can easily hit 10 or more miles. Doing that requires a very healthy body and be it because of being a germophobe or genetics, it is a very limited number of people”. Agreed on distance, but the vast majority of guests at WDW manage to walk all day just fine. It may be a limited number who would ordinarily choose to walk from GF (or even the Poly), but if the alternative is having to wait for a bus (not the usual monorail) which is going to be half full at best so likely waiting for quite some time, my guess is many would just walk.

GoofyernmostMay 10, 2020

They always did track you all the time except before high tech took over they tracked you exclusively by camera (that still exists). Because they have the ability to track doesn't mean that there is a large group of sinister looking men dressed in black tracking each individual, by name, in the thousands of guests that are there at any given moment. If you lost a child in that crowd, believe me you would praise the ability they have to locate your child. Something they weren't doing until you asked them too. Why because they didn't have any reason to do so. You are sighting an incident were something unusual happened and it was connected to a band that was in your name. If that hadn't happened I'm at a loss to figure out what is accomplished by monitoring every single person as a matter of normal procedure. But, I'm sure that there is a conspiracy for everything, so I'm sure some evil must be taking place.

GoofyernmostMay 10, 2020

They aren't necessarily, but walking is all one does at WDW. Just one day at MK can easily hit 10 or more miles. Doing that requires a very healthy body and be it because of being a germophobe or genetics, it is a very limited number of people. So, if I were concerned about my health 24/7 then the last place I would be is mingling in a large group of germ carrying humans. Plus the part of what I wrote was that the benefit that would be gained by walking to MK from the Grand Floridian would be quickly cancelled out by what is encountered once you entered the park. So, my point was that avoiding the transit to walk there thinking that you just dodged any threat of illness is like peeing in the ocean and expecting to see the rise in the sea level. So to use your own sentence if they are unlikely to be afraid of the virus then why would they not take the transit. Basically, those that walk would have walked anyway, so it won't help tremendously in relation to avoiding illness.

crawaleMay 10, 2020

Three years ago we had an issue with my grandson swiping his band twice on a ride. About 30 minutes later Disney called my cell to ask if we had resolved the issue so of course they are tracking you all the time.

nickysMay 10, 2020

Why would those who are happy to walk from GF be germ-obsessed? Surely they’d be the fit, healthy guests? And it would probably be quicker than the wait for the half filled buses or whatever. Anyone who stays and visits in the first few months are highly unlikely to be afraid of the virus.

GoofyernmostMay 10, 2020

That would help very little. It wouldn't help me at all and wouldn't those that are able to walk it easily be part of the germ obsessed community and not want to go there at all. Remember there is a crowd at the end of the sidewalk. The same crowd that is at the end of the Bus route, the Monorail route and the Gondola Route, the small boats, the minnie vans that have upholstery, carpets and door handles, and every object on every item in every park. How much does anyone think they can hide from this virus anyway? If one is going to go, they might just as well own the responsibility if they get sick. No amount of masks, hand-washing or disinfectant will protect anyone from it if their body is unable to ward off the virus. At home, and in controlled situations, they have a chance. In a theme park, it is just throwing caution to the wind. Proceed at your own risk.

MansionButler84May 10, 2020

Those would help tremendously.

Magic FeatherMay 10, 2020

I don’t know why the launches (boats) couldn’t be used for GF. Worst case they throw the MK 1 and 2 (or whatever they call the old Discovery island River Boats now) back on that route. The only issue with that is the fact that they are already down to two docks, so that may not work. Regardless, I’ve been hearing that a few projects may emerge and restart construction a bit before the park reopens in hopes that they get done pre-parks reopening to help with Social Distancing efforts. Among those, I’ve heard a somewhat shoddy/quick finish to the GF walkway being considered, in addition to putting a lot of resources into finishing the final security improvements (MK Parkside and AK)

MansionButler84May 10, 2020

All I know is that there were serious concerns about telling GF guests to ride a bus to MK. Pity they waited so long on that bridge... Perhaps they can save the monorail for resort guests and not from from TTC. Boats shouldn’t be any less safe than buses if they use appropriate capacities.

nbarMay 10, 2020

I was thinking about this as well. Does anyone have an idea or insight as to how Disney will handle transportation when they reopen? @marni1971 @Magic Feather @MansionButler84 @WDW Pro

peter11435May 08, 2020

That’s basically what every company, organization, government and individual is forced to do right now.

ThelazerMay 08, 2020

It's make it up as you go time, from the planning side of parks and resorts.

MisterPenguinMay 08, 2020

From what I've seen of the FL task force is that they basically said in the end that they trust the theme parks to do their own thing and they weren't going to micro-manage them.