COVID cases climbing rapidly in Florida as the state sets a new daily record

8 days ago in "The Walt Disney Company"

COVID-19 cases are surging in Florida, with the state setting a new daily record with almost 20,000 cases reported for January 6 2021.

The state has seen a rapid climb since the start of the new year, with approximately 11000 cases on January 3, 15000 cases on on January 4 and 17000 cases on January 5. The positivity rate has remained over 10% since the start of the year, reaching a high of 12.79% on January 5.

The rise in cases comes at a time when more and more guests are visiting Walt Disney World's theme parks. The parks have been noticeably busier over the holidays and into the new year, amid suggestions that park capacity has been increased alongside the introduction of park hopping on January 1 2021.

Disney has yet to make any official comments on its capacity adjustments beyond Bob Chapek stating that as of November 2020, the parks were operating at 35% capacity, up from the original 25%.

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Article Posted: Jan 07, 2021 / 3:00pm ET
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Incomudro31 minutes ago

You've tried to understand the nature of the human species being the social animal that they are, but are no longer willing to accept that people don't want to be apart from each other and will reach a breaking point? How long do you want kids to not play? It's an essential part of development. Young people to not socialize, and find love interests? Old people - and I l know many of them - who want to get on with their lives, see their grandchildren, go to the park, shop... even at the risk of cutting their own lives short.

Disney Experience40 minutes ago

One interesting effect of New York’s estimated R0 of 6.4 (paper I linked earlier) is that if JnJ has an efficacy of 80% New York will not achieve herd immunity if most New Yorkers get JnJ instead of Pfizer or Moderna. Even with 100% pop vaccinated. They would have to get R0 lower through other mitigations. Whether they can achieve herd immunity will deoend on actual blended value of efficacy of vaccinated population/recovered, and R0 as modified for the state’s factors. Most states R0 for covid is closer to 2 or 3 and pure JnJ with enough %pop vaccinated would work.

HarperRose1 hour ago


HarperRose1 hour ago

I 100% guarantee you, there is absolutely no way the entire adult population will be vaccinated by June. Not. A. Chance.

Polkadotdress3 hours ago

Yes, this! I am alternately outraged that there are not MORE doses coming quickly...yet also outraged that the states (my state) hasn't yet used what has been alloted to it. Like I little kid, I WANT more, but yet I DON'T want more. Basically, I'm just frustrated and angry all around.

Touchdown4 hours ago

Something that has not been well reported or even explained is that all state totals include vaccines set aside for Skilled Nursing Facilities that the federal govt will distribute directly to those facilities, using CVS and Walgreens. The states with high vaccine use have vaccinated most of their nursing homes, and the low states have not. It takes time and manpower to go to those sites (as people there are so disabled they can’t leave) and the numbers vaccinated are not broken down between those residents and non residents. As we move forward and vaccines become more numerous those shots will become less statistically significant but now they are skewing numbers. Need some visual proof? Here’s my states vaccine numbers (WI) via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Note the large outlined box, we have no idea what the breakdown of shots in arm from the nursing home population or the healthcare workers. It’s not an excuse, but as the states move to 1b I expect the amount of vaccines “in freezers” as a percent should drop significantly in the next few weeks.

GoofGoof10 hours ago

The reserve vaccines are not a big deal long term. The only thing it impacts is vaccinations in the next few weeks. It’s not like the manufacturers announced they were cutting the projected doses in half going forward. Big picture it’s not the huge problem people are making it out to be.

GoofGoof11 hours ago

I got my flu shot this year at CVS. Me, my wife and my 2 kids. I filled all the paperwork out online ahead of time. I checked in, the pharmacist came out and did the jabs. The whole time from checkin to finish was less than 10 mins for 4 people so about 2 mins a person. I also think maybe they will have multiple people at certain locations and nobody at others. That speeds it up too.

MisterPenguin11 hours ago

How can states be running out of doses when most of them have only distributed 40% of what they have received? How come no source on this problem has yet to lay out on a clear table how many doses have been produced, how many were shipped each week, and who's holding back half the doses so that the 2nd dose may be administered? Such a breakdown would tell us clearly where the problem is. All I can find is from the CDC with their list of weekly doses the companies have ready to ship... but the states need to order them. So, no figures on what was ordered and what was actually shipped. You all know how I love to chart information, but if *I* can't figure it out... someone's holding back the info we all need to see in order to determine who has what. The doses must flow!

JAKECOTCenter11 hours ago

I have confidence Joe is doing the right steps to end the pandemic. National guard, DPA, FEMA, establishing vaccine centers, all of this seems like solid stuff. The real question is how fast can this all happen? We’re not gonna snap our fingers when he’s inaugurated and it’s over. But I think IF (and it’s a big if) nothing goes too terribly wrong, we could really turn a curve by summer

oceanbreeze7711 hours ago

can I ask how you came upon it?? Been trying

SamusAranX13 hours ago

Yes I have insurance and savings. I also quarantined before leaving. I didn’t want to accidentally spread covid at all. Wore a mask during travel, cooked our own meals or did Togo rather then eating inside. Did not visit any bars or clubs or indoor gatherings. But I know many can’t; they have to work, get kids to school, etc. so it’s just not feasible to quarantine. I mean I suppose you could take a rapid test but then there are accuracy issues (which is why I did a PCR swab test when I got home rather then the free rapid; tested negative) I’m fortunate but I know others aren’t. It’s very tough. But in the end, yes if you can’t or aren’t willing take the responsible measures then no you shouldn’t travel. I apologize if that seems hypocritical or “what’s good for the goose”. :(

seabreezept81313 hours ago

In addition to the many employers offer flu clinics. I know us folks in the education sector are hoping the school nurse can do the covid vaccines on site, but we’ll see if it gets that organized.

helenabear14 hours ago

They were quick to book up when we tried. Have you tried nearby counties?