COVID cases climbing rapidly in Florida as the state sets a new daily record

Jan 07, 2021 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Thursday January 7, 2021 3:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

COVID-19 cases are surging in Florida, with the state setting a new daily record with almost 20,000 cases reported for January 6 2021.

The state has seen a rapid climb since the start of the new year, with approximately 11000 cases on January 3, 15000 cases on on January 4 and 17000 cases on January 5. The positivity rate has remained over 10% since the start of the year, reaching a high of 12.79% on January 5.

The rise in cases comes at a time when more and more guests are visiting Walt Disney World's theme parks. The parks have been noticeably busier over the holidays and into the new year, amid suggestions that park capacity has been increased alongside the introduction of park hopping on January 1 2021.

Disney has yet to make any official comments on its capacity adjustments beyond Bob Chapek stating that as of November 2020, the parks were operating at 35% capacity, up from the original 25%.

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ImperfectPixie3 minutes ago

Same for our town up in MA...for a long while's the teenagers driving most of the new cases. There are still a few in the two groups just above 40, but elementary schoolers, toddlers, and the 30-40 age groups are the ones with the least amount of new cases here.

Figgy15 minutes ago

Every day I wasn't working during summer I was down the shore.

Sirwalterraleigh6 minutes ago

I think “vaccinate and burn the mask” could be a powerful tool once the volunteers ebb...which is starting to happen. that might be how they pivot. 1. get it for your intelligence 2: get it for “ma freedom” 3. Get it for your kids (lacrosse season at full capacity) 4. Go travel hog wild Not a bad plan sequence, eh?

Chi848 minutes ago

What about people who aren’t anti-maskers? There are a lot of people still following the rules and wearing masks who might be persuaded if given that sort of goal. I just saw an article that Budweiser is going to offer free beers as part of a campaign to get vaccinated so “we can do things together again.” Maybe we should be trying to find ways to persuade those who are on the fence instead of wallowing in so much anger.

Sirwalterraleigh8 minutes ago

I never go to New Jersey.... ...I only live here. And no way in the sam hell they drop the masks before they have about 90% vaccination and/or the cases flatline and/or kids start getting shots. most of our spikes now seem to be traced to the teenager group. Which I can’t fathom because none of our teens are spoiled little brats looking for fun in beach towns? 🤔 not on Sherrif Phil’s watch...

_caleb15 minutes ago

This is from back in January, but I hadn’t seen it mentioned here. Apparently Disney has been using Fort Wilderness as a quarantine location for guests who test positive while at WDW. Does anyone know if this is still the case?

BlindChow1 hour ago

It's hilarious that anti-maskers are still pushing this "you can stop wearing masks if you get the vaccine" thing as the solution to vaccine hesitancy... I'm sure everyone has seen the spring break pics of kids partying in huge groups without masks. And people all over the country, even places where there are mandates, have been simply going out and not wearing masks for months. Do you really think telling them they can do what they're already doing if they get vaccinated will make a shred of difference? That's bizarrely naive. There is nothing stopping people from going back to "normal life" right now. They don't NEED to get the vaccine if they don't want it. Why would they? It's not like any kind of verification is being done. If anyone does challenge them for not wearing a mask, they can simply say, "Hey, I'm fully vaccinated!" Who can tell? But you already know that, don't you? ATTENTION: Any announcement saying "Once you are vaccinated, you can stop wearing a mask and social distancing" would be IDENTICAL to just dropping mask and distancing mandates. Anti-maskers know this, and that's why they've been pushing it. If you believe it is still too early to drop masking and distancing mitigations, refute these people every time they make this claim.

DisneyFan321 hour ago

Maybe this summer, fall or winter? Nobody knows too. My guess is summer if the vaccines are ramping up.

Figgy11 hour ago

Nobody knows when New Jersey will drop anything. Please be patient

DisneyFan321 hour ago

NJ in fall/winter?

Figgy11 hour ago

I'm sorry but no that's not going to happen. Not in New Jersey

DisneyFan321 hour ago

Probably next month, June or July that NJ could end mandates like masks and social distancing soon...

Figgy11 hour ago

Please be patient. New Jersey will follow CDC guidelines so it will probably be social distancing in public places goes first masks in public places will go last last. Nobody knows when but New Jersey will be one of the last states to reduce or end mandates

disneygeek901 hour ago

And, as if on queue, I just saw this on my Facebook. Maybe just trust the vaccine??