Disney expands its partnership with AdventHealth as it becomes the Official Health Care Provider at Walt Disney World Resort

May 06, 2021 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Thursday May 6, 2021 10:32am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Under a renewed alliance announced today, AdventHealth will become the Official Health Care Provider at Walt Disney World Resort, as well as the Official Virtual Health Care Provider at Walt Disney World Resort.

AdventHealth has had a relationship with the Walt Disney World Resort for more than two decades, and these enhanced resources will expand upon the organizations’ longstanding alliance.

“The health and well-being of our guests as they enjoy a visit to Walt Disney World is very important to us,” said Jeff Vahle, President, Walt Disney World Resort. “This enhanced relationship allows for access to AdventHealth’s services, as needed, should our guests have health care questions both before or during their vacation.”

Through the first-of-its-kind “AdventHealth World of Wellness,” AdventHealth will create an enhanced experience for Walt Disney World Resort guests that will make it easier for those who have pre-existing health conditions to plan their vacations and for guests to receive care during their vacations.

Today, AdventHealth also announces it will build an emergency room located at Flamingo Crossings Town Center, which will be staffed by a comprehensive clinical team including board-certified emergency physicians and emergency nurses. The design of the facility and team member training will bring an enhanced patient experience for those who need emergency care.

“AdventHealth and Walt Disney World Resort have enjoyed a longstanding relationship and we are excited to launch this pioneering initiative, which will allow Resort guests to plan and customize their vacation around their unique health needs,” said Terry Shaw, President and CEO of AdventHealth. “Guests can experience the Walt Disney World Resort with the confidence of knowing they are supported by AdventHealth’s world-class clinical team who is dedicated to providing whole-person, compassionate care to every patient we serve.”

In addition :

AdventHealth will create a health care ecosystem that Walt Disney World Resort guests can access as they plan their vacations. New online planning tools around health and wellness and a dedicated care experience team at AdventHealth will help meet many needs guests might have throughout their stay, such as assistance with doctor’s appointments, urgent care services, and medical equipment or prescription delivery to Walt Disney World Resort hotels. Some elements are now available while others will be phased in over time.

Walt Disney World Resort guests will have facilitated access to AdventHealth Virtual Care, AdventHealth’s telemedicine service. Guests will be just a few clicks away from being treated by an AdventHealth physician via their computers, tablets or smart phones.

Additionally, building on the current Disney touches at the Walt Disney Pavilion at AdventHealth for Children, the organizations will explore bringing AdventHealth patients and their families additional welcoming enhancements at AdventHealth for Children and other AdventHealth pediatric locations in Florida.

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TikibirdLandMay 07, 2021

Oh, I was thinking the cheese would be used in New Fantasyland where the Beast would be dancing with Belle. And, the cheese would be their new daughter, Baby Belle. I'll show myself out.

ThelazerMay 07, 2021

and.....(checks watch)... nope no new pavilion.

GringrinngghostMay 06, 2021

So, since there will now be full time doctors on Disney property. One can finally be declared deceased by a doctor there now.

Chicken GuyMay 06, 2021

Actually, Bob only approves of swiss cheese because he admires how the holes make people pay the same for less.

monothingieMay 06, 2021

Thank goodness. I was worried that I wouldn't be purchasing the same snack cheese which Bob Chapek personally approves of.

monothingieMay 06, 2021

Chicken GuyMay 06, 2021

If it isn’t, then that giant Babybel in the middle of Woody’s Lunch Box is going to be pretty out of place.

todd23May 06, 2021

I'd love it if the bolded line above could mean an upcoming announcement about future RunDisney races?

Figgy1May 06, 2021

Why would you care seeing you're vegan?

monothingieMay 06, 2021

But is Baby Belle still the official snack cheese of WDW?

peter11435May 06, 2021

You say that like this isn’t something that has been happening for decades. Casa de Fritos, Monsanto House of the Future, the entirety of EPCOT Center. Sponsorship deals have been a part of Disney parks since the very beginning. If anything they are less prevalent today than they were years ago.

HauntedMansionFLAMay 06, 2021

Wonders Building turned into an educational pavilion battling obesity ( a key demographic that comes to the parks )

ElvisMickeyMay 06, 2021

As someone who lives in the Orlando area and not only uses AdventHealth for their Primary, but has also visited the local E.R., this is definitely a big plus.

monothingieMay 06, 2021

While it's nice to see TWDC basically whore themselves out for sponsorship, I think the only pressing question we all want to know is if Baby Belle is still the official snack cheese of WDW.