Walt Disney World President Jeff Vahle issues statement on Florida's efforts to restructure Reedy Creek Improvement District

Feb 06, 2023 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday February 6, 2023 4:03pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World President Jeff Vahle has issued a brief statement this afternoon following the state of Florida's latest moves to restructure the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

"We are monitoring the progression of the draft legislation, which is complex given the long history of the Reedy Creek Improvement District. Disney works under a number of different models and jurisdictions around the world, and regardless of the outcome, we remain committed to providing the highest quality experience for the millions of guests who visit each year."
Jeff Vahle, President, Walt Disney World Resort

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has previously said that the legislation will result in Reedy Creek board members being appointed by the Florida Governor and Disney paying upwards of $700 million in Reedy Creek debt.

The action by DeSantis comes in retaliation to Disney's public opposition to the parental rights law, which took place under the ex-CEO Bob Chapek.

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flyakite21 hours ago

Batman'sParents3 days ago

Was curious about this: Is there an expectation that CFTOD will delegate some responsibilities to the cities as part of the understanding between the state and Disney?

Dcgc286 days ago

All good! I was going to be blown away lol

MR.Dis6 days ago

error, I edited the original post

mkt7 days ago

Here's the motion

mkt7 days ago

what's the new case number? Disregard, found it. 24-10342-H

Dcgc287 days ago

They objected the delay?

MR.Dis7 days ago

Federal Judge officially granted a 60 day delay on the Federal Case. Disney requested so a new developement agreement could be negotiated, the CFTOD did not object.

mmascari12 days ago

Same formality as completing the new agreement. They clearly think everyone will work in good faith and get an acceptable resolution. One where not having representation in the CFTOD board is ok.

flynnibus12 days ago

Sounds like walking away from the Federal case is only a matter of formality at this point... or the roof caving in. Those aren't the words of someone cautiously optimistic for an outcome... those are the words of someone who already knows the game plan and they aren't holdiing a gun to anyone.

flynnibus12 days ago

So sue 'em :)

lazyboy97o12 days ago

The district is still a government body and is not supposed to be engaging in secret decision making. So yes, this is by law something that is supposed to be open and answered.

flynnibus12 days ago

The changes done in 2022 - the 2032 plan Because they were already off schedule from renewing the prior plan. They were overdue. "serious issues" - sure, like 1A retailiation... like disenfranchisement? etc etc. This is not about purity - this is about two sides getting something negotiated.. and it's obviously something happening outside just the district board members. Stop hanging on what would happen in a completely open, no backroom situation.. We obviously aren't there anymore. And nothing about the settlement besides "why would disney... ?" suggest an abnormal timeline for an updated Comp Plan. The trick is what are they scheming for their Developer Agreement... knowing the Comp Plan is also part of the hubbub... but can't be locked in as quickly. Land Management, Long Range Transportation Planning, and other topics are all part of it.. so yes, Disney's corporate strategy for WDW is very much part of the Comp Plan they'll be scheming... You're beating a dead horse for an answer you know they don't need to give. It's not really convincing anyone.