2023 Walt Disney Company Annual Meeting of Shareholders to take place in early April

Feb 06, 2023 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday February 6, 2023 6:55pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The 2023 Walt Disney Company Annual Meeting of Shareholders will take place April 3, 2023 at 1pm ET.

The shareholder meeting will be held virtually at www.virtualshareholdermeeting.com/DIS2023.

Like the quarterly earnings calls, Disney shareholder meetings give us another opportunity to hear from CEO Bob Iger. They have also been used previously to provide updates on various projects and make announcements.

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Magenta PantherApr 09, 2023

I see a lot of spinnin' around here. Not unexpected. You lot must cling to the idea that Disney's pandering isn't the reason its recent films have performed so poorly. You'll clutch at the ridiculous notion that a film wasn't promoted enough blah blah blah. Despite the fact that EVERY film that's made gets tremendous exposure through the internet alone. There's no such thing as under-exposure in this day and age. It's not called the Information Age for nothing. BTW, new figures have come in for Mario's box office take. The original amount was around 195 million. It's now gone up to 205. In the U.S. and Canada alone. Now, I've heard that critics didn't much like the film. But moviegoers don't care. They saw ads for a film that's utterly clean of any agenda. Just good bright colorful fun. And they responded. And audience reviews have been very positive - the film was given an A via the audience tracker Cinemascore. Disney would be a fool if it didn't take note. But we'll see if it learns the lesson. My worry is that Iger has painted himself into a corner - he can't continue the disastrous course he's taken, and yet if he changes course, the backlash will be tremendous. Wow. Sucks to be him. :cool:

Magenta PantherApr 09, 2023

Yeah, what a crock that always was. Yet they'll desperately cling to it. Tsk.

Tha RealestApr 09, 2023

All those things you attribute to this films success are things Disney used to do so much better than others. Disney is “mass-market media at its peak.” It has long leveraged its popular IP, to the point where it’s cannibalizing it’s own films for live action. So what happened? Where did they lose the secret sauce? Was it Lasseter? Is it the perceived cultural stuff? Either way, if they continue on this trajectory you’re going to see a shakeup in the Disney/Pixar animation divisions.

MisterPenguinApr 09, 2023

Nubs70Apr 09, 2023

My company just started delving into DEI stuff and had the best year ever. However, the year started off with 40-60% price increases along with a reduction in headcount. Not so sure DEI had anything to do with sales and productivity increases.

Henry MysticApr 09, 2023

You actually think it’s a top-tier movie? It’s mediocre at best. The Lego Movie, Spider-Verse, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, The Incredibles, etc. those are great animated films. I think we as consumers should demand more. The MCU is a perfect example, people are sick of mediocre film after mediocre film. If they want our hard earned cash, they should be shooting for the stars, not just a film made in a boardroom. The Super Mario Bros. Movie should and could’ve been better. Every Illumination film has 11/10 marketing and 5/10 quality. Passable, nothing more. Though, this movie at least had an exceptional score and animation, but the script? Man, they have to hire better writers. The land at Universal Studios Hollywood on the other hand? Breathtaking. If it was bigger, it’d arguably be the best theme park land outside of Tokyo DisneySea (and perhaps Cars Land/Diagon Alley). Like others have said, Nintendo is arguably on par with Star Wars and Marvel in terms of popularity overall, it just has been untapped in terms of a film and theme park presence unlike the others. For Millennials and Gen-Z especially, there’s probably an even more personal connection for even more people. That’s why it’s a hit; for some reason literally no one saw the potential until Universal hit the floor running a few years ago on the production of this film and the lands, and even then, I don’t think they fully expected the present reaction to them both. They should immediately green light their plans for a Zelda land at Islands of Adventure and Pokémon at Universal Studios Florida. More films (with high quality) from all their franchises should be made. It’s a no brainer. I don’t disagree that Pixar and Walt Disney Animation have had some political backlash, but I’d argue their single-largest problem overall is their lack of quality like @Sirwalterraleigh has talked about over the last two years. Outside of Encanto, Lightyear, Strange World, and Raya were all stuck in that not terrible but not good either valley of mediocrity. I guarantee had Pixar/WDAS made the same exact Super Mario Bros. Movie it would have made equally as much with the same marketing. That’s a shame honestly because we should demand more out of movies. If the garbage that was Rise of Skywalker made as much money as The Force Awakens, even though TFA was significantly better, it wouldn’t force them to actually try and make a good movie if it made just as much. Because it didn’t, they feel they left close to a billion dollars on the table, which they did because they thought people would mindlessly buy anything out in front of them. Fortunately, as Disney is learning the hard way, it is not the case, however, Illumination hasn’t had to lay that lesson yet, to the pain of the consumer.

HauntedPirateApr 09, 2023

Having seen the movie last night, I’d say you couldn’t be more wrong.

HauntedPirateApr 09, 2023

I sure hope Universal can do something with that Mario property in a theme park sometime in the next 7-10 years. 😉

SplashJacketApr 09, 2023

I think it's more a reflection that one of the biggest IPs and franchises, if not the biggest ever, produced a high-budget, highly advertised-film. The movie is aggressively mediocre if anything. This isn't make a good movie and get rewarded, this is "use strong IP, reap rewards." This is how we get reboot after reboot after reboot. This is how we get Frozen 2, 3, etc. I honestly think this property was the largest untapped property by a significant margin. We have to realize, this isn't even just a single franchise, but really a collection of franchises. If we remember, Frozen rose to notoriety through strong legs, just like Encanto. The movies were good, and thus spread through word of mouth. A frontloaded release like this, isn't a product of people seeing the film and being "this isn't woke, it's just fun, let me recommend to all my friends," but a reflection of the IPs and the advertising, which was largely just flashy colors. You can twist this to fit whatever side of the culture wars you want, but its just seeing what you want to see. The film reminds me of a poorly executed Lego movie. This isn't The Incredibles, Spirited Away, Inside Out, Ratatouille, Coco, or even a Luca, Puss in Boots 2, or Soul. The movie is mass-market media at its peak.

Tony the TiggerApr 09, 2023

That was homophobic and racist backlash. Disco, whatever you call it, still influences music today. Unlike a lot of music today, it incorporated real instruments and talented vocalists. The Bee Gees, Gamble & Huff, Nile Rodgers, etc. all continued writing & producing mega-hits for major artists for years to come.

Smiley/OCDApr 08, 2023

It all came back again albeit to a lesser degree…just like vinyl did and it’s now outselling CD’s for the first time since they were released in the mid 80’s

TraumaApr 08, 2023

It’s all the pent up demand for family friendly films.

Tha RealestApr 08, 2023

It’s beating Frozen 2!!!

Tha RealestApr 08, 2023

umm…pretty well?