Latest COVID-19 models move the peak impacts in Florida to mid-April as Disney continues to look towards reopening

Apr 06, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday April 6, 2020 9:27am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Government-mandated social distancing appears to be having an effect in Florida, as the latest COVID-19 projections move the peak impact away from mid-May to mid-to-late April.

The widely respected in its latest April 5 update shows Florida hitting peak medical resource use on April 21, with the curve reaching almost zero usage at the start of June. Florida is further behind on the timeline for the United States as a whole, with April 15 being the national peak resource usage, and tending to 0 by the start of June.

Meanwhile at Disney, leaders continue to look towards managing labor and planning for a reopening. Sources familiar with the situation tell us that current planning strategies within the company point towards a best case scenario of a June reopening, and a worst case scenario of September 2020.

With stay-at-home measures in effect, very little is being done inside the parks beyond security teams protecting the property. Construction has long been halted, and day-to-day custodial work is also on hold. It is expected that the parks will require significant work to return them to show ready status prior to any opening.

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DisneyCane1 hour ago

Nothing in OCs plan is enforceable. No business is required to do a thing to mitigate COVID. Like Disney, they can voluntarily follow the plan as it was laid out. If Disney thought there was a business reason to drop all mitigation tomorrow they would do it no matter what the Orange County plan is.

hopemax2 hours ago

We did the same. I would forget it was on. After 3 days of parks, for the first time I also forgot to put it on when going into Sir Mickey's, but the CM was quick to remind me. Our first day was before the change. I almost feel that it was easier to have it on the whole time than taking it on and off. It was harder to put it back on after being off, than just being on. Other people have mentioned it was 90% masks off with people walking, but I'd say it was a 1/3rd with masks still on, more than I expected to see. Tomorrow is Epcot and I expect more off there because of the 🍺

Nickp19832 hours ago

I'm not greedy. In fact. In honor of outside breathing and drinking... alcoholic dole whips are on me

disneygeek903 hours ago

After two full days in the parks, there’s no need to rush from the current change. After exiting an attraction I routinely kept wearing my mask for a minute or two before I remembered. It’s amazing to walk around without the mask. Let’s not get too greedy about the duration of a ride queue or while inside a store.

Nickp19834 hours ago

I think that's actually great. I like the Mayor of OC. He seems like a good guy who is trying to balance the health of his community and one of the United States largest employers AND the largest tourist destination. No easy task.

GaBoy4 hours ago

Well there you have it.

GoofGoof4 hours ago

The OC mayor said in his press conference when he announced the 3 phases that he worked with the major theme park companies to come up with the metrics. It was a coordinated effort despite the Gov not liking it.

GoofGoof4 hours ago

The OC mayor is still going with the 3 phase approach. They moved to phase 2 which allowed no masks outdoors and hours later the major theme park companies updated their rules. I suppose the governor could send armed agents to take the mayor and his kids at gun point (wouldn’t be the first time);), but short of that nothing seems to be stopping OC from continuing with their plan. Maybe the Governor will pass an executive order preventing private businesses from operating as they see fit and force their hand. Wouldn't be the first time for that either.

GaBoy4 hours ago

Enforceable or not I bet Disney uses it as a trigger... a local governmental sanction to back up the next step.

Nickp19834 hours ago

My guess. Disney drops the mask mandate completely by October... maybe September. Between the 50th, and having little kids running around in costumes... along with where we SHOULD be vaccine wise... I could see it. I'm a simple man. I'm just happy we don't have to wear masks outside in the heat. A ice cold guiness... and walking around Epcot with it in hand is all I want.

DisneyCane4 hours ago

There aren't any OC restrictions to remove. They are all just voluntary recommendations now. Believe me, if there was a loophole that allowed them to be enforceable, Broward would be using it. I got an email last week from the Broward mayor in a resigned tone lamenting that they can't have restrictions and asking people and businesses to voluntarily mask and distance.

GoofGoof4 hours ago

I’m sure that factors into the decision, more so than a lot of other places due to the large number of kids under 12 in attendance.

GoofGoof4 hours ago

I do trust Disney about as much as any large corporation out there. Their reputation for being a safe place for kids and families is so important to their bottom line. The Orange County thing is interesting. I feel like 70% vaccinated is a pretty good target to remove the rest of restrictions. I feel like the 5% positivity loophole is not a good metric. Universal will almost definitely drop masks as soon as allowed by OC moving to phase 3. Disney is a 50/50 coin toss. If OC makes the change next week (it might) then I don’t see Disney changing yet. If it’s a few weeks or a month from now they might. I feel like getting rid of outdoor masks is a big deal (especially for the Summer) but dropping indoor masks may be a tougher call.

Jrb19794 hours ago

Honestly I have liked how it's been handled here for the most part. I like how they seem to care about people's health.