All sailings on the Disney Wonder are cancelled through the end of June

Apr 06, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday April 6, 2020 12:48pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Disney Cruise Line has cancelled all Disney Wonder sailings through the end of June 2020.

The Canadian government has announced that it will not allow any ship with more than 500 passengers to dock in any Canadian port until July 1, at the earliest. Given the sailing on the Disney Wonder is scheduled to embark and/or debark in Vancouver and Disney Cruise Line has not been able to secure an alternate homeport, it is necessary to cancel the sailing.

Disney Cruise Line is offering the choice of a 125% future cruise credit to be used for a future sailing within 15 months of their original sail date, or a full refund

The following sailings on the Disney Wonder will be cancelled:

  • 9-Night Hawaiian Cruise 4/29
  • 10-Night Hawaiian Cruise 5/8
  • 7-Night Alaska Cruise 5/18
  • 7-Night Alaska Cruise 5/25
  • 7-Night Alaska Cruise 6/1
  • 7-Night Alaska Cruise 6/8
  • 7-Night Alaska Cruise 6/15
  • 7-Night Alaska Cruise 6/22
  • 7-Night Alaska Cruise 6/29
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SplashJacketJan 10, 2022

At the port, I asked and heard 2400, and then I asked several different crew members once we got on the ship and got different answers from everyone. I can't remember who I got the 1800 number from, but I believe it was an officer. I don't think we'd ever know the true number, but there was definitely extra space on the ship (it was lovely!). The statistic I really want to know is the port positivity rate. I assume it was higher than the general public since a lot of people visit the Orlando parks beforehand and transit through airports. I also assume our cruise had the highest positivity rate at the port since the country has more daily cases now than ever before by a significant margin. Then, of course, by that logic, the people who replaced us should have a higher positivity rate still. But man! Waiting for those tests results was nerveracking.

SplashJacketJan 10, 2022

I will. One member in our party already got a test. He woke up with a headache the day after disembarkation so he got tested. Negative! We both also had sore throats, but we think it was more cheering too hard and decimating karaoke one too many times! I plan to get tested tomorrow once I return home to Atlanta and before I go back out into the world. Everyone feels perfect!

twall0415Jan 10, 2022

Being on the same sailing, I agree with everything said. We felt safer on board than at home. While it was different than other cruise, the reduced capacity made it a unique experience and one of my favorite trips. This was my 14th Disney cruise and 30th overall cruise. I did heard slightly different numbers on the number of guests on board. We originally had 1,800 but 400 cancelled last minute and then a further 200 people were denied boarding at the pier due to the port testing. Putting it at about 1,200 guests. But I'm sure everyone hears something different. I plan on doing a complete trip report at some point in the not so distant future :)

DznyGrlSDJan 10, 2022

are/will you get a covid test post-cruise just to see? Crusing sounds lovely right now despite the covid risk.

SplashJacketJan 10, 2022

Quick notes post cruise: The at-port covid testing was horrifying! Apparently, there were 1800 people on the ship, and the one that replaced us had 1600. Believe was never shown due to a covid-outbreak amongst the performers. They showed Alladin and Frozen four times (opposed to the usual 2 or 3) to ensure extensive social distancing in the theater. I went to both day's performances of Frozen and the second one had two performers and the opening scene missing and two performers wearing masks. After this, the next two days' performances of Believe got canceled. However, they threw a "farewell show" on the last day that contained scenes of Believe with healthy performers, so the Pocahantas actress delivered a fantastic rendition of Colors of the Wind, as she was healthy and the scene was a solo. This was my 11th cruise and I've never met so many golds and platinums. Only the crazies want to cruise during covid, I presume. It was an absolute blast! I don't regret it for a second. I'd put it as my third favorite cruise, despite being only a 6 day with weak ports. The crew was nothing but wonderful. Apparently, only roughly half of the crew pre-covid returned, so there were a ton of new hires, but you would never know. We had the best dining experience out of our 11 cruises (one had been working for DCL for 10+ years and the other for 5+). The dinners are super empty due to the reduced capacity on the ship so they're far more quiet and relaxed than normal. We were the only family (6 guests) our waiters had for the first dining. We made sure to tip all our crew generously and substantially more than we ever have on any previous cruise since they've definitely felt the pinch of covid more than we have, especially since they have less guests, which equates to fewer tips. I know I said quick notes, but this turned into a bit of a ramble. If anyone has questions about covid cruising with Disney, feel free to reach out! If you're going on a cruise shortly, make sure to arrive at events earlier than normal. A lot of the events reach capacity before showtime, so they won't let you in. It was a quick learning curve, but still took a couple of days and missed events. Castaway was awesome with the reduced capacity. I honestly cannot begin to say how much of a blast it was. Quick caveat, the clubs for 3-12 seemed like a bit of pain, since you had to make reservations, but we had no one under 12 in our party, so your mileage may vary. We definitely felt safer on the ship than on land. The restrictions should appease anyone scared of covid, but not annoy anyone frustrated with the restrictions. Go out, cruise, and enjoy! That being said, the one thing that absolutely infuriated me was that the Deck 11 beverage fountains closed at midnight!

PhonedaveJan 04, 2022

It is a nuance Once a disease is on a ship, it has a tendency to spread faster because of the proximity of people and the touching of multiple surfaces. This has been a fact known by the cruise industry for years. However, currently the cruise industry is making a huge effort to try and keep diseases (including COVID) off of ships. Testing, immunizations, etc. If no COVID gets on the ship, then nobody on the ship is going to get COVID. Theme parks on the other hand have a smaller individual transmission potential, but you have loads more people, with no real controls around who may or may not be sick. So you may indeed have a greater chance of catching COVID at a poorly controlled theme park compared to a well monitored ship.

peter11435Jan 02, 2022

Not exactly, data can be and is deceiving. Also it’s not a theory. It’s a fact supported by current statistics. The percentage of positive guests onboard ships right now is lower than the percentage of Floridians with Covid. Illnesses spread through ships just the same was they do schools, workplaces, etc. Cruise ships are just easy targets for identifying, tracking, and tracing,

twall0415Jan 02, 2022

We’re on the same cruise! We made it from drop off to testing to onboard in an hour. I was very impressed with how well organized the process was.

mikejs78Jan 02, 2022

I don't think there is any evidence to support this theory. There are numerous studies showing the high incidence of transmission on cruise ships.

King Racoon 77Jan 02, 2022

Have fun

SplashJacketJan 02, 2022

Board the Fantasy in about two hours contingent on all our tests clearing

peter11435Jan 02, 2022

Exactly this

MotherofaPrincessLoverDec 31, 2021

It's because cruise ships are an easy target. If you contract COVID on a cruise, it's easy to trace it back to that. If you're at the parks, you probably got it there but it's much harder to prove.

peter11435Dec 30, 2021

Exactly. You are far more likely to catch COVID-19 visiting a park then you are boarding any cruise ship.