All sailings on the Disney Wonder are cancelled through the end of June

Apr 06, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

The Disney Cruise Line has cancelled all Disney Wonder sailings through the end of June 2020.

The Canadian government has announced that it will not allow any ship with more than 500 passengers to dock in any Canadian port until July 1, at the earliest. Given the sailing on the Disney Wonder is scheduled to embark and/or debark in Vancouver and Disney Cruise Line has not been able to secure an alternate homeport, it is necessary to cancel the sailing.

Disney Cruise Line is offering the choice of a 125% future cruise credit to be used for a future sailing within 15 months of their original sail date, or a full refund

The following sailings on the Disney Wonder will be cancelled:

  • 9-Night Hawaiian Cruise 4/29
  • 10-Night Hawaiian Cruise 5/8
  • 7-Night Alaska Cruise 5/18
  • 7-Night Alaska Cruise 5/25
  • 7-Night Alaska Cruise 6/1
  • 7-Night Alaska Cruise 6/8
  • 7-Night Alaska Cruise 6/15
  • 7-Night Alaska Cruise 6/22
  • 7-Night Alaska Cruise 6/29
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Article Posted: Apr 06, 2020 / 12:48pm ET
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TiggerDad3 days ago

Wonder looks like it's headed to Castaway Cay. Fantasy is on a more Northerly course so could be headed directly back.

DisKid3 days ago

At this time the Wonder and Fantasy are headed back to the US to Port Caniveral according to cruise mapper. Wonder location: Fantasy location:

IanDLBZF5 days ago

This coming on the heels of an travel advisory from the CDC.

DCBaker6 days ago

"Disney Cruise Line Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Alert November 23, 2020 Disney Cruise Line Extends Suspension of All Departures Through January 31, 2021 Our team at Disney Cruise Line remains focused on the health and well-being of our Guests and team members. We continue to carefully review the guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and are working toward resuming operations. As we continue to refine our protocols for our eventual return to service, we have decided to cancel all sailings departing through January 2021. Sailings are cancelled on board the Disney Magic, Disney Wonder and Disney Dream through February 1 and the Disney Fantasy through February 6. Guests booked on affected sailings who have paid their reservation in full will be offered the choice of a cruise credit to be used for a future sailing or a full refund. Guests who have not paid their reservations in full will automatically receive a refund of what they have paid so far. Affected Guests and travel agents will receive an email from Disney Cruise Line outlining details and next steps. Guests who booked their reservation through a travel agent should contact them directly with any questions. Those who booked directly with Disney Cruise Line and have questions after receiving their email should call (866) 325-6685 or (407) 566-7797."

TiggerDad9 days ago

Example of how pre cruise testing is not foolproof:

Andrew C14 days ago

So the government of Barbados forced all passengers to fly home. No quarantine on the island. No social distancing at the airport or getting on the flight. Packed flight back to the UK. Edit: those who tested positive either had to stay on the island to quarantine or book a private plane home.

Andrew C16 days ago

Yeah. I watched the earlier videos they released and it seems the line was doing everything possible. Two tests prior. All of this extra cleaning equipment. Health monitoring during the voyage, etc. But when they crossed the Atlantic and picked up new passengers in Barbados, and well, it only took 1. And towards the end of the video it seems these guys realize that... In fairness, MSC has been cruising Europe on very specific cruises and by all accounts have had no issues. Although I believe they have cut back operations a bit just recently. Tricky situation...

FuturePort8316 days ago

It's interesting to watch this vlog and see how they are surprised there could be people with covid on the ship. To me it seems inevitable given that it is out of control in so many places right now.

Andrew C17 days ago

Ahh. I was just coming here to post below Sad.

DCBaker17 days ago

Andrew C17 days ago

Sirwalterraleigh17 days ago

I’m usually guilty of snark...but that really isn’t the undertone here. My point is that cruises are simply paddling upstream (pun intended) in the current global health climate. Two months ago it looked it’s looking worse by the day. I get that they want to sail. Especially carnival, Rccl, etc there are only Cruise companies...but that are going to have bigger logistical problems as these numbers rise...and travelers are easily scared off... ...And what was the other thing???.... Hmm...right: The “hoax” claims have been irrefutably proven to be a HOAX!!!😡

ChuckElias17 days ago

I'm not sure why there's so much snark on this topic. I was simply replying to the poster who said he was concerned that services onboard a simulated sailing would suck. The person who was actually on that cruise said that the services didn't suck, and that it was pretty normal prior to the positive test.

Sirwalterraleigh17 days ago

You mean “normal” except for being canceled/diverted due to covid?