Orange County Mayor comments on timelines for mask mandate expiring

Apr 05, 2021 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday April 5, 2021 5:24pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings has today commented on the mask mandate during one of his frequent COVID-19 briefings.

He was asked when the mask mandate for Orange County will end, and he replied that it would likely be when about 50% of the population is vaccinated. He went on to say that he thinks that may be occur in June 2021.

The vast majority of Walt Disney World property is within Orange County, and during the park's reopening, an endorsement of Disney's plans by Orange County was at the forefront of the state agreeing for the parks to reopen.

Should Demings lift the mandate, and with no mask mandate from the state, it would seem to clear the way for Walt Disney World to follow. However, it would seem that the decision would ultimately rest with Disney, and in Bob Chapeks's latest comments, he suggested that he expects masks to be in place for the remainder of the year.

Demings introduced the mask mandate back in June 2020, with the guidance stating that every person working, living, visiting or doing business in Orange County is required to wear a face covering. Business are encouraged to deny entry to anyone not complying.

Exceptions to the rule include persons under the age of two, those exercising while maintaining social distancing, persons where a mask would cause impairment due to an existing health condition, those working in a profession that has no face-to-face interactions, and employees of first response, healthcare, construction and childcare.

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BrianLo7 hours ago

It's hard to say exactly where we are on the curve, but Israel looks like they eked out an extra 7% from where we are and the US 10%. I'm pretty happy with 80-85%, honestly. That should be sufficient, particularly if we can get decent rates for kids *which will hopefully be mediated by in school vaccine drives*.

BrianLo7 hours ago

It will be interesting to see how this shakes out in the Pediatric population. Albeit 4000 children in the US developed Myocarditis from MIS-C due to COVID. So even that group it's tough to argue that running the dice by contracting COVID is the better choice.

Animaniac93-988 hours ago

Looks like Canada will hit 25% of 12+ fully vaccinated by the end of today. Was over 24.9% at about 6:00pm CST. First dose shots have slowed to a crawl now that over 76% of 12+ have at least one dose. I think eventually Canada will hit 80%, but not much more than that.

Disney Analyst10 hours ago

Having your body suddenly act strange, or feeling off, or ill, or in pain... constantly... is so awful. I can't imagine...

ImperfectPixie10 hours ago

It's just so appalling that people are still refusing to be vaccinated.

danlb_200010 hours ago

Same thing happened with the CEO of Texas Roudhouse a few months ago.

Disney Analyst10 hours ago

So very tragic.

James J11 hours ago

We've unfortunately slipped under that now - down to 749k yesterday which puts us at 6,065,933 over the last 7 days. Still, I'm not in the sky is falling category either and largely agree. I've had my first jab and hope that they bring the second one forwards for those aged 30 and over too, so I can get fully protected! Just hoping we can get travel to the USA back before too long and be in the clear to visit my wife's family in SC at Christmas...

lisa1200012 hours ago

Haha I’m very sorry - thing is I can’t say anything that will persuade some people on here that there aren’t people falling down where they stand over here! Every single death is a tragedy but we cannot keep panicking over such small numbers in healthcare - we all know they will go up further but nowhere near what they could be also we are testing a million a day!!

DCBaker12 hours ago

Here's the current vaccination status for Orange County via Mayor Demings - The current 14-Day rolling percent positivity remains at 3.7%

ABQ13 hours ago

How dare you post something that's not telling us how the sky is falling!

danlb_200013 hours ago

Unfortunately, the numbers won't matter to a lot of people, they will use the connection as proof that we were lied to and the vaccines are not safe.

lisa1200013 hours ago

Something I posted on social media earlier 9th December was when our last rise hit this level in the uk - spot the difference

Chip Chipperson13 hours ago

Not to mention the fact that the same heart inflammation is a known effect of COVID-19 - so people who use this as an excuse to not get the vaccine are literally saying they want higher odds of heart inflammation and/or death from the virus. Of course, many of these people also think they "built up antibodies by not wearing a mask" (an actual meme I saw yesterday floating around Facebook), so it's clear that many people are too dumb to understand basic math and science while also being too stubborn to admit to themselves that experts in those fields (aka the nerds they picked on in high school while they were too cool to pay attention to their teachers) know more about these things than they do.