Orange County Mayor comments on timelines for mask mandate expiring

8 days ago in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday April 5, 2021 5:24pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings has today commented on the mask mandate during one of his frequent COVID-19 briefings.

He was asked when the mask mandate for Orange County will end, and he replied that it would likely be when about 50% of the population is vaccinated. He went on to say that he thinks that may be occur in June 2021.

The vast majority of Walt Disney World property is within Orange County, and during the park's reopening, an endorsement of Disney's plans by Orange County was at the forefront of the state agreeing for the parks to reopen.

Should Demings lift the mandate, and with no mask mandate from the state, it would seem to clear the way for Walt Disney World to follow. However, it would seem that the decision would ultimately rest with Disney, and in Bob Chapeks's latest comments, he suggested that he expects masks to be in place for the remainder of the year.

Demings introduced the mask mandate back in June 2020, with the guidance stating that every person working, living, visiting or doing business in Orange County is required to wear a face covering. Business are encouraged to deny entry to anyone not complying.

Exceptions to the rule include persons under the age of two, those exercising while maintaining social distancing, persons where a mask would cause impairment due to an existing health condition, those working in a profession that has no face-to-face interactions, and employees of first response, healthcare, construction and childcare.

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trainplane39 minutes ago

I'm not sure if it's all hesitancy. Most states have just got around to allowing younger people to get their shots now. For myself since PA was dragging their feet, I went to Ohio which put me at least two weeks ahead of PA at best.

Jrb197910 minutes ago

I want to believe that but have my doubts. My sister in-law had Covid and won't get the vaccine cause she believes she's protected from it.

danlb_200011 minutes ago

Let's do January 13th.

GoofGoof14 minutes ago

It seems younger people are being hospitalized more overall with the new variants and those variants are driving the cases up in most of those states. This may actually be a good thing long term for vaccine hesitancy. If we can expose as false the narrative that young and healthy people face no risk from Covid that may mean more get the vaccine. I don’t want to see more people hospitalized and seriously ill, but the silver lining is it may help encourage others to be vaccinated.

eccseth19 minutes ago

I got my first Moderna shot yesterday also, I only have a slight sore arm.

GoofGoof19 minutes ago

It’s the only way they should allow cruise lines back IMHO. It doesn’t have to be forever, but while Covid is still a threat.

GoofGoof21 minutes ago

Yes, agreed. Why go to court and spend time and money to fight an order? They can either go elsewhere or just ignore the order and see if he tries to enforce it by withholding state funds. It all depends on the cruise lines appetite for risk and the level of funds they receive from the state that could be at risk. Even if they ultimately win in court they may not be able to wait. The safe play is cruise from other ports outside of FL until vaccine passports are no longer needed. That’s bad news for the local economy.

Disney Analyst24 minutes ago

It’s also ironic given how I would assume he believes in limited government? If the cruise industry wants to ensure cruises are as safe as can be for a certain amount of time, to avoid a repeat of March 2020... I don’t see why they shouldn’t be allowed this.

MisterPenguin26 minutes ago

You know... flying into Puerto Rico is my preferred way to start a Caribbean cruise. You're already at an 'island destination' and can vacation there a few days and do tours. If you fly in and out a few days before and after the cruise, there is no worries about delayed flights. And, you're still in the U.S. wherein just about everyone is fluent in English and there are U.S. highways. Skip Florida.

lazyboy97o26 minutes ago

The cruise lines don’t have to wait for a court decision. They could announce that they just won’t sail from Florida. They could just implement vaccine passports and make the governor enforce the order which only lists a penalty of not being eligible for grants and contracts. Would he really hinder/shut down the cruise lines he is very publicly fighting to reopen?

MisterPenguin29 minutes ago

FTFY. Can never be too careful.

ABQ32 minutes ago

Something to look at in Michigan, if someone else has the demographics on age in their cases, it may be interesting, as here are hospitalizations for the YTD for a few of the states mentioned recently and Michigan is the only state with a very steep uptick. PA, is upward a bit, FL and NJ, just a little upward. NY is certainly down, thankfully. But it would be interesting to see if the younger ages are being hospitalized more in MI. data source:

Chip Chipperson33 minutes ago

Which is ironic considering he was one of the earliest adopters of the "no restrictions on businesses" approach to "managing" the pandemic in the name of economic recovery. Now he's taking a stance that will directly harm a major sector of the state's economy by attempting to impose a restriction on that industry.

Chi8440 minutes ago

I doubt it's going to take millions or months, but I can't say for certain.