VIDEO - Walt Disney World SVP tells Task Force that Disney has nothing to share at this time on reopening and June 1 bookings may not mean a June opening

May 04, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday May 4, 2020 11:33am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World Senior VP Thomas Mazloum told the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force earlier today that Disney does not have an opening date or anything further to share at this time.

Mazloum specifically stated that by taking bookings for June 1, it does not mean that Walt Disney World be open at that time, nor did he wish to respond to speculation about a lengthier closing through to the end of the year.

As we have reported previously, Disney remains actively planning for a reopening, but faces continuously changing conditions and is not yet in a position to make any announcements. Much of what you may read in articles and social media at this time is pure speculation.

Thomas Mazloum reports to Walt Disney World President Josh D'Amaro, specifically overseeing operations for Transportation, Resorts and Premium Experiences.

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DCBaker5 minutes ago

SteveAZee9 minutes ago

In Oregon, the recent Delta spike has hit the low density counties in Oregon the hardest... which are also the areas of low vaccination rates. Pretty simple, I think. The huge wave at the beginning of this year really impacted the high density areas of Oregon badly. Vaccines became available and many (by percentage) in the high population areas got vaccinated. The Delta wave is having a low impact (per 100K people) on the densely populated areas due to enough people (not all, by far, but enough to keep from having a dramatic spike) being vaccinated. The rural countries of low vax rates aren't so fortunate. If nothing else, it shows that getting more vaccinations (say 70%) makes a big difference compared to 50%. (guessing the numbers here since I don't have them in front of me). Oregon doesn't behave in a monolithic manner; in this case seems to follow rural/urban divide. Perhaps Vermont is similar.

DisneyDebRob9 minutes ago

Shingrix is also 2 shots if anyone is wondering. First shot, then go back for second 2-6 months later. After seeing what my mom went through for about a year with shingles, there was no way I wasn’t getting the shots. No problem at all with insurance either. Walked in, got the flu shot in one arm, shingrix in the other. Got second shot 4 months later which delayed my COVID shot by a few weeks. Couldn’t do both in that time frame of 2-4 weeks I think.

DisneyDebRob20 minutes ago


Communicora33 minutes ago

I'm really sorry for your losses.

StarWarsGirl42 minutes ago

I had an aunt recently pass away and shingles was a contributing factor, and it was also a factor in my grandfather's death (he had MS and shingles was the begining of the end). It's definitely something to consider.

Communicora52 minutes ago

The guidelines also say it's for 50+. I looked into it after a friend had shingles and was miserable. I do imagine doctors have some discretion in prescribing it though.

Figgy154 minutes ago

IMHO some shots are worth paying for OP in your case I'd be on the phone to the doctor. Some insurance companies will cover before 50 in cases like yours/dw. At 50 just walk into most major pharmacies and it will be done over and covered

Figgy157 minutes ago

Unless you're unlucky enough like some women in my family that get it more than once. Mostly mild cases. Guess who got the shot when it came out. I also had the joy of having to get an MMR as as adult.

lewisc1 hour ago

Shingles is not an ACA mandated vaccine. Coverage for the shingles vaccine could be subject to deductibles and coinsurance

Chip Chipperson1 hour ago

I'm in luck! I'm under 50 and have had shingles twice. My wife just got them, too, so we'll both be getting the vaccine as soon as we can.

Heppenheimer1 hour ago

Fine, but at least take them out of the chair and lie them flat. While they remain in the chair, they can convulse in the brain's last ditch effort to get enough blood. I would think this would be part of phlebotomists' training. At least it gave me the opportunity to perform my resurrection magic trick a few times for the audience of med students.

iowamomof41 hour ago

Understood. This has never happened to her before with any other shots/blood draws/etc... The place they received the vaccine wasn't one that shut down, but I do know dd and f-sil were not the only ones to have issues that day. I thought I read somewhere that the single dose was a larger amount of fluid than some of the other vaccines, and maybe that could be part of why it had higher incidence of syncope. 🤷‍♀️ Regardless, they still aren't likely to be excited about going for another dose. Personally, I wish dd could switch to Pfizer at this point.

JoeCamel1 hour ago

Legal told them they gotta call it in