Disney announces it will close 20 percent of its Disney Store locations by the end of 2021

Mar 03, 2021 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Wednesday March 3, 2021 4:30pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has announced that is plans to close 20% of its Disney Store retail locations by the end of the year as it restructures from COVID-19 and focusses on online sales.

The company operates around 300 Disney Stores across the world, and the closure will affect at least 60 of its U.S. stores according to reports. Details of which locations will close is not yet available.

As part of the increasing shift to online sales, Disney has said that it will update its shopDisney apps and website, and introduce more adult clothing and collectibles.

Disney's brick and mortar efforts appears to be focussed on its relationship with Target. Target and Disney have joined together for a project that includes the launch of Disney stores within select Target stores nationwide. 

The “shop-in-shop” features an enhanced Disney assortment of more than 450 items, including more than 100 products that were previously only available at Disney retail locations.

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markc26 days ago

It was never a threat to begin with. It literally will be one of the last stores to close in the chain (if it ever does). Tampa was closed because of the cost of rent and it's odd location (hidden on the lower level in an odd corner) that was never able to grab the right amount of foot traffic it needed. Aventura Mall is an old style Disney Store from the days of "The Children Place" also in an odd location in the mall with a lack of foot traffic. It was always going to get remodeled at some point, so I believe Disney's strategy is to close it now, save the rent and overhead expenses, if and when tourists come back to that mall, they can reopen it in a better spot with an updated store design.

Lilofan30 days ago

The Florida Mall location in Orlando was spared. The Rolex store next to the Disney store at the FL Mall had surprise guests a few years ago when a few individuals in broad daylight smashed and grabbed in broad daylight. The other location in Tampa and another one in South Florida were part of the closings.

Ldno31 days ago

All the 3 stores in my city are closing, one of them had 25% the other had 30% closing for now, if you have a military discount you can get 33% with 25% and 37% with 30% total and they can throw in an extra 10% coupon. The savings have been massive. the shop Disney is the hardest page to navigate and find stuff on. In my experience if you walk to a store you can easily find and spot the merch you want but it’s hard to put into words sometimes on the search engine, i for one like to see and walk out with merch. I know you guys hate on the page that cannot be named here but they had a news article about new releases and when I wanted to find a tower of terror ornament from their tiny town collection, i had to use google search it, using the Disney’s internal search was disastrous, even If it’s sold out I like to add it as my favorite so when it does get in stock i have a fighting chance of getting one, as a matter of fact they don’t really advertise new arrivals, especially niched items such as those. As i walked around two of the biggest malls in my city it’s not hard to dismiss the closed stores all over them post covid lockdowns but I used to be all for online shopping... BEFORE they started taxing our orders, it used to be wild frontier when it came to ebay, amazon and small online stores, now if you think about it you actually overpay for merchandise, throw in taxes plus shipping and it can add up for something small. Free shipping comes is usually the slowest service they provide unless you use amazon prime at which rate it’s totally worth it but for example the physical disney stores sold you the masks individually were online was only done in packs and I don’t really know how to feel, last time I spent 800 bucks on shopdisney my dumb ass forgot to add the free shipping for orders over $75 and above and shot myself in The foot since i thought it was done at the check out by self. I ended up returning it all, but as usual you don’t get refunded for shipping so i don’t know, it’s sad seeing brick and mortal and local stores closed forever, but if they don’t add bot control such as captcha’s i‘m not really feeling it now. I’m still looking for a PS5 since November, missed out on some legacy sabers when they dropped at the trading post online and ultimately got the shaft trying to complete my tiny town ornaments collection, Friday a guy was walking around with his online curbside delivery of his PS5 and was on the lookout since he was basically trying to rub it in on everyone’s face that he had one. Speaking of which Toys R Us did reinvent themselves so far there’s only 2 stores nationwide were you get to play and experience it differently, come to the think about their website still works, they just redirect you to Target. LOL some of their Disney displays are just garbage, when they had their star wars galaxy’s edge promotion there was no consistency, some of them were set up on carts in the middle of aisles were one of them only used the recommend display by disney.

Disney AnalystMar 10, 2021

Good news, Canada is barely impacted, so far. A graphic has appeared on the official Disney Store websites for specific locations that states that that location will be closing on or before March 23rd of this year, in about two weeks or so. We have compiled a list of locations whose page contains this graphic, with stores in both the United States and Canada: USA: Arizona Chandler Glendale Scottsdale California Arcadia Montebello Mission Viejo Montclair Roseville Salinas San Diego San Jose Santa Monica Colorado Broomfield Florida Aventura Mall Tampa Illinois State Street Chicago Rosemont Indiana Indianapolis Merrillville Kansas Overland Park Maryland Baltimore Hanover Missouri St. Louis New Jersey Freehold New York Riverhead Staten Island Ohio North Olmsted Oregon Portland Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Springfield Tennessee Knoxville Texas El Paso Memorial City Houston Willowbrook Houston Laredo San Antonio Ingram North Star Mall San Antonio Rivercenter Canada Mississauga Square One Alberta Rocky View You can search your store, there is now a 'Disney Store Closing' icon.

DagmarMar 08, 2021

The shop parks app was amazing! They pushed the app upon us, only to take it away, re-direct to shop disney, with ultimately less park stuff than ever. This only benefits locals that sell stuff on ebay.

RobbiemMar 05, 2021

I used to love the warner bros stores here in the Uk. They had great merchandise and design. Disney stores of the time we’re almost as good but now they don’t really sell anything other than toys.

chama1Mar 05, 2021

I didn't know the outlet Disney store is not a "disney" store...but I've found some great Jack Skellington items, my granddaughter collects, in that store....

Disstevefan1Mar 05, 2021

Poor Disney. It’s too bad they can’t afford to offer free shipping of bulky items that cost a ton to ship (the dolls, playsets, plush, etc) like AMAZON DOES. But you are right, TWDC is no AMAZON.

raymusiccityMar 05, 2021

it is sad. I'll miss Disney Stores, but, it's just inevitable. I always thought that Warner Brothers had a superior design, but, lacked an assortment of products. Maybe a merger of Disney-MGM-WB can make a go of it !!

DelgadoMar 05, 2021

It’d be great to build on a Disney quest, restaurant, photo ops, and those ideas. They should take the sorcerer’s of magic kingdom and bring it to stores. I know they took it out of parks but leave it alone and link the two experiences. They need to start getting excited about a trip to the mother land!

Figgy1Mar 05, 2021

Sorry I thought they were all merged into one department. But PHEW and thank you

markcMar 05, 2021

Those aren't Disney Stores. Disney Stores are operated and run by Disney Consumer Products. The Premium Outlet Stores are run and operated by the Walt Disney World Resort. It's why you will never see WDW product in any of the DISNEY STORE Outlet locations, but you will see Disneyland merchandise there. This is also why you won't find any DISNEY STORE outlets in Florida - the parks have "ownership" of that market at the outlets with the exception of Lutz Florida.

Figgy1Mar 05, 2021

When did the one at the Premium Outlets close? Missed that somewhere

markcMar 05, 2021

There's only one Disney store in Orlando.