Walt Disney World to offer annual pass partial refunds and postpone payments on the monthly payment plan

Apr 03, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Friday April 3, 2020 7:41am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World has announced it will suspend monthly payment programs for annual passes and also offer partial refunds to paid in full annual passholders.

This is a truly unprecedented time for all of us, and we want to thank you for your patience as we work through the many details related to the temporary closure of the theme parks. We recognize this may be a challenging time, so we wanted to share how we will assist our Annual Passholders.

If you are an Annual Passholder who has paid in full:
As previously announced, all active Walt Disney World Resort Annual Passes will be extended for the number of days the parks are closed. The new expiration date will be reflected on the Annual Passholder’s account prior to the reopening of the theme parks.

As an alternative, in lieu of an extension of their passes, Passholders who have paid in full may choose to receive a partial refund for the theme park closure period. Information will be provided soon on how to choose this option.

If you are an Annual Passholder on the monthly payment plan:
Effective April 5, 2020, we will automatically stop and waive all upcoming monthly payments while the theme parks are closed. We will also retroactively refund payments made between March 14 through April 4, 2020. Payments will resume on the Passholder’s regularly scheduled payment dates once the parks reopen. Please note, pass expiration dates will not be extended and passes will expire upon their originally scheduled expiration dates.

As an alternative, Guests who are paying for Walt Disney World Annual Passes using our monthly payment program may choose to have their monthly payments postponed starting with payments due April 5 through the park closure period, and then resumed on the Passholder’s regularly scheduled payment date once the parks reopen. Postponed payments will be collected in the months following the end of the Passholder’s currently scheduled payment term. The pass will be extended the number of days the parks are closed. The new expiration date will be reflected on the Annual Passholder’s account prior to the reopening of the theme parks. Information will be provided soon on how to choose this option.

Our Annual Passholders are some of our most loyal Guests, and we stand ready to help during this incredibly uncertain time. If you have any questions, please contact V.I.PASSHOLDER Support at (407) 939-7277. We do anticipate heavy call volume and appreciate your patience as we answer all inquiries.

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JohnDAug 09, 2020

My AP was just extended from November 10 to March 7? Not complaining. To make a long story short, I called in June to have my March credit reversed in order to extend my pass one month from October 11 to November 10 because of trip starting October 19. They reversed the payment — FAST but no extension. Then I got one month extension for everyone to November 10. Finally got through more than a week ago about the extra payment. Was expecting another month extension because I’ve now paid for it. But 3/7/21? Again, not complaining. I know I’ll still pay monthly fee. But maybe that is the point. Extend your pass further out without asking. PH’S shrug their shoulders and continue paying, espif you’re a FL resident.

twilight mitsukAug 09, 2020

Why is the mde showing the total extension even with a refund request?

Josh.hAug 09, 2020

Use the chat on the website. We had a pass that never received an email and I gave up twice waiting on hold for 45+ minutes. Using chat today took 5 minutes.

twilight mitsukAug 08, 2020

Tied to an individual account a

Sammorgan02Aug 08, 2020

Can somebody post the email link, or is the link tied to an individual account / pass? I can't get through on the phone. Anybody know if you can cancel at a ticket booth? I'm a local.

mikeymouseJul 30, 2020

Our last park day was March 15th, the final day. The AP's were good til like May 1st. Took the refund. Haven't received anything however we paid for them with Disney gift cards. Not expecting much.

TheGuyThatMakesSwordsJul 29, 2020

Close to nine requests (form, EMAIL, phone).... nothing :(.

wiredforflightJul 29, 2020

Yes I did, https://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/refunds-or-cancellations-of-disney-world-annual-passes.964059/post-9323105

Mr MindcrimeJul 29, 2020

Yes. We called Disney as soon as they announced that they would do refunds (Apr or May?) and got ours back on July 6.

breakin2Jul 29, 2020

Has anyone actually gotten a refund yet? We requested on July 2nd.

Mr MindcrimeJul 23, 2020

We took our last trip at the end of February but I don't think how often or when you used it matters...or should matter. To get a simple of idea of what you might expect, try this: Divide the total cost of your AP's by 365 to get a "per day" cost. Then multiply that amount by the number of days between when they closed (March 15?) and the earlier of two dates - the expiration date of your passes or the day that WDW reopened (July 11). You may do a quick search earlier in this thread as I think how you'll get refunded may have been discussed. I got refunded via the same method that I paid (credit card). In your case maybe they'll just send a check? Good luck.

uumomJul 23, 2020

That's great. I just wish Disney would tell us in advance how much the refund would be. We did one 10 day trip before the shut down. Will that reduce our refund? We paid for our APs with vouchers we bought at Sam's Club. How would they refund that? These are questions it would be helpful to have answered in advance, so we can make a more informed decision.

Ariel_x33Jul 16, 2020

Also I'm not sure if there is a separate board for this, but my dad was one of the people who was incorrectly charged a couple months of his monthly AP and he still has not received a refund either, again was told end of July.

Ariel_x33Jul 16, 2020

I got through to the VIPassholder line on Monday. Last time I called they said refunds would be processed by July 11 and my fiance who bought his AP and paid in full had not received anything. They said they were just getting everyone back in the office and we're super behind and we should see all refunds processed by the end of July. However, a friend of mine who also called was told refunds should process by the end of September and extensions by the end of October. So there is that lol