Updated C.D.C. guidelines indicate that vaccinated people are free to travel with precautions

Apr 02, 2021 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Friday April 2, 2021 11:26am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

New guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today indicate that vaccinated Americans can travel both domestically and internationally "at low risk to themselves."

For international travel, vaccinated Americans do not need to have a COVID-19 test before arriving overseas unless that country mandates a test. A negative test should be obtained before returning to the U.S.A however. Travelers do not need to quarantine after returning to the U.S.A. unless local rules require it.

Guidelines for those who are vaccinated continue to recommend that the usual precautions should continue to be enforced, including hand-washing, masks, and social distancing.

For those who are not vaccinated, the recommendation to avoid any non-essential domestic and international travel remains.

This is a significant development for Walt Disney World, with prior travel restrictions a significant barrier to guests being able to visit.

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Tom P.6 minutes ago

Heppenheimer21 minutes ago

Those things and add "not agreeing with a certain indebted real estate developer".

Sirwalterraleigh27 minutes ago

yes…and it’s a dog whistle for things that should never have one: reasonable, rational, educated, experienced

Heppenheimer35 minutes ago

The word "elite" has become a new dog whistle.

Sirwalterraleigh47 minutes ago

It’s really a two sided “debate” at this point…neither are really where we want to line up

GimpYancIent53 minutes ago

Because people w titles, degrees and acronyms after their names feel and present themselves as "elitist", well, those people are not they screw up just like everyone else. Any attempts at deception are always eventually uncovered unfortunately after damage has been done. But the truth does, in the long run, come through. All the commentary thus far about the stupidity of attempting to harness diseases as bio-weapons is correct. In the entire history of humans bio-weapons have proven to be uncontrollable and just as dangerous to all parties (as in everyone). Bottom line rule Nature Always Wins! Don't try to play God and don't fool with Mother Nature. As for COVID19, to me, myself and I, all the information, publicity and data releases early on pushing the concept that young people could not catch COIVD19 and if they did catch it would be really mild are coming back to haunt the efforts to get young people vaccinated. Now all that 💩 is proving hard to walk back and is hindering progress. I am not irritated by Dr. F because he was but one of a veritable herd of "experts" spouting the same message.

Willmark1 hour ago

I have no idea what this means.

GimpYancIent1 hour ago

Yea! Disney should sell its less than half stake in SD back to the Chinese government, after removing all Disney trademark's from the place, and look to a place closer to the U.S. like maybe South America. Remove some manufacturing and redo some distribution chains from China to spread the wealth with our real neighbors. Just a thought.

GoofGoof1 hour ago

Blame the lizard people….always the lizard people 🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎

Sirwalterraleigh1 hour ago

China is an authoritarian, repressive regime. And they do it under tight state control of information… I don’t know if we all fell asleep after 1991…but if we notice that China is by far the longest lasting far left/far right strongman government in history…they’ve outlasted them all. and guess what company peddling “magic” to adults jumped two footed into bed with them?? didn’t hesitate. The sickness of greed knows no cure.

DisneyCane1 hour ago

The release certainly wasn't done as a weapon. Who knows what the research was actually for. If they were going to release something like this as a bioweapon, you'd have to assume they would have developed a vaccine or cure for use on their own people before releasing it. If it came from the lab, I'm almost positive it was a mistake. The fact that there was a lab doing this type of research in the area where the first cases were discovered leads to the Occam's Razor based conclusion that it probably escaped from that lab. My biggest issue with the Chinese Government is not that the leak (likely) occurred, it's the cover-up at the beginning and doing things like restricting domestic travel from Wuhan but allowing international travel. Due to the transmissibility and incubation period, it spread around the world probably couldn't have been prevented 100% but, had they been honest from the beginning, the worldwide outbreak could have been contained to a much lower degree. Of course, everything possible should be done to increase safety at these type of labs but China should have consequences for the cover up and misinformation. There won't be any because the western world is too dependent on cheap manufacturing.

Sirwalterraleigh1 hour ago

It’s rather thick down in the failed real estate developer controlled sewers as well thick headed and TOOPID

Heppenheimer2 hours ago

I said it before when this theory popped up previously and I'll repeat. The underlying reason why most nations have agreed to ban chemical and biological weapons is not due to morality, but because they're lousy weapons for conventional warfare. They impose too high of a collateral cost for too little military advantage. They're only useful as terror weapons against civilian populations.

Willmark2 hours ago

You’re wasting your time. The air is particularly rarified on that high horse.