Updated C.D.C. guidelines indicate that vaccinated people are free to travel with precautions

Apr 02, 2021 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Friday April 2, 2021 11:26am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

New guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today indicate that vaccinated Americans can travel both domestically and internationally "at low risk to themselves."

For international travel, vaccinated Americans do not need to have a COVID-19 test before arriving overseas unless that country mandates a test. A negative test should be obtained before returning to the U.S.A however. Travelers do not need to quarantine after returning to the U.S.A. unless local rules require it.

Guidelines for those who are vaccinated continue to recommend that the usual precautions should continue to be enforced, including hand-washing, masks, and social distancing.

For those who are not vaccinated, the recommendation to avoid any non-essential domestic and international travel remains.

This is a significant development for Walt Disney World, with prior travel restrictions a significant barrier to guests being able to visit.

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lazyboy97o5 minutes ago

Taking one Tylenol won’t give you liver damage much less liver damage years from now. Vaccines don’t just sit in your body.

MisterPenguin29 minutes ago

Mississippi is now the leading state for deaths per capita. Florida was 12th on the all-time list last week, and is now 10th. And the reason why is that Florida is number one for recent deaths per capita (as measured by the last two weeks).

Club3440 minutes ago

Liver damage. Is anyone aware of a medication that doesn't have some sort of tradeoff, side effect or hazard? Genuine question for my betters... Despite whatever level of benefit the vaccine has, there will be those other things. Here's hoping we have seen/experienced the worst of it with the vaccine. I know there was a "high level" of confidence here in this forum. Although the vaccine is clearly the best thing we have going, it is also seemingly the only thing we have going. We are looking at tripling down on the original formula. Did someone not make comment on this forum that they can do this vaccine creation over a weekend with this versatile technology? Maybe I'm imagining it. One would like to think any additional booster would perhaps target additional strains? Otherwise maybe it is just like taking yet another Tylenol and that is not always a smart move. ‐------------------------------ As a side note or thought on FL given what a hotbed that its been... So with high levels of infection and there being some additional movement on vaxx rates (I do like the little orange meter), what is the "immunity rate" we should expect as there will be both vaccinated and those who have recovered from covid. Anyone have a guess as to what that number might be? What should we expect to see in these regions in the next month. What will those observations tell us about our prospects countrywide or even worldwide? Sorry if this was asked or discussed.

Lilofan1 hour ago

Ahh Binion's, the former world series of poker location. Stayed in one of the hotel rooms back in the day , $19.99 per day and the $4.99 Prime Rib dinner with all the fixings at 2am was memorable.

dovetail651 hour ago

So true. When I dealt craps at Binion's back in the 80's if 4 people walked in with medical masks the security probably would of wrestled them to the ground!

Nubs701 hour ago

Are the numbers following the UK trends for the path month.where there is an initial drop than levels off at a persistent rate?

Dranth1 hour ago

This is very much what I experienced when we went last. That I was there at all over rode everything else I thought was going to be an issue and it ended up being one of the best trips we have ever taken to WDW. I know not everyone is the same and some people have stronger feelings about these things but I really was surprised by how little it actually bothered me once there.

mmascari2 hours ago

Something strange is going on with the data. I keep expecting Labor Day to be a blip and it to come back, but it hasn't yet. I didn't collect early samples for all the dates to see if the testing numbers are being backfilled and just reported late like the death numbers. I would love for it to be all good, but it looks strange. CDC data: Cases way down since 8/30. State Date New Cases 7-Day Moving Avg 7-Day Case Rate per 100k Florida Sep 19, 2021 0 8,811 287.19 Florida Sep 18, 2021 8,645 9,808 319.66 Florida Sep 17, 2021 9,923 10,968 357.48 Florida Sep 16, 2021 11,475 10,869 354.26 Florida Sep 15, 2021 9,393 11,788 384.21 Florida Sep 14, 2021 10,866 12,231 398.65 Florida Sep 13, 2021 11,380 12,668 412.89 Florida Sep 12, 2021 6,974 12,498 407.35 Florida Sep 11, 2021 16,768 13,093 426.73 Florida Sep 10, 2021 9,230 13,165 429.09 Florida Sep 9, 2021 17,908 14,292 465.82 Florida Sep 8, 2021 12,495 14,320 466.73 Florida Sep 7, 2021 13,924 15,616 508.96 Florida Sep 6, 2021 10,191 16,368 533.48 Florida Sep 5, 2021 11,135 17,591 573.32 Florida Sep 4, 2021 17,276 17,870 582.42 Florida Sep 3, 2021 17,118 17,935 584.54 Florida Sep 2, 2021 18,103 18,545 604.43 Florida Sep 1, 2021 21,567 19,929 649.52 Florida Aug 31, 2021 19,190 19,908 648.87 Florida Aug 30, 2021 18,748 20,930 682.18 Testing way down too State Date Daily Test Volume 7-Day % Positivity Florida Sep 19, 2021 N/A 0 Florida Sep 18, 2021 N/A 0 Florida Sep 17, 2021 29,881 11.32 Florida Sep 16, 2021 67,373 11.69 Florida Sep 15, 2021 96,071 12.1 Florida Sep 14, 2021 112,550 12.64 Florida Sep 13, 2021 133,475 13.07 Florida Sep 12, 2021 62,769 13.45 Florida Sep 11, 2021 56,666 13.64 Florida Sep 10, 2021 97,627 13.78 Florida Sep 9, 2021 107,506 13.75 Florida Sep 8, 2021 116,475 13.91 Florida Sep 7, 2021 155,414 13.95 Florida Sep 6, 2021 57,073 14.16 Florida Sep 5, 2021 65,960 14.45 Florida Sep 4, 2021 75,686 14.58 Florida Sep 3, 2021 128,190 14.69 Florida Sep 2, 2021 133,415 15.11 Florida Sep 1, 2021 140,138 15.49 Florida Aug 31, 2021 144,308 16.05 Florida Aug 30, 2021 160,343 16.58 When I read that, I see Friday 9/17 reported 30K tests. There's been 9,000+ cases reported in each @DCBaker post from 9/17 through today. The positivity is still dropping in this data and the other posts. Something doesn't add up. Since 9 over 30 would be 30%. The holiday was on 9/6 and you can see the number of tests plummet on 9/4, 5, and 6. Jumps back up on 9/7. But, it's been consistently lower then week to week since labor day. Much lower than the case numbers. Unless it's all getting backfilled in every day and all those test numbers in the last 2 weeks are junk that's still changing and not useful to look at. That's what I cannot tell. Is the last two weeks of data useless to look at since it changes every day. Meaning we need to wait until 9/27 to know the "final" test data through 9/13 to get past the labor day slump. Or, what's really going on? The whole thing makes it hard to look at even the 7 day averages that blunt the day to day numbers for the recent weeks. I feel like we're pretty good on what we know and how things were trending as of 9/6, but not the time between 9/6 and now. I think we'll know, but it may not be until we're 2 weeks past not and trying to know what's up with going into October and finally seeing middle of September.

Nubs702 hours ago


Epcotfan213 hours ago

I was mainly referring to the uptick in hospitalizations and ICU cases.

Touchdown3 hours ago

Just wanted to point out that children are in fact getting Covid now thanks to delta, in fact they are the plurality of new cases in this country. Get going FDA/CDC vaccines for them need to be approved soon

GoofGoof3 hours ago

The cases seem to still be going down right? Wouldn‘t a Labor Day effect cause a spike in cases? 7 day moving average dropped below 10,000 for the first time since the 3rd week of July.

DisneyCane3 hours ago

Hopefully the hospitalization uptick isn't an indicator that the case decline is reversing. The positive results don't make it to the report for several days. Maybe people can't get the monoclonal antibodies to stay out of the hospital after the policy change?

DisneyCane3 hours ago

You still have to remove your mask going through TSA at the ID check station.