Disney loses top spot in Media and Entertainment on Fortune's Most Admired Companies List 2024

Feb 01, 2024 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Thursday February 1, 2024 9:04am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Walt Disney Company has lost its position as the top-ranked media and entertainment company on the 2024 Fortune's list of the "World's Most Admired Companies."

For 2024, Disney ranked No. 12 overall among the companies from across the globe, a fall of 6 places from the 2023 "World's Most Admired Companies" list.

The top three positions are dominated by tech companies, with Apple at No. 1, Microsoft No. 2, and Amazon No. 3.

Notably, Disney lost its No.1 position as the most admired entertainment company to Netflix and fell to No. 4 in the Media and Entertainment sector. Electronic Arts is at No. 2 and Comcast is No. 3. Disney had held the No.1 position for 20 consecutive years before 2024.

Fortune's annual list of the "World's Most Admired Companies" is based on a poll of some 600+ company candidates and 3,720 executives, directors, and industry analysts. To determine the best-regarded companies, Korn Ferry and Fortune asked participants to rate enterprises on nine criteria, from investment value and quality of management and products to social responsibility and ability to attract talent. A company's score must rank in the top half of its industry survey to be listed.

Here is the full Top 50 All-Star ranking:

  1. Apple
  2. Microsoft
  3. Amazon.com
  4. Berkshire Hathaway
  5. JPMorgan Chase
  6. Costco Wholesale
  7. Alphabet
  8. American Express
  9. Walmart
  10. Nvidia
  11. Delta Air Lines
  12. Walt Disney
  13. Marriott International
  14. Nike
  15. Coca-Cola
  16. Starbucks
  17. FedEx
  18. Procter & Gamble
  19. Home Depot
  20. Pfizer
  21. Salesforce
  22. Target
  23. Netflix
  24. USAA
  25. Toyota Motor
  26. BlackRock
  27. Johnson & Johnson
  28. BMW
  29. Singapore Airlines
  30. Goldman Sachs Group
  31. UPS
  32. Nordstrom
  33. Accenture
  34. Eli Lilly
  35. PepsiCo
  36. Morgan Stanley
  37. Moderna
  38. Visa
  39. Southwest Airlines
  40. Mastercard
  41. Danaher
  42. Bank of America
  43. L'Oréal
  44. 3M
  45. Samsung Electronics
  46. Adobe
  47. Lowe's
  48. IBM
  49. Publix Super Markets
  50. CVS Health

View the full list at Fortune.

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Dan DeesneeFeb 11, 2024

You're exactly right in that they will never admit it. It's a corporation. What they'll do instead is they'll make safe bets, like sequels. This is actually exactly what they just announced on their earnings call. Then at some point in the next few years they'll start to release more original movies and they will be very different from the stuff they've released in the past five plus years.

Nubs70Feb 06, 2024

Cause all his star players retired or moved on.

AlanzoFeb 02, 2024

IMHO, Disney is still a good family company to probably 90% of American households that haven't been swept up in manufactured culture wars in the last decade and probably still some of them that have. But their business decisions have been meh.

John park hopperFeb 02, 2024

Never going to happen.

Dan DeesneeFeb 02, 2024

What's that saying? Garbage in, garbage out. Disney has lots it's way. Probably will take 5-10 years for them to recover their perception as a good family company. And that's only if they stop producing politicized trash.

pcr42Feb 02, 2024

Seriously, really no one admires Microsoft, Amazon or JP Morgan Chase. No one knows what Alphabet is or what it does and Walmart is one of the most hated companies on the planet. It’s propaganda. But let's stay positive :)... but in reading through the responses above - yes, it's not a public popularity survey, it's ranked with other criteria, and Disney has not been returning value to shareholders. The parks need to not be funneling profits to the studios. The broken streaming business model is hurting profitability.

LilofanFeb 01, 2024

Using hate has been proven to make some successful as long as the person gets the people to line up and drink the Kool Aid.

AlanzoFeb 01, 2024

If Disney came in #1, haters would hate. If Disney came in last, haters would hate. In summary, haters gonna hate.

LilofanFeb 01, 2024

When some retire some don't miss the money but the power and influence they had for many years.

ToTBellHopFeb 01, 2024

Who’s Indy?

SplashJacketFeb 01, 2024

Oh, then 1000% Disney has been leaving billions on the table for years!

DrdcmFeb 01, 2024

Exactly. That was my thought, although not really explained at all. Disney topping this list in the past isn’t necessarily a good thing if the reason they are admired is because of how creatively anti-consumer and predatory they are… cough cough EA. Execs be jelly because of the 🤑🤑🤑

BrianFeb 01, 2024

Yes. It's somewhat misleading to call it "Most Admired Companies" as the implication is that the admirers are the general public. Just to expand with Fortune's own words: As we have in the past, Fortune collaborated with our partner Korn Ferry on this survey of corporate reputations. We began with a universe of about 1,500 candidates: the 1,000 largest U.S. companies ranked by revenue, along with non-U.S. companies in Fortune’s Global 500 database that have revenues of $10 billion or more. We winnowed the assortment to the highest-revenue companies in each industry, a total of 660 in 29 countries. The top-rated companies were picked from that pool of 660; the executives who voted work at the companies in that group. To determine the best-regarded companies in 52 industries, Korn Ferry asked executives, directors, and analysts to rate enterprises in their own industry on nine criteria, from investment value and quality of management and products to social responsibility and ability to attract talent. A company’s score must rank in the top half of its industry survey to be listed. (For complete rankings, visit fortune.com). Results were not published in the following categories due to insufficient response rates: Food and Drug Stores, Mining-Crude Oil Production, Motor Vehicles, Network and Communications Equipment, Wholesalers: Health Care. To select our 50 All-Stars, Korn Ferry asked 3,720 executives, directors, and securities analysts who had responded to the industry surveys to select the 10 companies they admired most. They chose from a list made up of the companies that ranked in the top 25% in last year’s surveys, plus those that finished in the top 20% of their industry. Anyone could vote for any company in any industry. The difference in the voting rolls explains why some results can seem at odds with each other. For example, Lockheed Martin fell off the All-Star list but ranked No. 1 within the aerospace and defense category when votes from only those in that industry were counted. Korn Ferry, which has conducted the research for the World’s Most Admired Companies list since 1997, is a global management consulting firm. For information about Korn Ferry’s services, go to https://www.kornferry.com/. Fortune is no longer publishing the list of World’s Most Admired contenders online. If you are interested in obtaining your company’s industry score and ranking from our survey results, please email your request to editor Scott Decarlo at: scott.decarlo@fortune.com[/EMAIL] For information on licensing, logos, permissions, and reprints of Fortune content, please visit our partner PARS International at https://www.parsintl.com/publication/fortune-rankings/ [/QUOTE] Source: https://fortune.com/franchise-list-page/methodology-worlds-most-admired-companies-2024/

UNCgolfFeb 01, 2024

It's because this is a different kind of survey than people are imagining. It's an industry survey made up of executives and analysts, so they're likely looking at which companies are doing the best job at increasing revenue etc. It has nothing to do with what the general public thinks about any of these companies.