Walt Disney World suspends sales of most new annual passes as the busy holiday season approaches

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Posted: Monday November 22, 2021 8:06am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney suspended sales of most new Walt Disney World annual passes late yesterday less than three months after restarting sales.

As of this morning, only the heavily restricted Disney Pixie Dust Pass is available to purchase, with sales of the Pirate Pass, Sorcerer Pass and Incredi-Pass listed as "currently available."

Disney does have wording on its website to suggest that this may be a possibly, "Annual Passes may be unavailable for purchase at any time." There is no indication of when sales will resume, but Disney has noted internally that the pause in sales will last into 2022.

Annual Pass renewals remain available for purchase.

Walt Disney World's annual pass program was overhauled in late August 2021, with new pass types introduced, and sales then beginning in early September.

Disney hasn't given a reason for the halt in sales, but Disney Park Pass availability is becoming scarce again, with this week already full for many types of ticket.

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ToTBellHop4 hours ago

PaulZ9 hours ago

If they did this, that would be the final straw that would break the camels back for a lot of AP’s. They aren’t going to pay $25 (or some discounted rate) to park every time they go or have to jump through more hoops to park somewhere free and take an hour to use their transportation to get there. Disney better start treading lightly. We have yet another variant of Covid more contagious than the last and if, and that’s a big if, I heard correctly vaccines are only about 60% effective against it thus far. If it gets here and we wind up under some sort of lockdown again, it’s Florida resident APs that will save their ass. That’s the ones they seem hell bent on running as many off of as possible.

drizgirl11 hours ago

Unfortunately guest satisfaction isn't as high a concern.

DVCakaCarlF11 hours ago

There’s obviously a metric they use to determine the highest profitability based on guest count and staffing.

Sirwalterraleigh23 hours ago

I just got a report from two groups in the parks now… “sold out” doesn’t appear to mean what it used to 🙄 …even more so than your expect

MisterPenguin1 day ago

Do you have any evidence that he is? You're the one making an extraordinary claim. Where's your proof?

Oddysey1 day ago

You know I do not think this is outside of the realm of possibility. When I received a survey from Disney asking why I choose not to renew my AP, there questions revolved mostly around 3 themes. The importance of overcrowding, the reservation system, and free parking at the parks. I’m not joking when I say free AP parking questions were a significant portion of a substantially large survey. Note that I marked free park parking as highly important when making a decision on a Florida resident AP.

Chip Chipperson1 day ago

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Tay1 day ago

There was no reason for them to start a streaming service or acquire Fox to fattened their catalog other than the fact that they’re obsessed with power. Netflix is the largest streaming company and has never made a profit and is billions of dollars in debt but nope they have to be on top of everything. Universal has had some duds but they’ve opened a new ride or 2 every year for a decade. Meanwhile it’s taking Disney 73 years to open a new ride every other 3 years that is scaled back from its plans. I bet they have plenty of merch too. To think they became such a force was because Disney turned down Harry Potter lol.

threvester1 day ago

of note...they asked numerous times if I was aware prior to the survey that passes would not always be for sale

TrainChasers1 day ago

That’s not what I said at all. Do you have any evidence that he’s not harmful to the parks?

threvester1 day ago

Just finished filling out the passholder survey they emailed me...I let them have it for all of us!

Tay1 day ago

I’m so happy because I stupidly talked myself into getting one and now I can’t. They clearly don’t want annual pass holders on both coasts.

Chip Chipperson1 day ago

So what you're saying is that the reason the Harmony Barber Shop remains closed is that D'Amaro is plotting to help that coward Chapek "escape" through its window? I think I might be okay with that as long as Iger doesn't dress like Brutus Beefcake when it all goes down.