Disney raises prices of Walt Disney World annual passes while sales remain paused

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Posted: Tuesday November 15, 2022 9:45am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's line-up of Walt Disney World Annual Passes will see a price increase when sales finally resume. (via @ScottGustin)

  • Incredi-Pass - $1399 (previously $1299)
  • Sorcerer Pass - $969 (previously $899)
  • Pirate Pass - $749 (previously $699)
  • Pixie Dust Pass - $399 (no change)

Walt Disney World's annual pass program was overhauled in late August 2021, with new pass types introduced, and sales then beginning in early September.

By late November 2021, only the heavily restricted Disney Pixie Dust Pass was available to purchase, with sales of the Pirate Pass, Sorcerer Pass and Incredi-Pass listed as "currently available."

Disney has not yet offered any information on when sales of all Annual Passes at Walt Disney World will resume, but they are not expected during 2022. Existing Annual Passholders can still renew, regardless of the pass type.

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MagicHappens197117 days ago

It is actually already built into mobile order.

Ayla18 days ago

Because Disney IT sucks (and always has).

Jrb197918 days ago

Already sold out.

Fido Chuckwagon18 days ago

That will be sold out by tomorrow.

Touchdown18 days ago

Hey at least they found a ceiling, the most expensive pass is the only one left.

EeyoreFan#2418 days ago

Well if you can’t get your ticket online, just shake it off and tell Disney we are never ever getting back together.

GhostHost100018 days ago

Disney’s lack of thought, planning, and handling with everything the last few years has been mind boggling. Then again, not really.

Jrb197918 days ago

That was quick.

Disstevefan118 days ago

BINGO! I call it the WDW parking pass.

el_super18 days ago

To carefully control the quota. If they only want to sell a set number, they have to wait for potential buyers to complete or cancel their transactions before offering it to the next buyer.

Fido Chuckwagon18 days ago

It is 2022. Why.is.there.a.wait.to.purchase.something.online!

el_super18 days ago

They reached the quota they wanted to sell. The demand has been exceptionally high. Someone posted that the wait online to buy the passes was 12 hours.

Sirwalterraleigh18 days ago

Is that the one where you can only visit dak after 3 on even numbered Tuesdays during the slowest 2 months of the year?

Jrb197918 days ago

The pixie dust pass will always be available as thats when they want the unfavorables to visit. The rest of the passes will be available for a limited time.