New Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse stroller rentals arrive at Walt Disney World

Jan 20, 2022 in "Stroller Rental"

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Disney World Strollers
Posted: Thursday January 20, 2022 9:41am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today introduced the new Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse themed strollers at Walt Disney World theme parks.

The new strollers continue to feature the same physical shape and features as the outgoing models, but with the new visual character design featuring Mickey and Minnie. Both single strollers and double strollers remain available.

Pricing remains the same for a single stroller at $15 per day, or $13 per day for a length of stay purchase. A double stroller has increased by $1 and is now $31 per day, or $27 per day for a length of stay purchase.

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celluloidJan 20, 2022

Well the company does not seem to care about that in general anymore.

Vegas Disney FanJan 20, 2022

Another benefit I forget to mention in my previous comment is the bright red is much easier to see, making it a little easier to avoid collisions in the packed parks. (Unfortunately it does nothing to prevent idiots from using them as battering rams to push their way through the crowds though.)

peter11435Jan 20, 2022

Up until today the strollers were already colored differently by park. Most noticeable at DAK. They don’t bring strollers over from other parks. They start a wait list and contact guests when others are returned and become available.

mary2013Jan 20, 2022

Theming by park wouldn't really work. I've seen several times over the years where a park, usually MK, would run out of rentals later in the morning, and CMs would tell guests they are bringing more over from a different park. The CMs would get their number and let them know when they come in.

John park hopperJan 20, 2022

I hate all the strollers in the park-- when my kids were little we used a compact umbrella stroller.

Tom MorrowJan 19, 2022

Right, but Eisner sprinkled Mickey into Epcot, he didn't turn Maelstrom into an unrelated synergy product or make the nighttime show a Disney songs singalong. Yes, he made a plethora of bad decisions in his late years, but for most of his career he seemed to have a grasp on the concept that the parks are their own unique thing and not just an extension of marketing. This would be great!

TraumaJan 19, 2022

I understand your point. What if some where themed to rides? I would love a ToT themed stroller! Unfortunately with most rides based on IP now you probably would just end up with more characters.

James AlucobondJan 19, 2022

I think that, uh, this might not actually be true. While I agree that they're overdoing it in many ways, I also feel that Eisner's "Where's Mickey?" reaction to EPCOT might be more of the norm than enthusiasts care to believe.

ImperfectPixieJan 19, 2022

It's as if those making these decisions have blinders on and can't envision their choices actually in the real-world environment they "live" in. ETA: The Minnie Vans vs. the Buses is a good comparison. Everyone knows that red with white polka dots means "Minnie", but the overall "advertising" feel isn't there. The symbol on the sides of the vehicles is subtle enough to not feel like advertising. Compared to the Minnie Vans, the buses are literally rolling billboards.

Tom MorrowJan 19, 2022

WDW is a special place and should strive to be different, though. Full-vehicle bus wrap advertisements are common in cities now. The Disney character bus wraps are essentially the same thing. The Magical Express and Cruise Line buses had the right idea. Magical Express looking like a fancy vintage bus and the cruise line buses looking cruise ship-esque. They had subtle character silhouettes in the back, not giant faces taking up the entire side. Again, theming vs. branding. Looking a little deeper, the look of the WDW monorails, without anything but a colored striped on them, is iconic. They still look sleek and modern to this day. Imagine if all along, they had had characters painted all over them. Would they still be iconic? Side note - yes, the buses are a much bigger deal than the strollers, but they're worth discussing in here for comparisons. If it were just the strollers, yes, it wouldn't be anything to complain about. But it's also the buses. The skyliner cars. The monorails (thankfully only one at a time). The hotels. The hotel rooms. The full-service restaurants. The physical tickets. The names of the annual passes. Finding merchandise without tacky character branding is becoming rare. They're increasingly putting character and IP themed attractions anywhere they can regardless of whether or not they belong. It's all so cheap, lazy, and cynical. I sincerely hope that, while they probably know and don't care, Chapek & Co. are at least aware of the fact that the characters are only a small fraction of what the appeal of WDW is. There's a very large portion of WDW visitors that do not give a flying f--- about the characters.

TraumaJan 19, 2022

I’d rather look at these than an regular stroller. I don’t understand the problem. Of course I don’t have stroller age kids so I guess I don’t care at all.

Vegas Disney FanJan 19, 2022

They’ve had these at Disneyland for a few months now, they are super cute. Just goes to show that people really will complain about anything, these are a giant step up from the bland tan ones in my book.

ImperfectPixieJan 19, 2022

Hand-painted lettering and graphics are a class above and still in widespread use in some segments. It's very unfortunate that most just aren't willing to invest in artistry the way they used to..."new" and "cheap" doesn't always translate to "better".