Tropical Depression NINE to impact the theme park areas later this week

Aug 30, 2016 in "Severe Weather impacts to Walt Disney World"

Posted: Tuesday August 30, 2016 12:35pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Tropical Depression NINE is forecast to impact the theme park areas of Central Florida later this week.

The current forecast track puts the system as a Tropical Storm in Central Florida on Thursday, with sustained winds between 39 and 73mph and heavy rainfall.

Based on previous storms of this size, expect impacts to outdoor entertainment and transportation at Walt Disney World theme parks.

The last time the parks were closed due to weather was in late October 2005, with Magic Kingdom and Epcot having delayed openings at 1pm, and Disney's Animal Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios and the water parks remaining closed for the entire day.

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LAKid53Sep 10, 2016

For those of you wondering what the impact of Hurricane Her-Mean looks like, here's a picture of some of the tree debris cleared from the roads. The major cleanup starts this Monday and is expected to take at least two weeks. I can tell you, some of those trees were stunning live oaks over a hundred years old. :( BTW, that pile is 2,200 tons of fallen trees. Anybody need some mulch?

wdwfan22Sep 06, 2016

I hope your are not serious otherwise you are the winner for the most ignorant post award.

LAKid53Sep 06, 2016

I'm not even going to dignify that comment with a response. :/

bunnymanSep 05, 2016

It was the RC Anthem of the Seas out of NY Harbor. The video is all over the internet; at peak had 100 mph wind gusts and 30 ft seas. Left Bayone, NJ for Bermuda on Saturday and they tried to go around storm but the storm parked further out than expected so they had no way around it

mimitchi33Sep 05, 2016

Then how can you talk on here if you have no power? There's nothing here, woo-hoo! But I did hear a story about a cruise ship that had to pass by Hermine this morning...

LAKid53Sep 04, 2016

Report from up here in the Florida Big Bend....Leon County specifically. We took quite a hit from Her Mean (our name for the storm). Over 100,000 city residents were without power. As of this morning, about 45,000 still don't have power, me included. Two huge pine trees fell across our street, trapping us until the guys in the neighborhood brought out their chain saws and cut a path. A big Dogwood fell in my neighbor's driveway, trapping the person watching their pets. Fortunately, it didn't damage get car, but left a lot of debris on the roof he just spent $11,000 replacing. Every single one of us in the cul-de-sac had a tree come down during the storm. Fortunately, other than my neighbor, they all were in our backyards and didn't cause any structural damage. I'm still trying to figure out which oak tree the 15 foot tree limb in my side yard came from, since I don't see an injury to the one in my front yard. And I was lucky...if that limb came from my nextdoor neighbor's tree, that was some wind to propel that thing into my yard....but thankfully not into my kitchen. Spent two days cleaning up the mess, removing debris from driveway and front yard...the piles of pine/oak/magnolia branches are so neat. Will wait for a week or so to call the tree guy to cut up the 30 foot tree that fell in the backyard, since they are busy helping people get fallen trees out of their homes. Spent this morning finishing cleaning out the frig... probably threw away hundreds of $$$ of meats - since i had a freezer full of fish and chicken. But the frig is now squeaky clean, albeit empty. Next project is putting the deck furniture and plants I stored on the screened porch back out and then clean the porch. It's been hot, but thanks to overcast skies and afternoon rains, not miserably so. Just hoping to get power back in time to watch Monday night's big football game. Go Noles! Next time that commercial about whole home generators comes on, think I will investigate..... Glad the rest of Florida made it through okay. We really took a beating up here in the Big Bend, especially Wakulla and Taylor counties. I've seen pictures...10-11 foot storm surges, looks like a bomb went off. Had to cancel our holiday weekend trip to Uni as the vet didn't have power or water, so I couldn't board my cat. But Uni kind enough to give me a full refund. Just thankful everyone is injuries or loss of life...and I have an undamaged home. Lived through Kate 31 years ago, so familiar with the annoyance of no power - and that was for a week!

ravenSep 02, 2016

They closed on Thursday as well. Independence here :D I live just a couple miles north of MK and 3 tornados touched down in Hancock Lake (reported). That was all right before 9pm then I heard MK's fireworks going off so I figured it must've missed there. But it got quite windy here a few times but other times there was no movement it seemed.

JUFL2019Sep 02, 2016

I figured I would say that, I just didn't feel like reading back and quoting specific posts hahaha

DisoneSep 02, 2016

Thank you for prefacing that with not my post specifically, as my original post I specified Central Florida. Though even more specifically, I do mean WDW and Orlando. Its a non event HERE. Skys peaking through now, so those with Halloween Party Tickets should be a good, if not very muggy, place for tonight's events.

JUFL2019Sep 02, 2016

Not referencing your post in-particular, but I don't understand the attitude on here of "Well nothing happened to me so all this was an underwhelming hoax." Hundreds of thousands of people are with out power, coastal areas are flooded, numerous tornado were spotted across the state, and the list goes on. These kind of storms are erratic and weather conditions can vary from town to town. I'll just never understand the "well that hurricane didn't do anything" when thousands of homes have been damaged, hundreds destroyed etc

DisoneSep 02, 2016

I do not know what there is to get frustrated about. I live in Hunters Creek, 15 minutes from Epcot, and I was in the MK area last night. No one is saying radars lie, but weather reporting is not an exact science and apparently either is reporting live weather. The fact is it I left MK area at 8:30 to come home and watch Big Brother. From 9 to 9:30 all I got was weather up dates that a massive cell was passing through and NOTHING was happening out side. I texted my friend who had stayed for Wishes at MK, and nothing but sprinkles and breezes. But that radar DID show it above WDW.

sweetaleSep 02, 2016

We are Summerport as well. It seemed to get bad for a while between 8:30-9:15pm and then let up. It's incredibly windy right now, but the rain has slowed considerably. But it's my first hurricane/tropical storm so I have nothing to compare it to. Our biggest question was where do we go (no basements)! My husband built a pillow fort out of couch cushions in our "Harry Potter" closet.

CrazydisneyfanlukeSep 02, 2016

I only just moved up here, Its my second week and enjoying it a lot more. This is video of my hometown though.

Sped2424Sep 02, 2016

The UCF area is beautiful and great I've lived here all my life and find it to be one of the best places to live in Orlando!