Disney begins meal kit service and character enhancements for guests sheltering at Walt Disney World Resort hotels during Hurricane Ian

Sep 28, 2022 in "Severe Weather impacts to Walt Disney World"

Posted: Wednesday September 28, 2022 11:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World resort hotels are now serving meal kits and providing character meet and greets for guests sheltering during Hurricane Ian.

Available at most quick service locations while supplies last, meal kits are priced between $5 and $7 for adults, and $4 - $6 for kids. (See below for menu)

At some hotels, restaurants are currently operating as usual, serving regular menus. This will likely change later in the day and into tomorrow.

Disney is also providing character meet and greet enhancements at the resort hotels, along with free play at arcades, and swimming pools currently remain open.

Disney is currently expecting two days of significant disruption at Walt Disney World, with plans to reopen most locations on Friday following damage assessments. Learn more about Walt Disney World operational impacts due to Hurricane Ian.

Walt Disney World Resort Hotel Hurricane Meal Kit Menu

Bagel, Cereal Bowl, Fresh Fruit, Milk, Yogurt Parfait, Simply Orange Juice, Cream Cheese, Butter, Jam

Cereal Box, Raisins, Apple Slices, Peanut Butter Cup, Yogurt Smoothie, Milk, Apple Juice

Roast Beef and Cheddar Cheese on Multigrain Bread

Served on Multigrain Bread

Served on Multigrain Bread

Served on Multigrain Bread

Deli-sliced Ham and American Cheese on a Brioche Bun

Vegetables, Roasted Red Pepper, Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions, Feta, Arugula and Hummus on a flour Tortilla

Above items served with Carroteenies®, Fresh Fruit, Potato Chips, Chocolate Chip Cookie, and a 20 oz. Dasani® Water


Above items served with Carroteenies®, Fresh Fruit, Grapes, Chocolate Chip Cookie, and a 12 oz. Dasani® Water

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donsullivanOct 15, 2022

One more step towards recovery. They are finally reopening after the flooding from Ian.

donsullivanOct 14, 2022

A little update that the flooding behind the Magic Kingdom has finally dissipated and Reams Road has now re-opened. The impact of these storms last much longer than the national news coverage. Bay Court is the entrance road for the residential community in the city of Bay Lake to the east of the North Service Area. Floridian Place runs along the west side of the CM parking lot.

JoeCamelOct 13, 2022

Hero's all, they come from all over leaving their families behind to help people they don't know in terrible conditions because they know if the situation was reversed locals would be at their door asking to help.. The cooperation agreements and planning for major disruptions is amazing to see. Thank you from me to them

Vegas Disney FanOct 12, 2022

It’s amazing how quickly we can do things when the will is there, the news was saying it would take months to restore the bridge, they managed it in just over a week. It’s also encouraging to see how good people really are, we usually highlight the bad people so it’s easy to forget the majority truly are good people.

drizgirlOct 12, 2022

Truly heartwarming. I'm tearing up.

drizgirlOct 12, 2022

That's amazing. The cavalry has arrived. 😍

DryerLintFanOct 12, 2022

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid0S9XoNHGw9veKtXer5tAEtdpzPevBw1wLk9HZ781Tde5FXsdHwfHguQPMfAtonFXWl&id=1522890978 Not sure if FB videos work here but this was really moving ❤️ One by one they go, restoring power and hope.

DryerLintFanOct 12, 2022

The bridge to Sanibel Island yesterday morning ❤️

SoFloMagicOct 07, 2022

Too busy fighting the largest private employer in the state during special sessions of legislature instead of using those special sessions for insurance reform as previously announced.

John park hopperOct 06, 2022

I posted this before after hurricane Hugo we were inundated with supposed roofers and contractors that did shoddy work and then left the state. Th homeowner was left holding the bag not getting what they paid for.. Beware and know who you are hiring to do the work and never ever pay up front.

LilofanOct 05, 2022

Your example of $20K check from the insurance company is reality. Then enter the crooked money hungry roofers who prey on the desperate homeowners. To get the roof done it won't cost $20K but $30K. Dont like it? Then hope that blue tarp that covers the open gaps of the damaged roof doesn't leak water into the house in future rain storms.

Vegas Disney FanOct 05, 2022

I don’t know the specifics but why aren’t they mirroring the regulations of the other 49 states that aren’t resulting in 80% of lawsuits? The articles I’m reading say Florida accounts for 9% of policies but 79% of lawsuits, and the insurance companies spend billions every year fighting those lawsuits so they lose even if they win. Mirroring the regulations of the other states that aren’t bankrupting insurers seems a good place to start.

DryerLintFanOct 05, 2022

How do you propose they fix it? Right now in PG and FMB and Naples you have hundreds of people with damage to their property. Before Ian hit the area already had labor and material shortages for construction and new builds took years. So there's a huge influx of help coming from arround the country. General contractors, electricians, plumbers, and crooks. You have a ton of desperate home owners who want to get their homes restored, and a ton of strangers in the area who SAY they are legitimate construction workers. There's no way to really check references, no way to ask your neighbor if they're any good, and if they screw up they can't be contacted again because they aren't from the area. So the homeowner gets a check for $20k from insurance for a new roof, let's say, and they get a new roof from a perfectly legitimate looking company that charitably came all the way from Texas to help the area recover. But they do such crappy work that the insurance company, upon inspection, will not reinsure the home unless the roof is replaced again, but now the homeowner has no money. They can't get the money back because that company ghosted them and their contact information now goes nowhere. At least this is the scenario I'm hearing is playing out again and again. We plan on waiting before replacing our pool cage until the company that put it up can replace it. So we'll spend this winter with the alligators and snakes and noseeums 😭😭 but it sure beats being swindled.

DryerLintFanOct 05, 2022

Well now that it's allowed it's no fun 😂