Florida Division of Emergency Management warns against dangerously hot and humid conditions at Walt Disney World this week

Jun 28, 2023 in "Severe Weather impacts to Walt Disney World"

Posted: Wednesday June 28, 2023 10:28am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Florida Division of Emergency Management is alerting residents and visitors to dangerously hot and humid conditions starting today across the state.

High temperatures will climb into the low to mid 90's, with "feels like" heat indices surpassing triple digits (100-108) by the afternoon statewide.

Specific "feels like" heat index temperatures for the Walt Disney World theme park areas are 106F on Wednesday, 102F on Thursday, and as high as 106F on Sunday.

The Florida Division of Emergency Management encourages everyone to stay hydrated and cool to avoid heat-related illnesses.

The heat index is the "feels like temperature" that describes the combined effect of high air temperature and high humidity. The higher this combination, the more difficult it is for the body to cool itself.

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MickeyLuv'rJul 04, 2023

It means I'm not interested in arguing. :)

MisterPenguinJul 04, 2023

I'm confused. What does sincerity have to do with biomedical findings? As mentioned above, I'm backing off of the alcohol claims, since in retrospect, the amount of alcohol changes the dynamics. And if you're hydrating the way you like, then keep it up. It is proactive. And the placebo effect adds 20% satisfaction! ;)

MisterPenguinJul 04, 2023

I'm bowing out about the effects of alcohol on dehydration. The sources I can find never mention how much alcohol one drinks. Which is important to distinguish someone who is having a few beers to someone who is stumbling drunk. However, I will double down on not having to worry about caffeine unless you're ingesting very large quantities. And if you're doing that, dehydration isn't one's main health concern... https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/expert-answers/caffeinated-drinks/faq-20057965

MisterPenguinJul 04, 2023

You're equating the "associated symptom" of a hangover, which happens the morning after, with what was happening the night before... which was drinking alcohol. While you're drinking drinks with alcohol, you're hydrated. While you're drinking drinks with alcohol, you don't have a hangover and you don't feel dehydrated, because you're not dehydrated. What happens 8 hours later when you wake up doesn't apply to your level of hydration the night before. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hangover

MickeyLuv'rJul 04, 2023

I believe you are sincere, I posted based on my personal experience, not "pop science." I have read elsewhere that supposedly any liquid is okay, but in the heat, we feel better when we follow the advice I posted. What works for us might not work for others though.

TouchdownJul 03, 2023

Alcohol and very strong coffee (straight cappuccino) are dehydrating, however weak caffeinated drinks (soda, regular coffee) are mildly hydrating. Alcohol is a much more potent diuretic then caffeine.

JoeCamelJul 03, 2023

You ever drink beer? I have to differ about the alcohol, one of the causes of a hangover is the dehydration from ingestion and if you ever saw the line at the trough (urinal) at a college bar it would be apparent you can't drink faster than your body wants to eliminate it. One or two I don't think would have the same effect but drinking all day or around the world is not helping your body wither the heat

Smiley/OCDJul 03, 2023

Like a nice, HOT coffee from Starbucks…lol

seabreezept813Jul 03, 2023

Ya we don’t have central AC. One downstairs, one upstairs. We put the kids in our room on really hot nights. I went to Brazil during their summer and then didn’t even have AC in cars.. just no relief anywhere but in a very rural area.

MisterPenguinJul 03, 2023

WRT liquids: Just ingest enough to keep sweating. There is no need to drink certain types of liquids or avoid others -- at least not with regard to staying hydrated. Only those doing strenuous exercise over a long period need to purposefully increase electrolyte intake. Caffeine and alcohol do have a very small diuretic component, but, only at first and do not have a dehydrating effect over a long time period. Salty drinks, sweet drinks, juices, artificially sweetened, bitter drinks, coffee, beer... all work if the goal is to stay hydrated. That's what scientific studies say as opposed to pop science. Just drink enough liquids of any type to keep sweating to avoid heat stress/stroke. You know you're drinking enough if you're urinating and it's relatively clear. Now you can justify that third Dole whip. Of course, one may want to chose some liquids over others for other health reasons.

Smiley/OCDJul 03, 2023

Being in the Garden State, we used the infamous “Jersey Week” or the week after Easter…I think there was one trip that we pulled them out for 2 days, but never a whole week.

LilofanJul 03, 2023

My parents never did it but others in my grade school class back in the day would go on vacation to WDW for a week while missing school for a week when their parents pulled them out of school.

Smiley/OCDJul 03, 2023

Or just drink Dasani water…it has sodium added…can’t wait for Tiana to open…all the NaCl you could ever want…

Smiley/OCDJul 03, 2023

We’ve NEVER been there in the summer for just this reason…there’s plenty of other times during the year when the kiddos have the week off that we were able to take them.