Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine to possibly impact the theme parks this weekend

Sep 13, 2019 in "Severe Weather impacts to Walt Disney World"

Posted: Friday September 13, 2019 828am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The National Hurricane Center is tracking a weather system that could bring tropical storm force winds to the east coast of Florida this weekend.

Although its impact to the parks is not yet certain, the predicted path suggests some weather impacts will be felt early Sunday morning.

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ChanceHSep 22, 2019

Well the storm didn’t hit Orlando but we got stuck in Florida a couple extra days due to the TS flooding in Houston. Couldn’t fly home when airport is under water. Dodge one storm get involved in another sorta.

wendysueSep 15, 2019

Well, in that case, I wish I had been there this week! :)

wendysueSep 15, 2019

Glad I won't be there this week. It would be just like home. We have gotten 7 inches this week and 7 the week before. :grumpy:

IanDLBZFSep 14, 2019

Latest NHC Advisory has this storm off the coast.

LensmanSep 14, 2019

Oh my. 40% probability of tropical storm force winds over Great Abaco Island in the Northern Bahamas, and parts of Grand Bahama Island as well. :( (the same islands hit by the worst of Hurricane Dorian)

Ismael FloresSep 13, 2019

but the real question is............... Will it hit Alabama?

radiohead8989Sep 13, 2019

With the 5 PM est update, it looks like it might move east. It might not hit Florida at all.

wdisney9000Sep 13, 2019

Brand addicts can breathe a sigh of relief as they have another hurricane to blame for the lack of crowds swarming SWGE. *PeOpLe ArE cAnCeLLiNg VaCaTiOnS!!!!!

ChanceHSep 13, 2019

We land at a MCO Sunday at 11:30. Hope the flight doesn’t get delayed. The parks I’m not worried about.

fngoofySep 13, 2019

I agree, I would not want to weather sustained 45mph winds either. But those speeds, for a system that will be 50mi off the shore, and 90mi+ from WDW spells 0 impact on the parks. /slightly concerned for Vero Beach Resort, but only slightly.

radiohead8989Sep 13, 2019

I arrive at MCO at 11:41 AM on Sunday. It seems like I'm always worried about my flights. There's either a storm in Chicago, or a problem at the destination. I've been lucky many times. There have been times when O'hare shutdown, right after my flight took off. I hope my luck holds up again.

cmb5002Sep 13, 2019

Ditto. Arriving at MCO at 8:35am. I'm not worried about the parks, more about my flight.

ThatMouseSep 13, 2019

This means longer than usual rain, but you can still have parts of the day hot & sunny.

ToTBellHopSep 13, 2019

It’s Friday afternoon. They’ll get to it Monday.