Lights remain on at Walt Disney World and damage appears minimal

Sep 11, 2017 in "Severe Weather impacts to Walt Disney World"

Magic Kingdom post Irma

Hurricane Irma took a last minute shift east overnight, hitting Central Florida harder than expected, but it appears at least initially that Walt Disney World escaped without major damage.

Reports from around the resorts suggest that power is still on, and damage appears to be limited to landscape damage, fallen branches, tipped over trash cans and the relatively minor damage.

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The full extent of the damage won't be known until the post-storm teams evaluate the situation. Previously, Animal Kingdom's landscape was hit particularly hard.

Irma has now been degraded to a tropical storm, and is still pushing 35mph winds into the area. The clean-up effort should be possible later this morning.

As of now, all Disney World theme parks are closed, but are expected to reopen to guests on Tuesday September 12 2017.

Orlando International Airport operations are expected to resume in a limited capacity on Tuesday.

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Article Posted: Sep 11, 2017 / 8:30am EDT