National Weather Service issues an Excessive Heat Warning for the Walt Disney World theme park area

Aug 09, 2023 in "Severe Weather impacts to Walt Disney World"

Posted: Wednesday August 9, 2023 9:48am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The National Weather Service has elevated its heat advisory today to an "Excessive Heat Warning," in effect from 11am to 7pm.

Temperatures are heading into the upper 90s today and will combine with very high humidity to produce dangerous heat index values.

An Excessive Heat Warning has been issued for all of east central Florida as heat index values reach 110 to as high as 115 degrees.

The National Weather Service advises that the best place to be today is indoors. If venturing outside, stay well-hydrated and take frequent indoor rest breaks, preferably in an air-conditioned room.
Areas that see any scattered afternoon storms (30-50% chance) will experience some relief from the heat. A few stronger storms may produce frequent lightning, 40 to 50 mph wind gusts, and torrential downpours.

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LilofanAug 15, 2023

St Augustine grass is heat tolerant and does well in the very hot weather just mow your lawn early in morning or after dinner time to avoid heat stroke.

DisneyCaneAug 15, 2023

I wish we could send some of the South Florida rain up to you. This has been one of the wettest summers I can remember at my house down here.

LilofanAug 15, 2023

Spring time was a more comfortable time , low 80s during the day, low 60s at night , no rain for several days

ToTBellHopAug 15, 2023

Yes, it’s been different. I can’t think of visits any month of the year without rain for 8 days.

LilofanAug 15, 2023

All the years we visited in August, rains daily especially in afternoons.

DisneyFanatic12Aug 15, 2023

That’s crazy! Could be because of the ocean temps too. All of our grass is dying because we haven’t gotten a drop of rain for two weeks. It sprinkled a little today, but no noticeable precip for a while. (Due to scattered showers, some other areas have gotten closer to a normal amount of rain)

DisneyCaneAug 15, 2023

Possible. We're getting a lot of rain in Southeast Florida and it's still been very hot and humid.

JoeCamelAug 15, 2023

And really good AC

SamusAranXAug 15, 2023

Today was relatively better. A lot of cloud cover at Epcot. Still hot, but not drop dead hot like the last two weeks.

ToTBellHopAug 15, 2023

Didn’t actually rain today. Last time I saw rain was 8 days ago. Never had that before in August at Disney. But it was only 93 today!

MisterPenguinAug 14, 2023

We need a 20 minute Navi River Journey with BarcaLounges.

Disstevefan1Aug 14, 2023

Yes, I finally got it :) Totally agree. Nice cool, dark, comfortable places to get some Zzzzzzz :)

prberkAug 14, 2023

No, I meant for a nice long classic attraction with AC.

LilofanAug 14, 2023

2x-3x a day rainstorms , sweating and soaking wet at the same time?