Update to Disney's PhotoPass site adds copy protection watermarks over images

Jul 24, 2015 in "PhotoPass"

An update to Disney's PhotoPass service has added watermarks across images when viewed online at MyDisneyPhotoPass.com.

The copy protection watermarks cover a large amount of the image, a technique which is often used to dissuade people from copying an image without making a purchase.

Any photo that has not been purchased will show the watermark, both on the index screen, and during any editing (as shown above). If a photo is purchased, or is part of the Memory Maker package, the watermark is removed.

Along with the watermarking, Disney has made a couple of other changes to the PhotoPass site.

  • If purchasing a digital copy of a PhotoPass image online, you will be able to download any copies you make of that image without additional charge. A copy image is made when an edit is made, such as cropping, adding a border or other special effect.

  • If a print is purchased online, the digital version of that print can now be downloaded without additional charge.
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Article Posted: Jul 24, 2015 / 10:56am EDT