New Year's Eve operating hours extended at all four Walt Disney World theme parks

Nov 30, 2020 in "Operating Hours"

Disney has updated the operating hours for Walt Disney World throughout December, including extending the hours at all four parks on New Year's Eve.

We aren't seeing the usual midnight and beyond operation hours, but we now see Disney's Animal Kingdom opening at 7am, and the latest closure being Magic Kingdom at 11pm. This obviously avoids any suggestion of a midnight celebration, and the staggered times should help to reduce pressure on transportation.

The updated December 31 2020 hours are:

  • Magic Kingdom, originally 9am to 7pm, now 8am to 11pm.
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom, originally 9am to 5pm, now 7am to 8pm
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios, originally 10am to 7pm, now 9am to 9pm.
  • EPCOT originally 12pm to 8pm, now 10am to 10pm.

You can view all the latest operating hours at our Walt Disney World operating hours calendar.

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Article Posted: Nov 30, 2020 / 10:06am ET
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legwand7716 hours ago

More hours extended, MK now open till 9pm on next four Saturdays, till 8pm on Sunday Other parks extended, one hour earlier and HS and AK and one hour later for Epcot.

legwand777 days ago

WDW extended park hours by one hour again like they have been doing every couple of weeks out, now for the week of Jan 24-30

jkh3661911 days ago

Was at the Boardwalk area 2 days ago. You're right. It's dead. Seems most of DS is open. Weekdays were nice but the weekend was a bit too crowded for me.

GoofGoof11 days ago

I hadn’t thought of that. Maybe they don’t want too many people hopping there for dinner because of capacity. I do think as park capacity expands they are going to need to address the dining issue either way. Maybe use some of the venues reserved for special events as overflow seating for dinner. Expanding hours helps too as you spread out seatings over more time.

techgeek12 days ago

I just tried to pull a table service res on a random weekday (2/11/21) with a 7pm close - can get a seating at 6:55 at Biergarten or 6:45 at Coral Reef, but nothing else available after 6:30, and pretty limited dinner options overall (a handful of 5pm openings, nothing available at all for dinner at the more popular options). I suspect actual sit-down dining capacity is still a major issue at Epcot.

Touchdown12 days ago

That’s why I don’t have reservations yet, because if they keep to this schedule, I plan on just driving to DS for dinner every night, which is very similar to what I do with CityWalk when I’m at Universal and it’s not HHN.

GoofGoof12 days ago

I was wondering if they would consider keeping EPCOT open until 9PM starting in January due to the return of park hopping. I would think one of the more popular plans would be to hop to EPCOT for dinner. There’s still time to eat, but if they don’t allow hopping until 2pm and the park closes at 7 or even 8 there’s not a whole lot of time to do anything other than eat. When the park closes at 7PM do they allow people to be seated to eat at 7 or is the last seating at 6 anticipating a park close an hour later?

TrainChasers12 days ago

That’s probably a good idea with those park hours. Even if you just want counter service food DS has way better options than many Disney resorts.

LUVMCO12 days ago

I changed my reservation from CSR tower to a preferred room at SSR. I never thought I 'd stay at this resort, but with the Boardwalk area being so dead and with Epcot closing early Disney Spring seems like the place to be in the evening. The rooms have also had a nice upgrade they look the Riviera. We ate at DS three times on the last trip and I thought the food was better than anything in the parks. I plan on eating in Disney Springs every night of our seven night trip so If you have any recommendations let me know. I didn't upgrade to park hoppers. I plan on spending a lot of the time at the resort relaxing. I'm hoping it's similar to our August trip without the heat.

GoofGoof12 days ago

So the base 9hr (MK and DHS) or 8hr (AK and EPCOT) days now show through March 20 but they continue to add an hour to each park day a few weeks out. I think it’s clear that the hours posted several months out are really just placeholders and will be adjusted based on demand. I doubt that a week before the official start of Spring Break the hours will still be limited to 8/9 hours. Just for reference, in pre-Covid times the parks would regularly be open 12 or 13 hours a day in March before Spring Break so there’s a lot of room to expand hours. It would take a 50% expansion in hours just to get back to normal, which I’m not saying I expect by March just pointing out how far we have to go.

legwand7715 days ago

They are extending hours again for mid to late January Magic Kingdom (Jan. 10-23): 9am – 7pm EPCOT (Jan. 10-23): 11am – 8pm Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Jan. 10-23): 9am – 7pm Disney’s Animal Kingdom (Jan. 10-23): 8am – 5pm

YodaMan15 days ago

January 17-23 now have the 9:00-7:00 hours as well at Studios

YodaMan19 days ago

Studios actually already got an extension a few days ago. January 10-16 was bumped up to the 9:00-7:00 hours that theyve had for most of December.

Nunu19 days ago

Also, from Monday January 4th, Disney Springs' hours go from 10am - 11pm to 10am - 10pm.